The shift in the overall consumer behavior, along with the rise of digital payment solutions, is resulting in buy now, pay later (BNPL) becoming one of the fastest-growing payments methods in the country: Ken Research

UAE News The concept of delayed payment is not new. We all have credit cards, which de-facto are ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ tools. Unfortunately, credit cards have remained unchanged for the past 30 years, even though consumers developed an aversion to them following the financial crisis and horror stories of extravagant interest rates. Less Stringent… Read More »

Rising online presence of used car players, lack of original manufacturing facilities and expensive importation of automobiles is driving Used Car Market in KSA: Ken Research

Saudi Arabia News KSA Used Commercial Vehicles Market Overview New sales and Service Channels: The increasing adoption of mobile servicing, workforce hygiene, shared mobility, contactless services, e-commerce and vehicle pick-up has boosted demand for disinfection, cleaning and car wash services. Customer preference for auto servicing is shifting towards mobile platforms, which has resulted in the… Read More »

KSA Health and Fitness Services Market 2022- Industry Emerging Trends, Opportunities, Key Players Strategies, Future Investments and Forecast Analysis 2020-2025: Ken Research

Saudi Arabia Fitness Services Market Overview There are close to 28+ organized fitness center brands functioning in the Kingdom along with unorganized fitness centers. While the whole industry has been recognised at a great growth stage, the competition around the industry is experimental to be fragmented in nature, in terms of number of market players.… Read More »

Saudi Arabia Medical Equipment Market Growth 2022– Industry Demand, Size, Share, Trends, CAGR Status and Forecast Strategy: Ken Research

KSA Medical Devices Market is a highly price sensitive and import dependent market with local production limited to prototype units, disposables such as reusable surgical instruments, detergents and solutions, general IVD and syringes and needles. 40% of the devices manufactured locally are single-use devices made out of plastic. Currently, KSA Medical Devices Market has an… Read More »

UAE Teleconsultation Market Size and Research 2022, CAGR Status, Growth Analysis by Countries, Future Investments and Future Strategies till 2026: Ken Research

The UAE Health Tech industry is currently positioned in an early growing stage and is anticipated to register a double digit CAGR between 2022P and 2026P. COVID-19 led to a change in consumer preference and priority for Health tech products in the UAE. The target audience for Health Tech products are the general public, Hospitals,… Read More »

UAE Online Grocery Delivery Market Size and Research 2022, CAGR Status, Growth Analysis by Countries, Future Investments and Future Strategies till 2025: Ken Research

UAE Online Grocery Delivery Market Overview Gaps in offline grocery shopping such as the tiresomeness of commute, long payment queues, and cost of instinct buying led to the introduction of e-grocery delivery around the UAE. Population aged between 25 and 44, is measured an influential consumer base for online grocery shopping. The industry is presently… Read More »

KSA Warehousing and Distribution Logistics Market Growth 2022, Industry Share-Size, Demand, Emerging Trends, Key Players Strategies and Future Investments: Ken Research

KSA Freight Forwarding Market Overview Given its advantageous position, the logistics business in Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s main logistics markets, second only to the UAE, and is predicted to be the next trans-shipment hub for Asian, African, and European countries. Due to the high level of business accessibility and the industry’s ranking… Read More »

Medium to long term growth story of BNPL industry in the UAE remains strong. The BNPL payment adoption is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period, recording a CAGR of 9% during 2022-2027: Ken Research

Key Findings BNPL can be a threat to the credit card industry in the future. Keeping in mind the low penetration of credit cards in UAE, and with FinTech players entering into this space, there is a long way to go for credit cards as well. Going forward, we will see a growth in transaction… Read More »

Saudi Arabia Used Car Market is expected to generate GTV of worth SAR ~125.0 Bn in 2026F owing to Increasing Prices of New Cars with the Tripling of VAT rate and Shifting Preferences towards Online Platforms driving Used Car Sales: Ken Research

Key Findings Expansion in internet services (~98% internet penetration in 2021) coupled with increasing number of women drivers have collectively given a boost to development of Used Car industry in KSA. Number of used car sold in KSA increased from 2021 to 2026, owing to KSA’s increasing disposable income, internet infrastructure, increased online presence of… Read More »