How market expansion strategy helped the logistics client to expand service offerings into Freight and Warehousing in Myanmar

Background and Challenge
Client’s Background:
  • The client is one of the leading enterprise providing domestic & international express delivery services. They were looking to understand the Freight Forwarding and Warehousing Market in Myanmar with respect to the Cargo Volume.
Challenges Faced by Client:
  • Challenges Faced in Creating Competition Benchmark Assessment: The Client recognized difficulties in assessing the competition scenario of the logistics market in Myanmar. Hence, Ken Research was engaged by the client to undertake the market assessment for understanding the competition in terms of number of cars financed for major players operating in KSA.
  • Not sufficient time for market assessment: Ken Research was engaged by the client to undertake the market assessment for Logistics and Warehousing Market coupled with understanding the competition in terms of Volume, Clients, Fleets, warehousing space and more.
Logistics and Warehousing Industry at Glance:
  • Rapid increase Foreign Infrastructural Investments, Improving Connectivity along with government support is fueling the expansion of Logistics Industry in Myanmar.
  • The competition is highly fragmented with a large number of enterprises within Freight Forwarding, warehousing and CEP segments. It is highly competitive on the basis of type of fleet, number of warehouses, warehousing space, freight volume, clients, and more.

Approach and Recommendations
Phase 1: To perform Market Assessment on KSA Logistics & Warehousing Market
  • Ken collaborated with its client to curate a detailed market assessment and ecosystem for Logistics and Warehousing Market in Myanmar.
  • In-depth and detailed discussions were carried out with the top decision making authorities of these companies.
  • The market assessment also included the potential of Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Express and other segment, with further understanding on Logistics Vertical Segment Including Cold Chain, Pharma & others which helped the client to get a know-how of the Logistics and Warehousing industry in Myanmar.
Phase 2: To Construct a Competition Benchmarking for the Client
  • The second phase of work focused on carrying out a competition benchmarking to evaluate the competition among major players in Logistics and Warehousing Market in Myanmar.
  • Deep Dive competitive landscape was done to further understanding on Logistics Vertical Segment Including Cold Chain, Pharma & more.
  • The client was able to get clarity on competition share & KPI’s with eminent and noteworthy Primary Research by Ken Research in short span of time duration.
Phase 3: Conclusion and Recommendations
  • After identifying and analyzing the market assessment as well as competition benchmarking across various Logistics segments, Ken also provided; Market Share of Major Players, Logistics Development Scenario in Myanmar, Digital Truck Aggregators Business Model, Challenges and Bottle Necks, Growth Enablers of the market, and Technological Innovations in Warehousing Industry
  • Ken Research also highlighted the market opportunities by identifying the fastest growing customer segments in the Logistics sector.
  • Key recommendations, sales strategies and success factors were also proposed that helped the client to successfully evaluate the market expansion approach.
Result and Conclusions
Constructive Market Assessment
  • The competition specific market assessment will enable the Client to substantially develop their understanding about the logistics and warehousing market.

Holistic Approach driven Competition Benchmarking
  • The client was well able to assess the competition scenario with operational and financial benchmarking in the market and formulate strategies on how they can penetrate in this space.

Roadmap to growth and efficiency
  • The client can now take informed decisions as the deliverable covered detailed recommendations with better understanding towards market penetration strategies in Logistics Development.

Business Impact
  • Expanded Service offerings into Freight and Warehousing in Myanmar and achieved Market share of around 5%

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