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Chinese car manufacturing-Indigenous brands struggle to export

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Chinese car manufacturing-Indigenous brands struggle to export


Indigenous Chinese car manufacturing has undergone rapid development in recent years. Some leading companies are now seeking to export cars, marking a major change in ambition. Manufacturers are helped by the scale of the domestic market, rising wages and greater levels of aspiration among consumers. Chinese companies are now hoping to catch up rivals in California in driverless and connected car technology. However, the obstacles to becoming a car exporting nation are many. Whilst there is reason to believe difficulties can be overcome, doing so will require a lot of work in the industry.

Key Questions Answered

What are the prospects for exporting to Western nations?

What is happening to the domestic market?

How advanced is the car manufacturing industry in China?

How can the industry solve fundamental problems?


Examines the current state of the domestic market.

Looks at the prospects for leading brands to export to the United States.

Analyses the problem of having too many companies.

Examines the progress towards high-end technology such as driverless cars.

Reasons to Buy

Indigenous car manufacturers are benefiting from a growing and increasingly sophisticated domestic market. This will help them to develop to the stage at which the products produced are ready for the export market.

Exporting overseas will be a tough task given the historic differences between expectations of Chinese consumers and those from wealthy nations. However, the gap is closing and now brands such as Trumpchi are preparing to launch on the market in the United States.

The level of consolidation in the Chinese car making industry is holding back development. Companies are not achieving the scale required to take on leading global manufacturers despite the favorable conditions imposed by the government.


Table Of Content


Table of Contents

Overview 2

Catalyst 2

Summary 2

Size of domestic market provides platform for overseas growth 6

Growth in disposable income provides a lucrative domestic market, but problems slow progress 6

Sports Utility Vehicles represent increasing aspiration, aiding Chinese brand development 7

Chinese car manufacturers are growing, contrasting with major global players 8

Domestic brands face tough task to expand overseas 10

Trumpchi in the United States: China could soon break internationally 10

Great Wall Motors exports continue to decline, signaling establishing China overseas will be difficult 11

Some markets are producing impressive growth for China 12

Chinese cars are becoming safer, enhancing export prospects 12

Future prospects damaged by too many manufacturers 14

Fragmented market makes competing against foreign players a tough task 14

Too many car makers are fundamentally weak, creating a drag on the industry 15

Loosening the 50% cap on foreign ownership is a growing possibility-ending it would improve the industry 16

Problems in industry are exacerbated in electric car development 17

Rapid development takes Chinese cars into new age, opening up export potential 18

Ambitious schedules announced for production of driverless cars 18

Chinese authorities both help and hinder development of driverless vehicles 19

Connected cars denote important development in Chinese car industry as consumer tastes change 19

Conclusions 21

China is moving towards selling cars overseas, but a lot of work lies ahead 21

Appendix 22

Sources 22

Further Reading 22

Ask the analyst 23

About MarketLine 23

Disclaimer 23

List Of Figure

List of Figures

Figure 1: Chinese Average Annual Salary($000's)-Forecast from 2017 onwards 6

Figure 2: Highest Selling SUVs in China, 2016 (000's) 7

Figure 3: Number of new car registrations in China (millions) 9

Figure 4: Trumpchi EnSpirit 10

Figure 5: Value of Chinese Automotive Exports ($bn) 12

Figure 6: Qoros 3 Crash Testing 13

Figure 7: China new car sales market share, October 2015 14

Figure 8: Xu Shaoshi 16

Figure 9: Baidu Driverless Vehicle Testing 18

Figure 10: Roewe RX5 SUV 19

List Of Table

List of Tables

Table 1: Great Wall Motor Exports 11

Table 2: Dongfeng Partnership Sales Outlets in China 15

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