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We would like to appreciate Ken Research for their great efforts and wonderful support in providing the Market Intelligence Report for ITPC. The information, statistics and research are well understandable and very clear to the point. We are happy with Ken research for their good client service, on-time delivery of the report and as said the report itself. Thank you Ken research for bringing the valuable output for us. We would be looking forward to have more research with you in the near future. Wish you a success in your business!... "Jestin Mathew, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center"

The Report was very interesting and useful for me... "Marketing Manager, Western Union Business Solutions"

Ken Research completed the report successfully with tough deadline and large requirement. Really appreciate it... "Sales Manager, Largest India Aesthetic Laser Manufacturer"

We found the report really useful in understanding the complex Indian market and it provided lots of high quality insights. On the basis of this we commissioned Ken to produce a bespoke follow up to answer some specific questions about our market. This is now being used to help develop our marketing and sales strategy. We were very pleased with the comprehensive coverage, detail provided and actionable insights.... "Owner, Therefore Consulting UK"

European Golf Industry - Present Performance and Future Outlook
European Golf Industry - Present Performance and Future Outlook

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Executive Summary

European golf market is developing with increasing number of golfers of all age groups offering opportunities for golf equipment and accessories retailers in the region. In most European countries, male golfers have leverage and dominate in terms of participation rate. Currently, around three fourth golfers are male, and one fourth accounts for women and junior golfers. Issues such as climate change, insufficient water supply, land availability and government policies in European countries are restricting establishment of new golf courses. Golf is treated as an expensive sport compared to other outdoor sports, with high membership fee.  

In 2010, an increase in the number of golfer has been witnessed especially in full length golf courses in the UK. European economy is facing debt crisis and the present economic changes affected forecast for European golf industry as well. Falling national income and trade, manufacturers of golf equipments have reduced their production estimate for 2012 and 2013.
Golf tourism revenues are already low in the region with trend shifting towards Asian countries. Golf construction industry is also struggling to overcome from the setback. In short term, demand for golf equipments will be low and accordingly manufacturers have planned to reduce production quantity. Golf industry in major European countries signal a positive outlook from mid 2013 onwards led by upcoming tournaments and channelized efforts of private golf clubs to recover from losses.
The report on “European Golf Industry Present Performance and Future Outlook” offers detailed analysis of the golf demand and near term prospects in Europe. The report includes industry performance in terms of participation, number of golfers, golf economy, golf facility operations market, equipments market and forecasts. It also discusses industry trends and developments, golf course development by geography, impact of macro economy performance and driving forces.

1. Golf Industry Performance Worldwide

1.1. An Overview

1.2. Global Golf Equipment Demand

1.3. Global Golf Economy

Rounds Played

2. The European Golf Industry

2.1. Industry Performance

2.1.1. Golf Facility Operations Market

2.1.2. Golf Equipment Revenues

2.1.3. European Golf Industry Future Outlook

2.1.4. Cause and Effect Relationship between Industry Factors and European Golf Industry Prospects

2.2. European Golf Economy

Number of Golfers by Demography

2.2.1. Golf Facilities

2.3. Golf Industry Trends and Developments

2.4. Golf Course Developments by Geography

2.4.1. Golf in Central & Eastern Europe

2.4.2. United Kingdom

2.4.3. Golf in Nordic countries

2.5. European Macro economy Factors and Impact over Golf Industry

2.5.1. Europe Population

2.5.2. Gross Domestic Product

2.5.3. Inflation

2.6. Growth Drivers

3. Industry Competition

4. Appendix

4.1. Abbreviations

4.2. Definitions

4.3. Research Methodology

Data Collection Methods


4.4. Disclaimer

Figure 1: Golf Economy Structure

Figure 2: Golf Course Demand by Countries in Europe in 2011

Figure 3: Golf Course Supply by Countries in Europe in 2011

Figure 4: Golf Facility operations Direct Revenues in Europe (2006-2011)

Figure 5: European Golf Equipments Market by Value (2006-2011)

Figure 6: European Golf Facility operations Direct Revenue Forecast (2011-2016)

Figure 7: European Golf Equipments Market by Value (20011-2016)

Figure 8: Percentage of Female Golfers in 2010

Figure 9: UK Consumer Expenditure on Golf Equipment (2006-2010)

Figure 10: Europe GDP at Current Prices (2006-2010)


Table 1: Opportunities & Threats in European Golf Industry

Table 2: EU Imports of Golf Equipments by Value & Volume (2006, 2008 & 2010)

Table 3: Relation between independent factors and the European Golf Industry Prospects

Table 4: Demographic Distribution of Number of Golfers in European countries in 2010

Table 5: EU Golf courses and Number of Registered Players by Demography in 2010

Table 6: Total Number of Golf Courses and Players by Demography in England (2006-2011)

Table 7: Total Number of Golf Courses and Players by Demography in Ireland (2006-2011)

Table 8: EU 27 Population aged between 65 years old or over, Present and Projections

Table 9: EU 27 Young Age Dependency Ratio, Present and Projections

Table 10: Population aged between 65 years old or over, Present and Projections

Table 11: GDP per Inhabitant in PPS, EU 27=100 (2010)

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