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Automotive, Transportation and Warehousing

Indonesia Market:- The Market Research industry Indonesia was significantly observed in its late growth stage and moving towards the maturity from the fragmented to the consolidated nature. Whereas, the Indonesia Facility Management market is at the increasing stage. The facility management market in the Indonesia region in terms of revenue has augmented at a positive CAGR during the reviewed period. This growth was maintained by the effective growth of the multinational corporates, particularly in the construction industry, along with the growing requirement for the industrial and residential spaces in the economy, wherein the market players catered to the demands of the customers for both the hard and soft services. The consumers in the market extremely price sensitive and shortage awareness related to the importance of facility management services has concluded in the lower penetration.

In addition, the Indonesia Financial Brokerage market was witnessed in an increasing stage wherein the market observed slow growth during the review duration. It is predicted that during 2013-2015, a reduction in growth rate was witnessed in the Indonesia Financial brokerage market owing to the external aspects of the slowdown in the Chinese region, locating of limitations on funds borrowing by the Federal Reserve and Capital Flight from Indonesia’s region which led to an augmenting interest rates by the Bank of Indonesia.

The phase also observed the presidential and parliamentary elections and pursued lower consciousness between the investors relating to the financial markets. Despite the reduction, the financial brokerage industry started recovering in 2016 and has been observing an effective CAGR growth to date. Foremost growth drivers involve the stable positive economic outlook of Indonesia, the inflow of foreign investment, an increasing number of global strategic partnerships by the brokerage firms, lower market capitalization, and several others.

Not only has this, the ATM Managed Service Market in Indonesia has observed a resilient growth encouraged by an augment in the number of cash administration machines & cash recycling machines, a decrease in the prices charged by the managed service delivers, entry of fresh players in the industry and an augment in the number of bank branches among the forecast period. The market is presently located in the growth stage with a robust possibility for further improvement at a speedy pace with the robust trends predicted in the industry.

Furthermore, the productivity linked with the ATM managed services is extremely correlated with the multiple aspects namely developing the procedure of cash withdrawals in the ATM, manufacturing a foremost breed of ATM machines, development in the consumer retention schemes and connections for the longer contracts. All of the above-mentioned aspects along with the enterprises taken by Bank Indonesia in the region have positively impressed the ATM Managed Service requirement in the country.

Sideways, the market for the power tools in the country is in its growth stage. There is scarcely any local introducing for the power tools in the region and they are mainstream imported from the region such as Japan, China, Germany, and several others. The significant growth in the power tools industry was helped by the growth of the construction and manufacturing industry in the region. Additionally, another key growth driver was the investment in the infrastructure projects correlated to the extreme demand for electric power tools.

Furthermore, the future outlook of industries in Indonesia is positive and the industry is predicted to grow at an effective CAGR during the forecasted period. The market share of online sales is anticipated to double in the forecasted period. This is owing to the corporates are enlarging to online sales as a channel of allocation so as to attain higher market penetration.

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