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Branded Chocolate Market in India 2012

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Indian confectionery industry constitutes the largest food processing segment in India. It can be categorized into sub sectors such as sugar based confectionery, chocolate based confectionery and gums. In India, chocolates are considered as indulgence foods which find its off-takes as a result of impulse buying. However, increased disposable income coupled with taste for luxury products have catapulted chocolate market towards growth. Constant innovation towards making products accepted by consumers have resulted in leading brands diversifying into different variants such as wafers and light weighed chocolates.

The report begins with an overview of the confectionery industry in India providing the market size and growth as well as information regarding market segmentation in India. This is followed by a primary segmentation of the industry. An overview of chocolate market provides an introduction to the sector and covers the market size and growth along with segmented consumption data in India. An analysis of the value chain has been included. A brief flowchart of the processing steps of cocoa beans has been highlighted. It is immediately followed by the procedure adopted by major players to manufacture chocolates. This section then divulges information about the distribution model prevalent in the sector. The following section deals with an EXIM trend over a period of five years. Porter's Five Forces analysis concludes this section.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the market and includes tradition of gifting chocolates, attractive pricing, increase in disposable income and low per capita consumption of chocolates. India has woken up to the fad of chocolate being considered as a gift proposition. While even till few years back sweets were the only option in delicacy gifting, overt media exposure and smart marketing techniques have positioned chocolates as an alternative. Further, entry of major players in the country has allowed for easy availability of products to consumers. Another feature that works for this sector is the attractive pricing of products which particularly suits the Indian scenario wherein consumers seek economical products. Characteristics such as affordability and availability will come into play only if people have the purchasing power. Rising disposable incomes is a major driver primarily since chocolates are associated to being luxury items India. Finally, India has low per capita consumption of chocolates compared to other developed nations across the globe. It poses latent opportunity for growth as the country strives towards more off-takes for the product. However, the sector is also facing certain challenges. Factors such as rise in cocoa prices, high entry barriers and high excise and import duties pose as impediments for this sector.

Government participation in this sector covers Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, certain policies of the Government and Food and Safety Standards Act. The major trends identified include emergence of premium chocolates, surfacing of dark chocolates, concept of chocolate boutique, demand for healthy options and entry of retailers and confectioners.

The competition section offers a competitive landscape of the players by providing their financials and key financial ratios. It also provides basic information including corporate address, contact numbers along with year of incorporation. Key financial parameters constitute the financial performances of the players which are followed by business highlights. Strategic recommendations followed by appendix on key ratios comprise the concluding section of the report. An appendix delineating the products with their price brackets is also provided.


Table Of Content


Page 1: Executive summary


Page 2: Confectionery Industry-Overview, Market Size & Growth (2011-2014e), Market Segmentation in India (2011)

Page 3: Segmentation of Confectionery Industry

Market Overview

Page 4: Chocolate Market-Overview, Market Size & Growth (2011-2014e), Segmentation of Consumption (2011)

Page 5: Value Chain Analysis

Page 6: Cocoa Bean Processing

Page 7: Chocolate Manufacturing Processes

Page 8: Distribution Channel of Chocolate Market

Page 9: Page 11: Porter's Five Forces Analysis

Import Export

Page 10: Imports

Page 11: Exports

Drivers & Challenges

Page 12: Summary

Page 13-16: Drivers

Page 17-19: Challenges

Government Participation

Page 20: Summary

Page 21-23: Key Regulations


Page 24: Summary

Page 25-30: Key Trends


Page 31-34: Public-Company Profiles

Page 35: Summary-Bubble Chart (Net Profit, Revenue and Assets of Major Private Players)

Page 36-45: Private-Company Profiles

Strategic Recommendations

Page 46: Strategic Recommendations


Page 47-48: Product Matrix with Prices

Page 49: Appendix

List Of Figure


1. Market Size: Confectionery Market (2011-2014e)

2. Market Segmentation in India (2011)

Market Overview

3. Market Size: Chocolate Market (2011-2014e)

4. Segmentation of consumption (2011)

Import Export

5. Imports-Value (2007-08-2010-11), Country-wise Segmentation-Value (2009-10), Value (2010-11)

6. Exports-Value (2007-08-2010-11), Country-wise Segmentation-Value (2009-10), Value (2010-11)

Drivers & Challenges

7. Gifting market in India (2011-2014e)

8. Growth in disposable income (2005-2025e)

9. Rise in cocoa prices (2009-2011)

10. Market share of players (2011)


11. Market size: Premium Chocolates (2011-2014e)


17. Company Profiles (All companies)

a) Financial Snapshot

b) Key Business Segments

c) Key Geographic Segments

d) Bubble Chart (Based on revenue, income and assets)

List Of Table


1. Demand for premium chocolates-Products and Prices


2. Company Profiles (All companies)

a) Company Information

b) Products and Services

c) Key People

d) Key Financial Performance Indicators

e) Key Ratios

f) Business Highlights

Licence Rights

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Products and Companies


1. Nestle India Ltd.

2. Cadbury India Ltd.

3. Mars International India Pvt. Ltd.

4. Ferrero India Pvt. Ltd.