Research Report on China Cigarette Industry, 2017-2021

Research Report on China Cigarette Industry, 2017-2021

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Executive Summary

China is a world leading cigarette market with about 30% consumers of the total mainly on Chinese style cigarettes.

The output volume of cigarettes increased from 2,447.4 billion in 2011 to 2,589.07 billion in 2015.

There were 89 cigarette brands, of which the sales volume accounted for 83.7% and the business sales value accounted for 93.9% of 29 major ones with an increase year-on-year in China in 2015. Top brands in business sales value include Zhonghua with that of CNY 167.41 billion increasing by 10.2%, YunYan with that of CNY 114.38 billion increasing by 6.8%, Furongwang with that of CNY 110.53 billion increasing by 8.2%, Liqun with that of CNY 109.82 billion increasing by 12.5%, DHS with that of CNY 94.1 billion, Huanghelou with that of CNY 89 billion, Yuxi with that of CNY 81.9 billion and Nanjing with that of CNY 60.5 billion. Dominant specification of major brands presents a positive development and 30 markets with the largest sales volume account for 47.2% of the total with an increase of 1.65% while 30 markets with the largest sales value account for 55.8% with an increase of 1.3%. In addition, cigars grow with an output volume of 1 billion increasing by 9.5% and a sales volume of 0.97 billion increasing by 43.3% as well as a business sales value of 0.95 billion increasing by 27.4%.

Traditional Chinese style cigarette market is expected to remain stable in the near future. Chinese cigarettes occupy domestic market advantages for a long time, leading to huge strategic space of survival and development for Chinese style cigarettes. With the growth of globalization and China's overall influence as well as further opening up, Chinese style cigarettes will pose further influence on international market. Therefore, China cigarette industry possesses a positive prospect.

This report analyzes the development status and characteristics of the cigarette industry as well as products and suppliers of major brands. It provides valuable reference to operators and suppliers in the cigarette industry concerning market status, development trend and investment opportunities in China.

Through this report, readers can acquire the following information:

Development Environment of Cigarette Industry in China

Definition and Classification of Cigarettes

Research Methods of the Report

Analysis on Supply and Demand of Cigarettes in China

Competition Status in Cigarette Industry in China

Analysis on Top 5 Enterprises in China Cigarette Industry

Development Opportunities and Driving Forces Faced by Cigarette Industry in China

Risks and Challenges in Development of Cigarette Industry in China

Analysis on Costs and Price Trend of Cigarette Industry in China

Forecast on Development of Cigarette Industry in China

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1 Analysis on Development Environment of China Cigarette Industry

1.1 Macro Economy Environment

1.1.1 Overall Economic Situation

1.1.2 Resident Income

1.2 Policy Environment

1.2.1 Macro-control of Cigarette Industry

1.2.2 Policies Related to Cigarette Industry

1.2.3 Change Trend of Policies

1.3 Analysis of Industries Related to Cigarette Industry

1.3.1 Tobacco Leaf Production

1.3.2 Cigarette Packaging Products

1.3.3 Cigarette Sales Terminals

2 Market Analysis of China Cigarette Industry

2.1 Analysis on Cigarette Production in China

2.1.1 Analysis on Total Output Volume of Cigarettes

2.1.2 Analysis on Production Structure of Cigarette Industry

2.1.3 Trend of Total Supply Volume of Cigarette Industry

2.2 Analysis on Sales of Cigarettes in China

2.2.1 Analysis on Total Sales Volume of Cigarette Industry

2.2.2 Analysis on Consumption Structure of Cigarettes

2.2.3 Rural Consumption Status of Cigarettes

2.3 Analysis on Cigarette Market Consumption

2.3.1 Analysis on Cigarette Consumption Level

2.3.2 Change Trend of Smoking Rate

2.4 Analysis on Import and Export of Cigarette Industry in China

2.4.1 Analysis on Import Status of Cigarette Industry in China

2.4.2 Analysis on Export Status of Cigarette Industry in China

2.5 Price Analysis of Cigarettes

2.5.1 Factors Influencing Cigarette Prices

2.5.2 Analysis on Price Trend of Cigarettes

3 Analysis on Operation Status of Cigarette Industry in China

3.1 Analysis on Economic Status of Cigarette Industry

3.1.1 Status of the Cigarette Industry in National Economy

3.1.2 Analysis on Asset Growth Status of Cigarette Industry

3.2 Analysis on Benefits of Cigarette Industry

3.2.1 Factors Influencing Benefits of Cigarette Industry

3.2.2 Analysis on Benefits of Cigarette Industry

3.3 Competition Analysis of Cigarette Enterprises

3.3.1 Factors Influencing Competition of Cigarette Enterprises

3.3.2 Analysis on Competition Trend

4 Analysis on Major Production Regions of Cigarette Industry in China

4.1 Analysis on Cigarette Industry in Yunnan

4.1.1 Overview

4.1.2 Analysis on Operation Status

4.1.3 Analysis on Development Prospect

4.2 Analysis on Cigarette Industry in Shanghai

4.2.1 Overview

4.2.2 Analysis on Operation Status

4.2.3 Analysis on Development Prospect

4.3 Analysis on Cigarette Industry in Hunan

4.3.1 Overview

4.3.2 Analysis on Operation Status

4.3.3 Analysis on Development Prospect

4.4 Analysis on Cigarette Industry in Jiangsu

4.4.1 Overview

4.4.2 Analysis on Operation Status

4.4.3 Analysis on Development Prospect

4.5 Analysis on Cigarette Industry in Guangdong

4.5.1 Overview

4.5.2 Analysis on Operation Status

4.5.3 Analysis on Development Prospect

5 Analysis on Major Enterprises of Cigarette Industry in China

5.1 Yunnan Hongta Group

5.1.1 Enterprise Profile

5.1.2 Analysis on Operation Status

5.1.3 Analysis on Development Strategies

5.2 Shanghai Tobacco Group Co., Ltd.

5.2.1 Enterprise Profile

5.2.2 Analysis on Operation Status

5.2.3 Analysis on Development Strategies

5.3 Hongyun Group

5.3.1 Enterprise Profile

5.3.2 Analysis on Operation Status

5.3.3 Analysis on Development Strategies

5.4 Baisha Group

5.4.1 Enterprise Profile

5.4.2 Analysis on Operation Status

5.4.3 Analysis on Development Strategies

6 Trend of Production Costs and Sales of China Cigarette Manufacturing

6.1 Analysis on Costs of Cigarette Manufacturing in China, 2013-2016

6.1.1 Costs of Raw Materials

6.1.2 Labor Costs

6.2 Analysis on Sales Prices of Cigarettes in China, 2013-2016

6.2.1 Price Trend of Cigarettes in China, 2013-2016

6.2.2 Analysis on Factors Influencing Cigarette Prices in China

7 Analysis on Investment of Cigarette Industry in China

7.1 Analysis on Investment Opportunities

7.1.1 Policy Opportunities

7.1.2 Product Opportunities

7.1.3 Regional Opportunities

7.1.4 Other Investment Opportunities

7.2 Investment Risks

7.2.1 Policy Risks

7.2.2 Market Risks

7.2.3 Competition Risks

7.2.4 Other Risks

7.3.5 Risk Aversion Strategies

7.4 Investment Suggestions

Chart Total Sales Volume of Cigarettes in China, 2013-2016

Chart Cigarette Consumption Volume per 1,000 Residents in China, 2013-2016

Chart Consumption Structure of Cigarettes in China

Chart Common Cigarette Brands of China Rural Consumers

Chart Smoking Rate Change of Consumers of Different Age Groups in China

Chart Smoking Rate Change of Consumers with Different Monthly Income

Chart Total Output Volume of Cigarettes in China, 2013-2016

Chart Total Supply Volume of Various Cigarettes in China, 2013-2016

Chart Import Volume of Paper Cigarettes in China, 2013-2016

Chart Export Volume of Paper Cigarettes in China, 2013-2016

Chart Purchase Volume of Tobacco Leaves in China, 2013-2016

Chart Major Products of Hongta Group, 2016

Chart Operation Status of Hongta Group, 2013-2016

Chart Related Policies and Regulations in Cigarette Industry in China

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