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Full Service Restaurants in France to Boost Up With Favourable Economic Changes: Ken Research

Posted on 03 August 2017 by KenResearch Food and Beverage,

Wide competition is being faced by full service restaurants in France, in context with fast food concepts between bakeries and convenience stores. There are highly attracted customers, especially during lunch time. Consumers are now switching to more convenient solutions as the number of outlets are increasing in France. At the same time, it has become difficult to differentiate on declining average value sales per outlets and unit price per transaction for the owners of full service restaurant. Its demand is increasing due to cheaper, convenient and healthy food services which are preferred by consumers. Through dish-of-the-day formula, professionals have been successful in persuading those consumers who are highly volatile and undecided with loyalty programmes.

According to the report, “Full-Service Restaurants in France”, Buffalo Grill SA has been one of the leading players of full service restaurants in France, which has accounted for a significant percentage of total value sales of chained full service restaurants. There has been a food service value growth registered by the company, despite the sluggish environment. The company has continued to gain value share over other competitors in France. In 2016, sales have ameliorated undoubtedly with more consumers being attracted towards fast food restaurants especially.

Amiens, Chartres, Lille and Bordeaux are some cities where Buffalo Burger concept has been introduced that have proved to be a successful strategy of the grilled food specialist's performance. The consumer who prefers and appreciates high quality burgers are asked for valuable feedbacks, which focus on the new concept of burgers. It also takes care of the environment issues like wastage of food.

Over the forecast period, it is estimated that the economic condition will ameliorate for full service restaurant players, despite the political uncertainty from coming elections in France. There will we higher purchasing power for households as France exhibits a decline in the unemployment according to macroeconomic indicators. There will be more innovation and development in outlet openings due to expected growth in investment. Premiumization will become the new trend for which legal Framework would be directed into. Valorization of traditional knowledge is further expected through implementation of a set of regional labels.

The impact of terrorist attack in France will be well recovered in future years and tourism will be rejuvenated. This can be seen as a brighter side for the demand of full service restaurants. In the coming years, the growth of full service restaurants will remain positive due to increasing number of tourists in France as well as rise in awareness of environment concerns and healthy lifestyles.

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