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How the Global Hose Pipe Market is Positioned?

Posted on 21 July 2017 by KenResearch Manufacturing And Construction,

Development in rubber and plastic technology led to substantial growth of hose pipe and almost all the hose pipe manufactured has components of rubber and plastic. Manufacturers are making hose pipes that are suitable for specific needs and conditions creating customized products that cater to the demand for specific industry and applications. The market for global hose pipe was determined based on the revenue generated from sale of automotive and hydraulic hose. The market was estimated at USD ~ billion during 2016 which has increased from USD ~ billion in 2011 registering a five year CAGR of ~% in 2011-2016. All leading hose pipe manufacturers such as Eaton, Continental, Trelleborg, Manuli and others have automotive hose and hydraulic hose pipe division and offers range of products. China leads the market in terms of demand for hose pipe. Automotive sector is the largest sector in terms of demand for hose pipes. Demand for hose pipe is on rise in almost all the sectors as economic and living conditions improve. Most of the equipments and machineries enhancing consumer experience use hose directly or indirectly. Market for hose pipe is driven by both retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) depending on the stage of application of hose pipes. Large scale industrial and commercial needs are met by B2B sales where as small scale commercial and domestic needs are met by retail sales. For automotive sectors hose pipes comply with SAE and other automotive standards. In petroleum sector they comply with API norms, similarly every industry has set of standard norms that they must comply with to ensure the safety of operation and avoid accidents.

Market Segmentation by Type

Hydraulic hoses dominated the market during the period 2011-2016. Their proportionate share remained similar varying to a very small extent as these are exclusive products. Emerging economies are on the transformation from manual to automatic control promoting the use of hydraulic machineries using hydraulic and automotive hoses. Mining hoses which are subjected to massive wear and tear create a regular replacement demand. 

Hydraulic hoses has contributed share of ~% with majority of the demand coming from industrial sector which uses high value premium hoses for power transmission and other purposes. Market for hydraulic hoses was estimated at USD ~ billion in 2016. Gates Corporation was the largest manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic hoses across the globe. Automotive hoses include air brake, hydraulic brake, radiator hose, CAC hose, heater hose, breather hose, and hose in fuel line, AC hoses, power steering hoses and others. Globally TI automotive, Cooper Standard, Contitech were three leading suppliers of automotive hose pipe.

Market Segmentation by Region

Asia Pacific was the biggest region in terms of revenue which has constituted ~% share in terms of revenue. Presence of some of the largest automobile and construction machinery market boosted the demand for automotive as well as hydraulic hoses in the region. India, China and Australia were some of the most prominent countries in terms of revenue generation. Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand are emerging as new manufacturing destinations and are expected to be the new market for hose pipes. Rising labor cost in China is the key driver for shift in manufacturing bases to countries outside China. The Americas (~%) and EMEA (~%) region commanded nearly equal share with the Americas taking the lead due to presence of very large demand in the US. This is mainly due to very large industrial and automotive manufacturing base in the Americas. Emergence of Brazil and Mexico as globally important economies has significant contribution to this demand. Some of the major hose pipe manufacturers have their origin in the Europe including Continental, Trelleborg and many others.


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