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Packaging Industry to Enhance Customer Satisfaction in Netherlands: Ken Research

Posted on 18 September 2017 by KenResearch Automotive, Transportation and Warehousing,

In some past years, small packs had benefited number of differing trends in the packaging market of Netherlands and will be further showing a positive sign in future as well. Companies like Coca-Cola became popular and boosted consumer’s confidence which increased purchases of small packed sized soft drinks. The launch of 250 ml metal beverage cans also gained popularity.

Recently also, small packs and single serve packs for dog and cat foods are becoming convenient and have benefited the new trend of switching towards smaller households. In comparison to mass brands, premium or craft spirits are being packed in small bottles, because of ongoing trend of premiumisation.

Pouches have managed to offer lightweight and low cost packaging which has showcased a wonderful performance in many regions. Many consumers are attracted by the use of zip/press closures and plastic screw closures which are resealable closures. There is continuous improvement in quality of printing technology. For example in 2015, Oerlemans had offered their product with recyclable laminated Luxopack pouches with zip/press closures that proved to be eco friendly as well as were preferred by many consumers in the market due to their convenience.

According to the report, “Packaging Industry in the Netherlands”, a wider range of innovation in premium packaging has been noticed in the Netherlands market. To ensure higher product quality and attractive appearance, the players have prolonged to increasingly seek premium packaging. Particularly, O-I’s black glass beer bottles have observed a strong uptake by craft brewers because it protects against UV rays as well as offers a striking on-shelf look. To ensure optimum fragrance and flavour, Unilever’s Lipton Fresh packs has also been noticed offering sealed teabags individually.

Dutch consumers have remained focused on value, while there is a strong growth seen in small packaged sized products. And they generally prefer multipacks than single pack, as multipacks are more reasonable. Planned purchases are made by older consumer especially. Areas such as bottled water and carbonates are products where multipacks are seeking popularity and sales at an increasing rate.

In the coming future, it is expected that there will be polarization within packaging in terms of cost as well as size. Also, it is expected that for mass brands the cost pressure will be high in many fast growing products. It will also lead to encouragement of flexible packaging with low cost. Players will as a result concentrate on better quality packaging which protects the goods and will ensure distinctive packaging that influences the consumer preferences to consume premium packaging products.

In future years, demand for small size and bulk size packaging will increase in many areas because the players will cater to the needs of consumers very well with wider range of sizes. As small packs are much more convenient to use and are manufactured at low unit prices to attract consumers, they will majorly account for the overall growth of the market. Anyhow, multipacks are also foreseen to become much more successful in the coming years with changing preferences and favorable economic circumstances. Cumulatively, the market will get better through the passage of time with more in depth comprehension of the consumer demands.

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