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UK Womenswear Market to Steadily Grow With Gradually Improving Economy: Ken Research

Posted on 25 August 2017 by KenResearch

The womenswear market in the United Kingdom primarily comprises of outfits such as- Women's Nightwear, Women's Outerwear, Women's Swimwear, and Women's Underwear.

J Sainsbury's Tu is a leading grocery retailers' private label in UK and Topshop's collaboration with Beyoncé has led to the launch of the Ivy Park range to Feni's athleisure capsule collection in the country currently. Many companies are focusing and launching athleisure with many ranges and prices. These trends are being promoted by the collaboration of celebrities as well. For example- singer Rihanna has launched Fenty X Puma range of Puma brand in 2016, which has seeked attention by many consumers in UK.

According to the report, “Womenswear in the United Kingdom”, in 2016, many consumers have cut back their spending on apparels because of the uncertain economic conditions with the UK Brexit vote. Thus, it has been a challenging year for the womenswear market in UK. From the strong athleisure trend, womenswear have been able to maintain their growth and also benefited from it. For everyday wear or while socializing, sportswear is being focused which is comfortable and has become a fashionable image of these products.

Having significant value shares, the brand named- Marks & Spencers has continued to maintain its leading position of womenswear in UK. The company is known for its quality and durability and has also maintained consumer trust. In 2016, the company has struggled majorly due to strong competition from fast fashion players that have made the market marginally lose its share in the market. One more reason of its lost share is that the company has shifted its focus to food from apparel and also focused more on 50 years old aged and more women by reducing the prices in this year. The company almost has had to bow out of the competition of fast fashion.

Many companies have also started retailing online. A large variety and ranges are being made available online, from which a consumer can choose. In some varieties of womenswear, discounts are offered by the company in order to attract more number of women to buy. Many companies are also offering free home delivery to promote greater level of convenience to the consumers. Massive growth in internet retailing is taking place in UK. Retailers and manufacturers are giving more attention to e-commerce. Clothing, accessories, footwear and all other varieties are available online these days with the growing dependence of people to shop online with comfort.

In the forecast years, it is still a matter of debate whether athleisure will stay in fashion or not. Some people believe that because of so much ubiquitous presence across the economy brands, the trend is likely to die in the starting of 2017. There will be an increase in the old fashion image by grocery retailers' private label ranges. However, other people believe that athleisure trend will remain in the market of womenswear and will see more growth due to the convenience and comfort offered since it can be worn throughout the day anywhere, whether in working places, exercising, socializing relaxing and in evening as well. Altogether, the market is all set to get better year after year, irrespective of the dilemma faced by people, with the supporting economic conditions.


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