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Global Organ on Chip Market 2010-2020

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An organ-on-chip (OOC) is a microfluidic 3D cell culture chip that simulates the physiological microenvironment of human organs. These chips are usually transparent, flexible and about the size of a computer memory stick.

OOCs are one of the most exciting multidisciplinary areas of scientific research. They have the distinguishing characteristic of emulating the human micro environment in vitro, which is not possible by any other conventional in-vitro techniques. This unique feature of an OOC is the result of integrating biology with technology.

Scientific advances in cell biology, microfabrication and microfluidics have led to the development of OOCs. They are tiny chip-like structures with specific embedded cells. The combination of chip and cells in the presence of suitable conditions mimic the key functions of an organ in miniature formats outside the body. Organs that have been simulated by microchips include the heart, lung, kidney, artery, bone, cartilage, skin and more.

"Integration of technology and science led to the development of OOC devices. These micro devices can discard a significant proportion of ineffective drug molecules in the early stages of drug development. They can be employed in every aspect of drug discovery and development, but currently these chips are more commonly being used for preclinical drug toxicity testing and for lead identification."

The design of a human-on-chip is achieved by integrating multiple organ-on-chips. Most organ-on-chips are seeded with specified cell lines which represent the physiological functions of individual organs. Hence to evaluate the effects of the drug simultaneously on multiple organ systems, a human-on-chip is developed. The pharmacological effects of a drug molecule on any of the specific organ systems along with the adverse events or side effects which it might cause on other body parts can be evaluated on the human-on-chip. The human-on-chip devices and models are used to shorten the drug discovery cycle and provide critical information on drug safety and efficacy.

The global OOC market was valued at around USD3.5 million in 2010. It reached around USD31 million in 2015. It is forecasted to reach over USD450 million by 2020.

The key drivers that effect on the growth rate of the OOC market are Government Funding, Improved Drug Screening and Decrease In Drug Testing Costs. While major restraints on the OOC market include Complex Manufacturing Techniques, Requirement For Specialized Equipment, and Regulatory Hurdles For Drug Approvals. OOC development is supported by grants from several government and non-government bodies.

The provision of grants is considered as a key driver for the global OOC market.

OOCs are still at initial stages of development. In spite of being a new technology, however, OOC has gained prominence in the last few years. Currently the technology is not being leveraged very significantly across the pharmaceutical industry for their experimental needs. However, both the big pharmaceutical players and the small biotech firms are now showing a high level of interest in OOC.

Only a few companies are developing OOCs. Each spinoff company maintains and follows its own proprietary methodologies for designing and manufacturing OOCs. The level of competition amongst these few players is moderate. Each is involved in robust R&D activities to innovate new models of OOC. As a result competition is likely to intensify in the coming years. There are also likely to be new spinoff companies from the universities.

Key Players in The OOC market include CN Bio Innovations, Emulate, TissUse, Mimetas, H�REL, Nortis, Insphero, Tara Biosystems, and AxoSim Techologies LLC.


Table Of Content


Global Organ-On-Chip Market

Executive Summary


Global Organ-On-Chip Market-Introduction

Global Organ-On-Chip Market-Product Analysis

Technical Description

Typical Organ-On-Chip Structure

Product Design Materials

Product Designing Methodologies

Overview Of Organ Specific Models


Heart- On-Chip





Global Organ-On-Chip Market-Market Characteristics And Trends

Organ-On-Chip Characteristics

Organ-On-Chip Origin

Organ-On-Chip Features

Organ-On-Chip Significance

Organ-On-Chip Applications

Organ-On-Chip Commercialization

Organ-On-Chip Market Penetration

Five Force Analysis

Organ-On-Chip Market Trends

Developments In The Testing Of Human Organs-On-Chip

Organ-On-Chip Technology In Space

Automated Monitoring Of Organ-On-Chips

3D Printing Of Organ-On-Chips

Manufacturers Tie Up With End-Users To Design Tailor-Made Products

Investment In Integration Of Individual Organ-On-Chips Into Human-On-Chip

Strong Focus On Development Of Custom Organ-On-Chip

Manufacturers Work On Disease Models To Expedite Drug Testing

Increased Use Of Organ-On-Chips For Stratified/ Personalized Medicine

Global Organ-On-Chip Market-Market Size Analysis

Global Market For Organ-On-Chip (Historic 2012-2016) USD

Global Market For Organ-On-Chip (Forecast 2016-2020) USD

Global Organ-On-Chip Market Segmentation By Organ Type


Heart- On-Chip







Global Organ-On-Chip Market Segmentation By Geography


� China

� India

North America



� UK

� Germany

Rest of World (ROW)

Global Organ-On-Chip Market Segmentation By End Users


Research Organizations

Consumer Goods and Cosmetics

Food and Beverage


Global Organ-On-Chip Market-Market Drivers And Restraints


Government Funding Drives The Market For Organ-On-Chips

Improved Drug Screening With Organ-On-Chips Will Drive Its Demand

Decrease In Drug Testing Costs Using Organ-On-Chips Will Drive Its Demand

Ethical Concerns With Respect To Animal Models Will Drive the Organ-On-Chip Market


Complex Manufacturing Techniques Are A Restraint On Organ-On-Chip Market Growth

Requirement For Specialized Equipment Will Be A Challenge For The Organ-On-Chip Market

Regulatory Hurdles For Drug Approvals ?

Global Organ-On-Chip Market-Funding Landscape

Funding Landscape-North America

Funding Landscape-Europe

Funding Landscape-Asia

Funding Landscape-ROW

Global Organ-On-Chip Market-Competitive Landscape

Key Competitor Analysis

Key Players In The OOC Market

CN Bio Innovations







Tara Biosystems

Axosim Technologies LLC



Price Information

Global Organ-On-Chip Market-Business Models

Academic Universities/Institutes


Commercial Industries/End Users


End-User Perspective

Global Organ-On-Chip Conclusions & Strategies


Research Methodology

Interview Summaries



Research Enquiries

The Business Research Company


List Of Figure

Figure 1: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Typical Structure Of An Organ-On-Chip

Figure 2: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Lung-On-Chip Model

Figure 3: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Design Of Human-On-Chip Prototype

Figure 4: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Five Force Analysis

Figure 5: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, 2012-2016, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 6: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, 2016-2020, Value (USD Millions),

Figure 7: Organ-On-Chip Market, Segmentation By Organ Type, 2016, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 8: North America Organ-On-Chip Market Size, 2012-2016, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 9: North America Organ-On-Chip Market Size, 2016-2020, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 10: Europe Organ-On-Chips Market Size, 2012-2016, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 11: Europe Organ-On-Chip Market Size, 2016-2020, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 12: Asia Organ-On-Chip Market Size, 2012-2016, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 13: Asia Organ-On-Chips Market Size, 2016-2020, Value (USD Million)

Figure 14: ROW Organ-On-Chip Market Size, 2012-2016, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 15: ROW Organ-On-Chips Market Size, 2016-2020, Value (USD Million)

Figure 16: Organ-On-Chip Market, Segmentation By End User Market 2016, Value (USD Millions)

Figure 17: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Predictability Scale Of Techniques Used In Drug Screening And Evaluation 33

Figure 18: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Number Of New Drug Approvals By FDA And EMA, 2012-2016

Figure 19: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Organ-On-Chips Pricing, 2016

Figure 20: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Typical Business Model Of Organ-On-Chip Companies

Figure 21: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Segmentation By End Users, 2016 (USD Million)

List Of Table

Table 1: Global Organ-On-Chip Market, Top Pharmaceutical Companies-R&D Expenditures, Value (USD Billions)

Table 2: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Grants Under Tissue Chip For Drug Screening Initiative

Table 3: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, CN Bio Collaborations With Pharmaceutical Companies

Table 4: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, CN Bio Collaborations With Academic Universities/Institutes

Table 5: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Mimetas' Collaborations With Industries And Universities

Table 6: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, CN Bio Innovation'sProduct Details

Table 7: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Emulate'sProduct Details

Table 8: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Tissuse'sProduct Details

Table 9: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Mimetas'sProduct Details

Table 10: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Hmrel'sProduct Details

Table 11: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Nortis'sProduct Details

Table 12: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Insphero'sProduct Portfolio

Table 13: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Axosim Techologies LLC'sProduct Portfolio

Table 14: Global Organ-On-Chips Market, Academic And Industrial Collaboration Partners Of Insphero?

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Products and Companies


Lung-on-chip, Heart-on-chip, Liver-on-chip, Intestine-on-chip, Kidney-on-chip and Human-on-chip


CN Bio Innovations, Emulate Inc., TissUse GmbH, Mimetas, HMREL Corporation (HMREL), Nortis, InSphero, Tara Biosystems, and AxoSim Techologies LLC