Qiagen NV (QIA)-Product Pipeline Analysis, 2017 Update

Qiagen NV (QIA)-Product Pipeline Analysis, 2017 Update

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Executive Summary

Qiagen NV (Qiagen) is a provider of molecular testing solutions. Its solutions include sample and assay technologies, bioinformatics and automation systems. Qiagen's sample technologies help isolate and process DNA, RNA and proteins from samples such as blood and tissue. The company's product portfolio includes consumable products, automated solutions for sample collection, and open and target specific assays. Qiagen also supplies diagnostic test kits and assays for human and veterinary molecular diagnostics. The company serves animal pathogens and genotyping, cancer research, and environmental water testing, among other sectors. Qiagen offers solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and research institutions. It has operations across the Americas; Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Qiagen is headquartered in Venlo, the Netherlands.

This report is a source for data, analysis, and actionable intelligence on the company's portfolio of pipeline products. The report provides key information about the company, its major products and brands.

The report enhances decision making capabilities and help to create effective counter strategies to gain competitive advantage.


The report reviews detailed company profile with information on business description, key company facts, major products and services, key competitors, key employees, locations and subsidiaries and recent developments

The report analyzes all pipeline products in development for the company Qiagen NV

The report provides pipeline analysis on all pipeline products of the company (by equipment type, by indication, by development stage, and by trial status)

The report covers detailed information on each pipeline product with information on pipeline territory, stage of development, device class, regulatory path, indication(s), application(s) and estimated launch date

The report provides detailed description of products in development, technical specification and functions

The report also covers ongoing clinical trials (wherever applicable) with information on trial name, trial objective, sponsor, trial design , trial status and phase, estimated start and end date.

Reasons to Buy:

Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments driving the medical devices pipeline and technology landscape

Design and develop your product development, marketing and sales strategies by understanding the competitor portfolio

To formulate effective Research & Development strategies

Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies

Exploit in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities by identifying products, most likely to ensure a robust return

Plan mergers and acquisitions effectively by identifying key players of the most promising pipeline

Identify emerging players with potentially strong product portfolio and create effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage

Develop competition strategies by identifying the status and likely launch of the competitors' pipeline products through review of the clinical trials, stage and of development, etc

Identify, understand and capitalize the next high-value products that your competitor would add in its portfolio

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

List of Tables 7

List of Figures 11

Qiagen NV Company Overview 12

Qiagen NV Company Snapshot 12

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products and Ongoing Clinical Trials Overview 12

Qiagen NV-Pipeline Analysis Overview 16

Business Description 16

Qiagen NV-Key Facts 17

Qiagen NV-Major Products and Services 18

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products by Development Stage 22

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products Overview 28

ABL Assay 28

ABL Assay Product Overview 28

All-in-One Lung Cancer Panel Test 29

All-in-One Lung Cancer Panel Test Product Overview 29

AR-V7 Companion Diagnostic Test 30

AR-V7 Companion Diagnostic Test Product Overview 30

Artus CT/NG QS-RGQ Kit 31

Artus CT/NG QS-RGQ Kit Product Overview 31

Artus EBV RG PCR KIt 32

Artus EBV RG PCR KIt Product Overview 32

artus VanR QS-RGQ Kit 33

artus VanR QS-RGQ Kit Product Overview 33

BLU-285 Companion Diagnostic Assay-GIST 34

BLU-285 Companion Diagnostic Assay-GIST Product Overview 34

Breast Cancer Biomarkers Test 35

Breast Cancer Biomarkers Test Product Overview 35

Colon Cancer Test-Stage III And IV Patient 36

Colon Cancer Test-Stage III And IV Patient Product Overview 36

Companion Diagnostic Assay-EGFR vIII 37

Companion Diagnostic Assay-EGFR vIII Product Overview 37

Companion Diagnostic Assay-MGCD265 38

Companion Diagnostic Assay-MGCD265 Product Overview 38

Companion Diagnostic Assay-Oncology 39

Companion Diagnostic Assay-Oncology Product Overview 39

Companion Diagnostic Test-ASP5878 40

Companion Diagnostic Test-ASP5878 Product Overview 40

Companion Diagnostic Test-ASP8273 41

Companion Diagnostic Test-ASP8273 Product Overview 41

Companion Diagnostic Test-Binimetinib 42

Companion Diagnostic Test-Binimetinib Product Overview 42

Companion Diagnostic Test-Blood Cancer 43

Companion Diagnostic Test-Blood Cancer Product Overview 43

Companion Diagnostic Test-EZH2 Y641 44

Companion Diagnostic Test-EZH2 Y641 Product Overview 44

Companion Diagnostic Test-IDH1/IDH2 Gene 45

Companion Diagnostic Test-IDH1/IDH2 Gene Product Overview 45

Diagnostic Assay-Trichomoniasis 46

Diagnostic Assay-Trichomoniasis Product Overview 46

Diagnostic Test-FGFR-TACC 47

Diagnostic Test-FGFR-TACC Product Overview 47

Diagnostic Test-Prostate Cancer Stratification 48

Diagnostic Test-Prostate Cancer Stratification Product Overview 48

Diagnostic Test-T-Cell Lymphoma 49

Diagnostic Test-T-Cell Lymphoma Product Overview 49

GeneReader NGS-Leukemia Panel 50

GeneReader NGS-Leukemia Panel Product Overview 50

GeneReader NGS-MPN Panel 51

GeneReader NGS-MPN Panel Product Overview 51

GeneReader NGS System-AIT FAST Panel 52

GeneReader NGS System-AIT FAST Panel Product Overview 52

GeneReader NGS System-BRCA Liquid Biopsy Assay 53

GeneReader NGS System-BRCA Liquid Biopsy Assay Product Overview 53

GeneReader NGS System-FFPE BRCA Assay 54

GeneReader NGS System-FFPE BRCA Assay Product Overview 54

GeneReader NGS System-Infectious Disease 55

GeneReader NGS System-Infectious Disease Product Overview 55

GeneReader NGS System-RNA Seq Assay 56

GeneReader NGS System-RNA Seq Assay Product Overview 56

Genetic Test-Prostate Cancer 57

Genetic Test-Prostate Cancer Product Overview 57

Insight ALK Screen Assay 58

Insight ALK Screen Assay Product Overview 58

ipsogen JAK2 RGQ PCR Kit 59

ipsogen JAK2 RGQ PCR Kit Product Overview 59

miRNA Biomarker-Cancer of Unknown Primary 60

miRNA Biomarker-Cancer of Unknown Primary Product Overview 60

miRNA Test-Endometrial Cancer 61

miRNA Test-Endometrial Cancer Product Overview 61

miRNA Test-Lung Cancer 62

miRNA Test-Lung Cancer Product Overview 62

miRNA test-Ovarian Cancer 63

miRNA test-Ovarian Cancer Product Overview 63

miRNAbiomarker-Breast cancer 64

miRNAbiomarker-Breast cancer Product Overview 64

Modaplex System-B-Cell Lymphoma Panel 65

Modaplex System-B-Cell Lymphoma Panel Product Overview 65

Modaplex System-BCR-ABL Panel 66

Modaplex System-BCR-ABL Panel Product Overview 66

Modaplex System-Cancer 67

Modaplex System-Cancer Product Overview 67

Modaplex System-cMET Mutation Panel 68

Modaplex System-cMET Mutation Panel Product Overview 68

Modaplex System-Copy Number Variation 69

Modaplex System-Copy Number Variation Product Overview 69

Modaplex System-Deletions 70

Modaplex System-Deletions Product Overview 70

Modaplex System-Drug Metabolism 71

Modaplex System-Drug Metabolism Product Overview 71

Modaplex System-EML4-ALK 72

Modaplex System-EML4-ALK Product Overview 72

Modaplex System-Expression Panels 73

Modaplex System-Expression Panels Product Overview 73

Modaplex System-Fungal Panel Assay 74

Modaplex System-Fungal Panel Assay Product Overview 74

Modaplex System-Insertions 75

Modaplex System-Insertions Product Overview 75

Modaplex System-microRNA/mRNA/gDNA Panel 76

Modaplex System-microRNA/mRNA/gDNA Panel Product Overview 76

Modaplex System-Mixed Pathogen Panels 77

Modaplex System-Mixed Pathogen Panels Product Overview 77

Modaplex System-Polysomy 78

Modaplex System-Polysomy Product Overview 78

Modaplex System-Respiratory Panel Assay 79

Modaplex System-Respiratory Panel Assay Product Overview 79

Modaplex System-SNP Panels 80

Modaplex System-SNP Panels Product Overview 80

Modaplex System-STI Panel Assay 81

Modaplex System-STI Panel Assay Product Overview 81

Modaplex System-Transplant Panel 82

Modaplex System-Transplant Panel Product Overview 82

Modaplex System-Ultra-Sensitive JCV/BKV Panel 83

Modaplex System-Ultra-Sensitive JCV/BKV Panel Product Overview 83

mSEPT9 Colorectal Cancer Test 84

mSEPT9 Colorectal Cancer Test Product Overview 84

PI3K Biomarker Test-Breast Cancer 85

PI3K Biomarker Test-Breast Cancer Product Overview 85

PI3K Biomarker Test-Lung 86

PI3K Biomarker Test-Lung Product Overview 86

Prognosis Test-Prostate Cancer 87

Prognosis Test-Prostate Cancer Product Overview 87

Prostate Cancer-Early Detection Test 88

Prostate Cancer-Early Detection Test Product Overview 88

QIAact Breast Panel (Expanded) 89

QIAact Breast Panel (Expanded) Product Overview 89

QIAact Gene Expression Signatures 90

QIAact Gene Expression Signatures Product Overview 90

QIAact Lung Panel (CNV And Fusion) 91

QIAact Lung Panel (CNV And Fusion) Product Overview 91

QIAact Onco-Heme Panel-Myeloid 92

QIAact Onco-Heme Panel-Myeloid Product Overview 92

QIAact Panel Test-Breast Cancer 93

QIAact Panel Test-Breast Cancer Product Overview 93

QIAact Panel Test-Lung Cancer 94

QIAact Panel Test-Lung Cancer Product Overview 94

QIAensemble 95

QIAensemble Product Overview 95

QIAensemble 400-Bacterial Vaginosis 96

QIAensemble 400-Bacterial Vaginosis Product Overview 96

QIAensemble 400-Candida Species 97

QIAensemble 400-Candida Species Product Overview 97

QIAensemble 400-Chlamydia Trachomatis/Neisseria Gonorrhea 98

QIAensemble 400-Chlamydia Trachomatis/Neisseria Gonorrhea Product Overview 98

QIAensemble 400-Group B Streptococci 99

QIAensemble 400-Group B Streptococci Product Overview 99

QIAensemble 400-Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 100

QIAensemble 400-Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 Product Overview 100

QIAensemble 400-Trichomonas Vaginalis 101

QIAensemble 400-Trichomonas Vaginalis Product Overview 101

QIAensemble SP/2000 With Screening And Genotyping 102

QIAensemble SP/2000 With Screening And Genotyping Product Overview 102

QIAscreen-HPV Assay 103

QIAscreen-HPV Assay Product Overview 103

QIAsymphony- C. Difficile Assay 104

QIAsymphony- C. Difficile Assay Product Overview 104

QIAsymphony- Malaria 105

QIAsymphony- Malaria Product Overview 105

QIAsymphony- WNV (West Nile Virus) 106

QIAsymphony- WNV (West Nile Virus) Product Overview 106

QIAsymphony-ALK Assay 107

QIAsymphony-ALK Assay Product Overview 107

QIAsymphony-EGFR Assay 108

QIAsymphony-EGFR Assay Product Overview 108

QIAsymphony-Enhance HCV Limit of Detection 109

QIAsymphony-Enhance HCV Limit of Detection Product Overview 109

QIAsymphony-ESBL 110

QIAsymphony-ESBL Product Overview 110

QIAsymphony-Group B Streptococcal Infections 111

QIAsymphony-Group B Streptococcal Infections Product Overview 111

QIAsymphony-HEV 112

QIAsymphony-HEV Product Overview 112

QIAsymphony-MRSA 113

QIAsymphony-MRSA Product Overview 113

QIAsymphony-NRAS Assay 114

QIAsymphony-NRAS Assay Product Overview 114

QIAsymphony-PITX2 Assay 115

QIAsymphony-PITX2 Assay Product Overview 115

QIAsymphony-T315I 116

QIAsymphony-T315I Product Overview 116

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HCV Test 117

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HCV Test Product Overview 117

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HHV-6 Test 118

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HHV-6 Test Product Overview 118

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HIV-1 Test 119

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HIV-1 Test Product Overview 119

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus JCV Test 120

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus JCV Test Product Overview 120

QIAsymphony RGQ-CMV Assay 121

QIAsymphony RGQ-CMV Assay Product Overview 121

QIAsymphony RGQ-HPV Assay 122

QIAsymphony RGQ-HPV Assay Product Overview 122

QIAsymphony RGQ Upgrade-Therascreen BRAF Kit-Melanoma 123

QIAsymphony RGQ Upgrade-Therascreen BRAF Kit-Melanoma Product Overview 123

QuantiFERON-CMV Test 124

QuantiFERON-CMV Test Product Overview 124

QuantiFERON-Leishmania Test 125

QuantiFERON-Leishmania Test Product Overview 125

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus 126

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus Product Overview 126

Ran Biomarker Diagnostic Test 127

Ran Biomarker Diagnostic Test Product Overview 127

ResPlex II 128

ResPlex II Product Overview 128

Rotor-Gene Q-Therascreen AKT RGQ PCR Kit 129

Rotor-Gene Q-Therascreen AKT RGQ PCR Kit Product Overview 129

Therascreen JAK2 Companion Diagnostic Test-Blood Cancer 130

Therascreen JAK2 Companion Diagnostic Test-Blood Cancer Product Overview 130

Therascreen KRAS Assay-Dacomitinib 131

Therascreen KRAS Assay-Dacomitinib Product Overview 131

ViraQuant 132

ViraQuant Product Overview 132

Qiagen NV-Key Competitors 133

Qiagen NV-Key Employees 134

Qiagen NV-Key Employee Biographies 135

Qiagen NV-Locations And Subsidiaries 136

Head Office 136

Other Locations & Subsidiaries 136

Joint Venture 139

Recent Developments 140

Qiagen NV, Recent Developments 140

Apr 03, 2017: QIAGENs GeneReader NGS System gains further validation in oncology research applications with new independent performance review data 140

Mar 30, 2017: QIAGEN joins CANCER-ID consortium for liquid biopsy workflows 141

Mar 30, 2017: Haliodx Performed Development Work For Ipsogen JAK2 510(K) Clearance By QIAGEN 141

Mar 29, 2017: QIAGEN launches first FDA-cleared JAK2 test for certain type of leukemia 142

Feb 16, 2017: New study published in Lancet Respiratory Medicine highlights QIAGENs QuantiFERON-TB potential to predict active tuberculosis risk in infants 142

Feb 01, 2017: QIAGEN Reports Results for Fourth Quarter and Full-year 2016 143

Jan 30, 2017: QIAGEN Hereditary and Rare Disease Solution Chosen by Genomics England 146

Jan 26, 2017: QIAGEN's QuantiFERON-TB Test Wins Tender for Testing of Republic of Korea Armed Forces Recruits 147

Jan 09, 2017: QIAGEN submits QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus for U.S. regulatory approval 147

Jan 09, 2017: QIAGEN announces comprehensive range of enhancements for GeneReader NGS System 148

Appendix 150

Methodology 150

About GlobalData 152

Contact Us 152

Disclaimer 152

List of Figures

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products by Equipment Type 13

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products by Development Stage 22

List of Tables

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products and Ongoing Clinical Trials Overview 12

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products by Equipment Type 13

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products by Indication 14

Qiagen NV, Key Facts 17

Qiagen NV, Major Products and Services 18

Qiagen NV Number of Pipeline Products by Development Stage 22

Qiagen NV Pipeline Products Summary by Development Stage 23

ABL Assay-Product Status 28

ABL Assay-Product Description 28

All-in-One Lung Cancer Panel Test-Product Status 29

All-in-One Lung Cancer Panel Test-Product Description 29

AR-V7 Companion Diagnostic Test-Product Status 30

AR-V7 Companion Diagnostic Test-Product Description 30

Artus CT/NG QS-RGQ Kit-Product Status 31

Artus CT/NG QS-RGQ Kit-Product Description 31

Artus EBV RG PCR KIt-Product Status 32

Artus EBV RG PCR KIt-Product Description 32

artus VanR QS-RGQ Kit-Product Status 33

artus VanR QS-RGQ Kit-Product Description 33

BLU-285 Companion Diagnostic Assay-GIST-Product Status 34

BLU-285 Companion Diagnostic Assay-GIST-Product Description 34

Breast Cancer Biomarkers Test-Product Status 35

Breast Cancer Biomarkers Test-Product Description 35

Colon Cancer Test-Stage III And IV Patient-Product Status 36

Colon Cancer Test-Stage III And IV Patient-Product Description 36

Companion Diagnostic Assay-EGFR vIII-Product Status 37

Companion Diagnostic Assay-EGFR vIII-Product Description 37

Companion Diagnostic Assay-MGCD265-Product Status 38

Companion Diagnostic Assay-MGCD265-Product Description 38

Companion Diagnostic Assay-Oncology-Product Status 39

Companion Diagnostic Assay-Oncology-Product Description 39

Companion Diagnostic Test-ASP5878-Product Status 40

Companion Diagnostic Test-ASP5878-Product Description 40

Companion Diagnostic Test-ASP8273-Product Status 41

Companion Diagnostic Test-ASP8273-Product Description 41

Companion Diagnostic Test-Binimetinib-Product Status 42

Companion Diagnostic Test-Binimetinib-Product Description 42

Companion Diagnostic Test-Blood Cancer-Product Status 43

Companion Diagnostic Test-Blood Cancer-Product Description 43

Companion Diagnostic Test-EZH2 Y641-Product Status 44

Companion Diagnostic Test-EZH2 Y641-Product Description 44

Companion Diagnostic Test-IDH1/IDH2 Gene-Product Status 45

Companion Diagnostic Test-IDH1/IDH2 Gene-Product Description 45

Diagnostic Assay-Trichomoniasis-Product Status 46

Diagnostic Assay-Trichomoniasis-Product Description 46

Diagnostic Test-FGFR-TACC-Product Status 47

Diagnostic Test-FGFR-TACC-Product Description 47

Diagnostic Test-Prostate Cancer Stratification-Product Status 48

Diagnostic Test-Prostate Cancer Stratification-Product Description 48

Diagnostic Test-T-Cell Lymphoma-Product Status 49

Diagnostic Test-T-Cell Lymphoma-Product Description 49

GeneReader NGS-Leukemia Panel-Product Status 50

GeneReader NGS-Leukemia Panel-Product Description 50

GeneReader NGS-MPN Panel-Product Status 51

GeneReader NGS-MPN Panel-Product Description 51

GeneReader NGS System-AIT FAST Panel-Product Status 52

GeneReader NGS System-AIT FAST Panel-Product Description 52

GeneReader NGS System-BRCA Liquid Biopsy Assay-Product Status 53

GeneReader NGS System-BRCA Liquid Biopsy Assay-Product Description 53

GeneReader NGS System-FFPE BRCA Assay-Product Status 54

GeneReader NGS System-FFPE BRCA Assay-Product Description 54

GeneReader NGS System-Infectious Disease-Product Status 55

GeneReader NGS System-Infectious Disease-Product Description 55

GeneReader NGS System-RNA Seq Assay-Product Status 56

GeneReader NGS System-RNA Seq Assay-Product Description 56

Genetic Test-Prostate Cancer-Product Status 57

Genetic Test-Prostate Cancer-Product Description 57

Insight ALK Screen Assay-Product Status 58

Insight ALK Screen Assay-Product Description 58

ipsogen JAK2 RGQ PCR Kit-Product Status 59

ipsogen JAK2 RGQ PCR Kit-Product Description 59

miRNA Biomarker-Cancer of Unknown Primary-Product Status 60

miRNA Biomarker-Cancer of Unknown Primary-Product Description 60

miRNA Test-Endometrial Cancer-Product Status 61

miRNA Test-Endometrial Cancer-Product Description 61

miRNA Test-Lung Cancer-Product Status 62

miRNA Test-Lung Cancer-Product Description 62

miRNA test-Ovarian Cancer-Product Status 63

miRNA test-Ovarian Cancer-Product Description 63

miRNAbiomarker-Breast cancer-Product Status 64

miRNAbiomarker-Breast cancer-Product Description 64

Modaplex System-B-Cell Lymphoma Panel-Product Status 65

Modaplex System-B-Cell Lymphoma Panel-Product Description 65

Modaplex System-BCR-ABL Panel-Product Status 66

Modaplex System-BCR-ABL Panel-Product Description 66

Modaplex System-Cancer-Product Status 67

Modaplex System-Cancer-Product Description 67

Modaplex System-cMET Mutation Panel-Product Status 68

Modaplex System-cMET Mutation Panel-Product Description 68

Modaplex System-Copy Number Variation-Product Status 69

Modaplex System-Copy Number Variation-Product Description 69

Modaplex System-Deletions-Product Status 70

Modaplex System-Deletions-Product Description 70

Modaplex System-Drug Metabolism-Product Status 71

Modaplex System-Drug Metabolism-Product Description 71

Modaplex System-EML4-ALK-Product Status 72

Modaplex System-EML4-ALK-Product Description 72

Modaplex System-Expression Panels-Product Status 73

Modaplex System-Expression Panels-Product Description 73

Modaplex System-Fungal Panel Assay-Product Status 74

Modaplex System-Fungal Panel Assay-Product Description 74

Modaplex System-Insertions-Product Status 75

Modaplex System-Insertions-Product Description 75

Modaplex System-microRNA/mRNA/gDNA Panel-Product Status 76

Modaplex System-microRNA/mRNA/gDNA Panel-Product Description 76

Modaplex System-Mixed Pathogen Panels-Product Status 77

Modaplex System-Mixed Pathogen Panels-Product Description 77

Modaplex System-Polysomy-Product Status 78

Modaplex System-Polysomy-Product Description 78

Modaplex System-Respiratory Panel Assay-Product Status 79

Modaplex System-Respiratory Panel Assay-Product Description 79

Modaplex System-SNP Panels-Product Status 80

Modaplex System-SNP Panels-Product Description 80

Modaplex System-STI Panel Assay-Product Status 81

Modaplex System-STI Panel Assay-Product Description 81

Modaplex System-Transplant Panel-Product Status 82

Modaplex System-Transplant Panel-Product Description 82

Modaplex System-Ultra-Sensitive JCV/BKV Panel-Product Status 83

Modaplex System-Ultra-Sensitive JCV/BKV Panel-Product Description 83

mSEPT9 Colorectal Cancer Test-Product Status 84

mSEPT9 Colorectal Cancer Test-Product Description 84

PI3K Biomarker Test-Breast Cancer-Product Status 85

PI3K Biomarker Test-Breast Cancer-Product Description 85

PI3K Biomarker Test-Lung-Product Status 86

PI3K Biomarker Test-Lung-Product Description 86

Prognosis Test-Prostate Cancer-Product Status 87

Prognosis Test-Prostate Cancer-Product Description 87

Prostate Cancer-Early Detection Test-Product Status 88

Prostate Cancer-Early Detection Test-Product Description 88

QIAact Breast Panel (Expanded)-Product Status 89

QIAact Breast Panel (Expanded)-Product Description 89

QIAact Gene Expression Signatures-Product Status 90

QIAact Gene Expression Signatures-Product Description 90

QIAact Lung Panel (CNV And Fusion)-Product Status 91

QIAact Lung Panel (CNV And Fusion)-Product Description 91

QIAact Onco-Heme Panel-Myeloid-Product Status 92

QIAact Onco-Heme Panel-Myeloid-Product Description 92

QIAact Panel Test-Breast Cancer-Product Status 93

QIAact Panel Test-Breast Cancer-Product Description 93

QIAact Panel Test-Lung Cancer-Product Status 94

QIAact Panel Test-Lung Cancer-Product Description 94

QIAensemble-Product Status 95

QIAensemble-Product Description 95

QIAensemble 400-Bacterial Vaginosis-Product Status 96

QIAensemble 400-Bacterial Vaginosis-Product Description 96

QIAensemble 400-Candida Species-Product Status 97

QIAensemble 400-Candida Species-Product Description 97

QIAensemble 400-Chlamydia Trachomatis/Neisseria Gonorrhea-Product Status 98

QIAensemble 400-Chlamydia Trachomatis/Neisseria Gonorrhea-Product Description 98

QIAensemble 400-Group B Streptococci-Product Status 99

QIAensemble 400-Group B Streptococci-Product Description 99

QIAensemble 400-Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2-Product Status 100

QIAensemble 400-Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2-Product Description 100

QIAensemble 400-Trichomonas Vaginalis-Product Status 101

QIAensemble 400-Trichomonas Vaginalis-Product Description 101

QIAensemble SP/2000 With Screening And Genotyping-Product Status 102

QIAensemble SP/2000 With Screening And Genotyping-Product Description 102

QIAscreen-HPV Assay-Product Status 103

QIAscreen-HPV Assay-Product Description 103

QIAsymphony- C. Difficile Assay-Product Status 104

QIAsymphony- C. Difficile Assay-Product Description 104

QIAsymphony- Malaria-Product Status 105

QIAsymphony- Malaria-Product Description 105

QIAsymphony- WNV (West Nile Virus)-Product Status 106

QIAsymphony- WNV (West Nile Virus)-Product Description 106

QIAsymphony-ALK Assay-Product Status 107

QIAsymphony-ALK Assay-Product Description 107

QIAsymphony-EGFR Assay-Product Status 108

QIAsymphony-EGFR Assay-Product Description 108

QIAsymphony-Enhance HCV Limit of Detection-Product Status 109

QIAsymphony-Enhance HCV Limit of Detection-Product Description 109

QIAsymphony-ESBL-Product Status 110

QIAsymphony-ESBL-Product Description 110

QIAsymphony-Group B Streptococcal Infections-Product Status 111

QIAsymphony-Group B Streptococcal Infections-Product Description 111

QIAsymphony-HEV-Product Status 112

QIAsymphony-HEV-Product Description 112

QIAsymphony-MRSA-Product Status 113

QIAsymphony-MRSA-Product Description 113

QIAsymphony-NRAS Assay-Product Status 114

QIAsymphony-NRAS Assay-Product Description 114

QIAsymphony-PITX2 Assay-Product Status 115

QIAsymphony-PITX2 Assay-Product Description 115

QIAsymphony-T315I-Product Status 116

QIAsymphony-T315I-Product Description 116

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HCV Test-Product Status 117

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HCV Test-Product Description 117

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HHV-6 Test-Product Status 118

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HHV-6 Test-Product Description 118

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HIV-1 Test-Product Status 119

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus HIV-1 Test-Product Description 119

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus JCV Test-Product Status 120

QIAsymphony RGQ-Artus JCV Test-Product Description 120

QIAsymphony RGQ-CMV Assay-Product Status 121

QIAsymphony RGQ-CMV Assay-Product Description 121

QIAsymphony RGQ-HPV Assay-Product Status 122

QIAsymphony RGQ-HPV Assay-Product Description 122

QIAsymphony RGQ Upgrade-Therascreen BRAF Kit-Melanoma-Product Status 123

QIAsymphony RGQ Upgrade-Therascreen BRAF Kit-Melanoma-Product Description 123

QuantiFERON-CMV Test-Product Status 124

QuantiFERON-CMV Test-Product Description 124

QuantiFERON-Leishmania Test-Product Status 125

QuantiFERON-Leishmania Test-Product Description 125

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus-Product Status 126

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus-Product Description 126

Ran Biomarker Diagnostic Test-Product Status 127

Ran Biomarker Diagnostic Test-Product Description 127

ResPlex II-Product Status 128

ResPlex II-Product Description 128

Rotor-Gene Q-Therascreen AKT RGQ PCR Kit-Product Status 129

Rotor-Gene Q-Therascreen AKT RGQ PCR Kit-Product Description 129

Therascreen JAK2 Companion Diagnostic Test-Blood Cancer-Product Status 130

Therascreen JAK2 Companion Diagnostic Test-Blood Cancer-Product Description 130

Therascreen KRAS Assay-Dacomitinib-Product Status 131

Therascreen KRAS Assay-Dacomitinib-Product Description 131

ViraQuant-Product Status 132

ViraQuant-Product Description 132

Qiagen NV, Key Employees 134

Qiagen NV, Key Employee Biographies 135

Qiagen NV, Other Locations 136

Qiagen NV, Subsidiaries 136

Qiagen NV, Joint Venture 139

Glossary 151

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