Vietnam Phamaceutical Comprehensive Report Q2/2016

Vietnam Phamaceutical Comprehensive Report Q2/2016

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Executive Summary

With 178 drug manufacturers Vietnam pharmaceutical products mostly focus on simple dosage forms and generic form with lower values and overlapping, and completely lack effective drugs with complicated preparation. On the other hand, there are a huge number of companies in generic drugs market, which is very small, then leading to decrease in profits. Vietnam Pharmaceutical industry uses about 60,000 tons of medicines, of which about 80-90% is imported. The ratio of research & development expense to revenue at domestic companies is just about 5%.

In 2015, according to Vietnam Industry Research and Consultant (VIRAC) estimation, Pharmaceutical industry value is expected to reach USD 4.2bn. Although pharmaceutical spending per capita in 2015, according to VIRAC's estimation, is USD 38. The growth of the prescription drug market will exceed the growth rate of Over-the-counter (OTC) market.

The market value of patented drugs in Vietnam tends to increase gradually. Pharmaceutical imports in 2015 reached USD 2.3bn, mainly from France (USD 275m) and India USD 267m).

Pharmaceutical exports in Vietnam reached relatively low rate of 5% of the import value and 2.5% of the industry consumption value. The biggest wholesale market systems in Vietnam pharmaceutical distribution in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Pharmaceutical products are necessities, thus, economic growth virtually has hardly any impact on the industry growth rate. Some main industry driving forces are the protection from state.

To compromise WTO agendas, Vietnam has to gradually open the pharmaceutical market by allowing foreign firms to built plants and distribution network in Vietnam. With higher level of opening after the TPP, domestic pharmaceutical companies will face the threat of more competition from FDI ones.

Vietnam Pharmaceutical industry is forecast to continue the double-digit growth. Most of the enterprises of pharmaceutical industry maintained positive operation with high levels of gross profit and net profit in the period 2014-2015. In addition, raising awareness of consumers on health issues and initiative in healthcare also contributed greatly to industry development. With higher disposable incomes, consumers seem to be more interested in vitamins and supplements to diets.

The in-depth research �Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry� carried out by Vietnam Industry Research and Consultant (VIRAC) illustrates the overall scenario of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam in order to provide an insight for a better understanding regarding the market. The report details the economic situation in general and the industry in particular with updated date and statistic until 2017, the movement of the price as well as the forecast for the upcoming future, covering all domains. Analysis of big players in the industry is also elaborated by providing detailed financial analysis, applied technology, market share, etc. herein to help companies position and define the competiveness in the market. For example, some typical producers are DHG Pharma JSC, Imexpharm Pharma JSC, Domesco Medical Import Export JSC, TRAPHACO JSC, S.P.M JSC.

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Executive Summary

List of abbreviations

1. Business Environment

1.1. Macroeconomic Situation

Figure 1. GDP Growth and Inflation, 2010-2015

Figure 2. CPI of Vietnam and of Medicines and Healthcare Services sector, 2010-2015

Figure 3. USD/VND exchange rate, 2010-2015

Figure 4. CNY/VND exchange rate, 2010-2015

Figure 5. The total population of Vietnam, 2010-2015

Figure 6. Vietnam population structure by age group

1.2. Legal Barriers

1.3. Impacts of Free Trade Agreement

Figure 7. Import value of pharmaceutical products, 2010-2015

2. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry Overview

2.1. Global Pharmaceutical Industry

2.1.1. Production-Consumption

Figure 8. Global Pharmaceutical industry revenue, 2010-2014

Figure 9. Global revenue of prescription drugs, 2010-2014

Figure 10. Global pharmaceutical revenue by region, 2014

Figure 11. Top 10 pharmaceutical products consumed the most in the world, 2014

2.1.2. Export-Import

Figure 12. Global pharmaceutical export, 2010-2015

Figure 13. Global pharmaceutical import, 2010-2015

Table 1. Top countries importing and exporting of pharmaceuticals, 2014

2.1.3. Production and Consumption Situation in major countries

2.1.4. Large Enterprises in the world

Figure 14. Top 10 pharmaceutical enterprises, 2015

2.2. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry Overview

2.2.1. History of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry

2.2.2. Industry Position

2.2.3. Industry Scale and Feature

2.2.4. Value Chain of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry

2.2.5. Raw Materials

Figure 15. Raw material import, 2010-2016e

Figure 16. Raw material import market by country, 2015

2.2.6. Production Technology

Table 2. Machinery origin of large pharmaceutical manufacturers

Table 3. Major equipment in pharmaceutical production lines

2.2.7. Research and Development

Figure 17. R&D/Revenue rate of large pharmaceutical companies

in the world

2.2.8. Production

Figure 18. Value of domestic pharmaceutical production, 2010-2015e

Figure 19. Value rate of Vietnam domestically-produced drug,


2.2.9. Consumption

Figure 20. Pharmaceutical market value, 2010-2015e

Figure 21. Domestic Pharmaceutical consumption value, 2010 -Q1/2016e

Figure 22. Pharmaceutical spending per capita in Vietnam, 2009-2015e

Figure 23. Pharmaceutical spending per capita in the world, 2014

Figure 24. Prescription Drug market value, 2010-2015e

Figure 25. OTC Drug market value, 2010-2015e

Figure 26. Patented drug, 2010-2015e

Figure 27. Generic Drug, 2010-2015e

2.2.10. Export-Import

Figure 28. Drug import, 2010-Q1/2016

Figure 29. Top drug import market of Vietnam, 2015

Figure 30. Drug export, 2010 -2014

2.2.11. Price Movement

Table 4. Price of some drugs in the market

Table 5. Price -redeclared products statistics, 2015

Table 6. The difference in the price of some drugs at Hapulico market, 2015

2.2.12. Distribution System

Table 7. The number of medical facilities, 2010-2014

2.3. Risks and Challenges

2.4. Industry Planning

2.5. Driving Forces and Forecast

Figure 31. Healthcare cost, 2010-2016f

Figure 32. Global population growth over the age of 60, 1950-2050

Figure 33. The number and value of M&A deals in the world, 2010 -2015

Figure 34. 10 countries with the highest number of M&A deals in the world, 2015

Table 8. The revenue of top drugs in developed countries, 2018

Table 9. The revenue of top drugs in developing countries, 2018

Figure 35. The growth of total drug consumption and average drug spending per capita, 2010-2020

3. Enterprise Analysis

Table 10. 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises in 2015

3.1. Profitability Ratios

Figure 36. Gross profit margin and net profit margin of 10 pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

3.2. Cost Structure

Figure 37. Selling expenses on net revenue of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

Figure 38. Staff expenses of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

Figure 39. The rate of general and administration expenses on net revenue

of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

Figure 40. Staff expenses of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

3.3. Asset Management Ratios

Figure 41. Days in inventory of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

Figure 42. Average collection period of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

Figure 43. Fixed asset turnover ratio of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

3.4. Capital Structure

Figure 44. Self-financing ratio of 15 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

3.5. Solvency Ratios

Figure 45. The solvency ratio of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

3.6. Return Ratios

Figure 46. ROA and ROE ratio of 10 typical pharmaceutical enterprises, 2014-2015

4. Apendix-Financial Statement

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DHG Pharma JSC

Imexpharm Pharma JSC

Domesco Medical Import-export JSC



OPC Pharma JSC

Lam Dong Pharma JSC (Ladophar)

Ha Tay Pharma JSC (Hataphar)

Ben Tre Pharma JSC (Bepharco)

Vimedimex Pharma JSC

Vietnam Phamaceutical Industry

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