India Career Skilling Landscape

Understanding the Perspective of Students, Working Professional, College and Employers


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January 2021

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About the Report

About the Report

The report titled “India Career Skilling Landscape: Understanding the Perspective of Students, Working Professional, College and Employersprovides a comprehensive analysis on the Need and Demand for Career Skilling platforms in India from fresh graduates and Working Professionals with 0-1 years of experience. The report covers pain points of College Graduates, Working Professionals, Higher Education Colleges and Employers, TAM, SAM & SOM for Career Skilling programs, Government Initiatives, Evolving sector wise skill needs, Future workforce, Demand Supply Gap, Online Education Market, Ecosystem of Major Players, COVID Impact, Journey of a Job Seeker, Recruitment Journey of an Employer, Trends in GIG Workforce and Survey Analysis of Target Audience. The report concludes with analyst recommendations highlighting a proposed business framework in terms of Course Structure and Strategic Partnerships.

India Career Skilling Landscape

Need and Pain Points: The need for Career Skilling platforms among graduates and Working Professionals is continuously growing over the years in India. Lack of course comprehensiveness and career counseling at college level along with disappointments from Employers in terms of attitude, skill and knowledge misalignment among hired entry level graduates highlighted the demand for career skilling platform to make these graduates employable in India.

Emerging Sectors and their Skill Needs

Skill needs among various sectors are evolving with the changing roles in India.~Mn jobs (which is % of total jobs) are created every year are for Entry Level Recruits across all the sectors in India. Hiring Intent among Employers across different sectors has continuously improved over the years. BPO (~%), BFSI (~%), IT (~%) and Manufacturing (~%) are some of the sectors that recorded highest hiring intent for entry level recruits in the country.

Demand and Supply side of Jobs

Government initiated various programs to increase the number of skilled individuals for different job roles across various sectors in the country. One job is available for every ~ number of potential job seekers. However, the final selection ratio on the other hand is very high and stood around ~ (i.e. number of candidate screened versus finally selected). Candidates’ that are available and demanding jobs versus Supply of Jobs resulted in higher Proportion of Candidates opting for Career Skilling Programs in the country.

Survey Analysis:

Job Seekers (Graduates): A graduate face multiple challenges in finding right job profile that fits in their interests. Lack of required skill sets, knowledge on KRAs with respect to interest areas and lack of understanding on available opportunities were the major challenges faced by a fresh graduate.A job Seeker generally takes ~ months journey to get their desired job roles with enhanced skill sets. ~ Job Seekers are even willing to relocate for better job opportunities. A major proportion of individuals realized the importance of upgrading skill-sets especially during this COVID pandemic time, given the fact that there have been massive layoffs and that competition for a job is going to increase further in the future.

0-1 Year Working Professionals: % of 0-1 year working professionals are looking for a job change or will look for a job change in next 2-3 months as a result of expectations mismatch and desired roles in their current company. ~% working professionals are willing to take up career skilling courses within next 2-3 months in order to improve their existing skill sets.

Employers: Employers are unable to find enough specialists in Real Estate, BFSI and Energy followed by IT and FMCG sector in the country as a result of lack of employability factor among the talent pool in the country.Employers have recorded ~% attrition rate in hired entry level recruits in their companies due to mismatch in work role, low productivity and inability to handle work pressure.

Competitive Landscape of India Professional Skilling Market

Higher Education and Professional Skilling industry in India is highly fragmented space with 80-100 players wherein more than ~% is captured by 20 players in the country in terms of number of revenue. Major players in the market include Eruditus & Emeritus, NIIT, Simplilearn, Upgrad, Great Learning, Talentedge and others.

Players in markets compete on basis of user base in terms of enrollments, Revenue and type of course structure.

India Career Skilling Market Future Landscape: Professional Skilling and Online Higher Education market in Career Skilling space in India is expected to witness a double digit CAGR in the forecasted period 2020-2025. Increasing demand of employable entry level workforce across different sectors for different job domains will increase the user base on such platforms. Sectors with highest growth in future in terms of total Employment workforce are Pharma & Healthcare, BFSI, Telecommunications and IT. Maximum share of employment workforce for Entry level graduates will be recorded by FMCG/Retail, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, IT & ITES and BFSI.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Pain Points of Graduates, Working Professionals, Colleges, Government and Employers
  • India Ed-Tech Market by Revenue
  • India Professional Skilling Market by Revenue
  • Ecosystem of Major Players in Online Skilling Landscape
  • Market Share of Major Players in Higher Education & Professional Skilling Market
  • Target Addressable Market in terms of Career Skilling platform Potential Users
  • Service Addressable Market in terms of Career Skilling platform Potential Users
  • Service Obtainable Market in terms of Career Skilling platform Potential Users
  • Demand and Supply side of Jobs Market
  • Sector wise Employment Workforce Needs and Demand for Entry Level Recruits
  • Employer Recruitment Journey
  • Job Seeker Recruitment and Skill enhancement Journey
  • Survey Analysis on Job Seekers (Graduates), 0-1 Year Working Professionals and Employers
  • Snapshot of GIG workforce & Skill Requirements in India
  • Job Role wise required Skill Sets in India
  • Analysts’ Recommendations

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Key Target Audience

  • Career Skilling Companies
  • Professional Skilling Companies
  • Ed-Tech Companies
  • Independent Investors
  • Government Ministries
  • Industry Associations
  • Universities
  • Corporate Training Companies
  • Venture Capital Firms


Key Segments Covered

Demand Supply Gap (Number of Job Seekers and Jobs Available)

  • Target Addressable Market
  • Service Addressable Market
  • Service Obtainable Market

Online Ed-Tech Market (Revenue)

  • Higher Education
  • Professional Skilling:
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills

By Sectors (Employment Workforce)

  • IT & ITES
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Pharma & Healthcare BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Telecom & Allied
  • BPO, KPO
  • Others

Companies Covered

Major Companies:

  • Eruditus & Emeritus
  • NIIT
  • Simplilearn
  • Upgrad
  • Great Learning
  • Talentedge
  • Coursera
  • Jaro Education
  • Edureka
  • Hughes Global Education
  • Talent Sprint
  • Imarticus Learning
  • Udacity
  • Edx
  • Harappa
  • Mentorica

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Need, Opportunity, Trends & Gaps in the Indian Career Skilling Landscape

1.1 Present Day Pain Points of College Grads, Higher Education Colleges and Employers

1.2 Target Addressable Audience and their Need (TAM, SAM, SOM)

1.3 Understanding Training Spend by Employer on Employee

1.4 Government Initiatives to bridge Skill Gap

1.5 Skill Needs by Sector (Future Workforce, Jobs Added every Year, Jobs for Freshers, Spend on Training, Skill Stacking for Freshers)
Demand Supply Gap in terms of Jobs

1.6 Ed-Tech Platform Opportunity

2. Education Market Landscape in India

2.1 Online Education Market Opportunity in India (Market Size, Segmentation by Technical & Soft Skill Sets, Market Share of Major Players)
Key Market Participants and Online Skilling players positioning (Ecosystem from Pre K-12 Market to Post K-12 Market Online Professional Skilling Players)

2.2 COVID Impact- Trends in Adoption (Impact on Revenue of Career Skilling Players)

3. Survey/ Exploratory Interviews Excerpt - Understanding Job Seekers, Hired Fresher, Employers Journey & College Perspective

3.1 Demand Side- Target Audience Analysis Survey for Job Seekers (Entry level job seeker Journey, Aspirations, Preferences, Migration Trends)

3.2 Demand Side- Target Audience Analysis Survey for 0-1 Experienced Professionals (Job seeking Journey, Aspirations, Preferences, Migration Trends)

3.3 Target Audience Analysis Survey for Employers (Employers Journey from filling Vacancy to Retain a Hired Fresher)

3.4 Target Audience Survey Analysis College/Institutions (Excerpt from Interviews)

4. Snapshot of GIG Freelancing Industry in India

4.1 Trends in Entrepreneurship & GIG Workforce

4.2 Journey of a GIG Worker

4.3 Understanding the Gig Industry Requirement for Career Skilling (Pre COVID Analysis)

5. Analyst Recommendations

5.1 Proposed Business Framework

5.2 Optimal Product Structure

5.3 Strategic Partnerships with College & Employers

6. Appendix

6.1 Research Approach and Methodology

6.2 Research Limitations

6.3 Reference Slides (Education Landscape, Sector and Role Specific Information, First Time Job Seekers (Graduates)/Students Survey Results, New Entrants/New Recruits (0-1 Year Experience) Survey Results, Employer Survey Results)


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