Philippines Logistics Market Outlook to 2024 (Sixth Edition)

By Sea, Land, and Air Freight Forwarding; By Warehousing (Industrial/ Retail, ICD/CFS, Cold Storage, Agriculture), By End Users; By Cold chain market (Cold transportation and Cold storages)


Author(s):Apoorva Narula

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June 2020

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About the Report

About the Report

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The report titled Philippines Logistics Market Outlook to 2024 – By Sea, Land, and Air Freight Forwarding; By Warehousing (Industrial/ Retail, ICD/CFS, Cold Storage, Agriculture), By End Users; By Cold chain market (Cold transportation and Cold storages)“ provides a comprehensive analysis on the status of the logistics sector in the Philippines. The report covers various aspects including the current logistics scenario in the Philippines, its components viz, freight transportation, warehousing, CEP, VAS, and cold chain industries, the issues and challenges, major growth drivers, investment in infrastructure, tech disruptions and innovations, and competitive benchmarking. The report concludes with market projections for the future of the industry including forecasted industry size by revenue.

Philippines Logistics Market Overview and Size

Philippines Logistics Market has witnessed an average CAGR during 2014-19 due to favorable laws from CTAP, Investments in Bridges to promote Inter-island transportation through RORO, and development of ports both by the government and with Public-Private Partnerships. The Current logistics cost comprise 27.16 % of sales in the Philippines which is very high in comparison to other SEA countries. The influx of foreign players, increasing consolidation, Green freight policies by the Government, and investing in innovative technologies has stimulated the growth in the market.

Philippines Logistics Market

Philippines Logistics Market Segmentation:

Freight Transportation: Philippines’ freight forwarding market forms the largest part of the logistics sector. The sector is dominated by sea freight both in terms of revenue & Volume as it is an import-dependent country dependent on countries such as China, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. It is followed by Road which only is only responsible for domestic transportation within the country due to its Archipelago location and is suffering from various challenges such as bad infrastructure and congestion on road.

Warehousing: Philippines’s warehousing market has shown steady growth over the last few years with many real estate developers entering in logistics market through Mergers & Acquisitions. The developers to earn an adequate IRR is moving out of metro manila due to less growth in warehousing rent in comparison to Land prices. Industrial Warehouses form the largest share of the warehousing space in the country, with Grade A warehouse becoming the new benchmark for quality. The warehouses are mostly filled with Food & Beverage giving the highest amount of revenue.

Cold Chain : The cold chain market in the Philippines has shown a very big hike in 2019 primarily due to the investments in the pallet positions by almost every company in the Philippines. Cold storage contributes to the larger share of revenues with more captive warehouses in the country. Also, the cold stores are dominated by freezer/ chiller convertible pallets in comparison to ambient ones. Major end-users of cold chain services in the country include frozen foods, meat, and seafood industries. The majority of the cold storages are found in NCR Manila.

Competitive Landscape of Major Players Operating in the Philippines Logistics Market

The transportation and warehousing markets in the Philippines are extremely fragmented in nature. Companies are focusing on investing in warehousing and cold chain services. The trucking and warehousing market is dominated by local domestic players who have a large number of fleets and warehousing space providing competitive prices. The cold chain players are not charging a premium for the addition in technological facilities to have sustained clients.  Online demanding warehousing platforms such as Stowga are disrupting the space. The major players in the Philippines logistics market include Royal cargo, 2GO Logistics, Fast cargo logistics, LF Logistics, Chelsea logistics, Jentec Cold storages, Glacier Megafridge, PRC Food Logistics, and many more.

Philippines Logistics Market Future Outlook & Projections:

The logistics market in the Philippines will be impacted by COVID in the country and is expected to revive back in 2021 with a faster growth rate. The logistic space will experience increase in government projects for road infrastructure, increasing industrial output, and booming of e-commerce. New real estate players are expected to move in logistics space with new mergers and acquisitions between the players. The growing demand for perishable products such as meat and seafood industries & agricultural output will increase the amount of cold chain facilities in the Philippines. The companies will shift focus from price wars to a better quality of services with technical innovations disrupting the competition space.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Philippines Logistics and Warehousing Market Introduction
  • Logistics Infrastructure
  • Cross Comparison of Logistics Performance in Different Countries (Philippines, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia)
  • Philippines Logistics and Warehousing Market Size and Segmentation
  • Philippines Logistics and Warehousing Market Future size and Segmentation
  • Philippines Freight Transportation Market Size and Segmentation
  • Philippines Freight Transportation Market Future size and Segmentation
  • Philippines Trucking  market Size and Segmentation
  • Philippines Trucking Market Future and Segmentation
  • Cost Component Analysis of Transportation
  • Philippines Warehousing Market Size and Segmentation
  • Philippines Warehousing Market Future Outlook and Segmentation
  • Philippines Cold Chain Market Size and Segmentation
  • Philippines Cold Chain Market Future and Segmentation
  • Cost Component Analysis of Ambient warehousing
  • End-User Analysis and pain points of the End-user Industry
  • Innovations in the logistics market
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Issues and Challenges



Key Target Audience

  • Freight Forwarding Companies
  • E Commerce Logistics Companies
  • 3PL Companies
  • Consultancy Companies
  • Logistics/Warehousing Companies
  • Real Estate Companies/ Industrial Developers


Time Period Captured in the Report:-

  • Historical Period – 2014-2019
  • Forecast Period – 2020-2024F


Key Segments Covered

Freight Forwarding Market

By  Mode of Transportation

  • Road Freight (Fleets, Volume, FTK, Price/ton/km and Revenue)
  • Sea Freight (Fleets, Volume, Average Distance, Price/ton/km and Revenue)
  • Air Freight (Volume, Average Distance, Price/ton/km and Revenue)

By Road transportation

  • Less than Truck load ( Revenue and Volume)
  • Full truck load (Revenue and Volume)

Warehousing Market

By Business Model ( Revenue, Price/sqm, warehousing space, Occupancy rate)

  • Industrial/Retail
  • Cold Storage
  • Agriculture

By Industrial warehouses ( Revenues)

  • Grade A
  • Grade B
  • Grade C and others

By End Users (Revenues)

  • Food & Beverages
  • Textiles and Footwear
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical consumables
  • Electronics
  • Others include agricultural products, frozen meat and more

Cold Chain Market

By Service

  • Cold Transportation ( Revenues)
  • Cold Storage (Revenues, Number of Cold storages, Number of pallets, Price/ pallet/day, Occupancy rate)

By Mode of cold transportation

  • Road (Revenue, reefer trucks)
  • Air (Revenue)
  • Sea (Revenue)

Revenue By Temperature Range ( Revenue, Price/pallet/day)

  • Freezers
  • Chillers
  • Ambient

By Regions (Number of Cold storages)

  • Ilocos
  • Cagayan Valley
  • Central Luzon
  • Calabarzon and Mimaropa
  • Bicol
  • Western Visayas
  • Central Visayas
  • Eastern Visayas
  • Zamboanga
  • Northern Mindanao
  • Davao
  • Soccsksargen
  • Caraga
  • NCR

By type of ownership (Number of cold stores)

  • Captive
  • Non captive

Companies Covered

Transportation and warehousing Companies

  • Royal Cargo
  • W Express ( DHL)
  • 2GO logistics
  • Yusen logistics
  • AAI logistics
  • FSTA Trucking
  • Inland Logistics
  • Chelsea logistics
  • RLH Trucking
  • Cartrex trucking
  • 2SL Services
  • Air speed
  • Orient Freight International
  • Ernest corporation
  • Cadano Cargo
  • Pambato
  • Truckmoto
  • Mercury Freight
  • All Transport Network
  • Legalas International
  • Mendonza
  • Agility
  • ISA Trucking
  • Asia world
  • Fast cargo logistics
  • Panalpina DSV
  • Rhenus logistics
  • Nippon Express
  • Kerry freight
  • Kintetsu
  • MMG Freight
  • Antrak logistics

Cold chain Companies

  • Royal Cargo
  • 2GO logistics
  • FSTA Trucking
  • PRC Food Logistics
  • Pacific Road link logistics
  • EVFTC transport
  • Igloo supply chain
  • Dinotrans Transport
  • Refrigerated Truck Door To Door Delivery
  • Jentec Cold Storage
  • Glacier Megafridge
  • Mets Logistics
  • ORCA Cold Chain Solutions
  • Big Blue Logistics
  • Vifel cold facility
  • Royale Cold Storage
  • RLH trucking
  • Inland logistics
  • Sky freight forwarders
  • Yusen logistics
  • GAC

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Philippines Country Profile

About Philippines, Major Exports, Demographics, GDP Growth and Sector Developments

Major Ports and Road Developments

Tax Regime Followed for Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and VAT

2. Philippines Logistics Market

Overall Logistics Market Size (2014-2019E)

Cross Comparison of Logistics Performance in Different Countries (Philippines, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia) with Parameters (Market size, CAGR, Logistics segmentation, LPI Index, Growth Drivers, Major players, Major Industries, Challenges)

Overall Logistics Future Market Size (2019E-2024F)

3. Philippines Transportation Industry

How the Trucking Industry is positioned in Philippines

Pain Points of the Trucking Industry

Infrastructural Developments (Government projects on Road Initiatives & PPP)

Ecosystem of Truckers (Cross comparison of SFO,MFO &LFO on the basis of # of Trips, goods transported, corridors, margin, type of booking, payment period)

Seasonal Demand (Month on month change in freight rates, slack and peak season analysis)

Government regulations

Delivery Phases (Hub to Hub, Hub to Spoke and Spoke to door)

End users (Packaged food, Consumer appliances, pharmaceutical, Apparel/footwear, e commerce)

Freight Forwarding Market Size (2019E) (Revenue, Volume, Freight prices by mode-sea, air, road)

Road Freight Market Size (2014-2019E) (Revenue, Volume, Average freight prices/ton/km, Registered trucks)

Transportation of Dry Bulk and Temperature Controlled

Last Mile deliveries

LTL Scenario in Philippines (Major flow corridors, Logistic cost, End users catered)

Methods of Transportation (Containerized and Ro-Ro)

Challenges faces by Road Freight Companies

Competition (Clients, Major locations, Employees, # of fleets, Volume, Recent development, Innovation & others) (Companies covered are Royal cargo, W express- DHL, 2GO Logistics, Yusen Logistics, AAI Trucking, FSTA Trucking, Inland logistics, Chelsea logistics, RLH Trucking, Cartrex trucking, 2SL services, Airspeed, Orient freight, Ernest, Cadano cargo, Pambato, Truckmoto trucking, Mercury freight, ATN freight, Legalas International, Mendonza, Agility, ISA Trucking, Asiaworld Transport, Fast cargo  logistics, LF logistics, Panalpina-DSV, Rhenus logistics, Nippon Express, Kerry Freight, Kintetsu Express, MMG freight, Antrak Logistics)

Cost Component for Trucking Industry (Interest, Fuel, Salary, Repair, Tires, Loading/ Unloading, Insurance, Toll)

Existing and New Technologies

Freight Forwarding Future Market Size (2024F) (Revenue, Volume, Freight prices by mode-sea, air, road)

Road Freight Future Market Size (2019-2024F) (Revenue, Volume, Average freight prices/ton/km, Registered trucks)

Covid Impact on Transportation

4. Philippines Warehousing Industry

How the Warehousing Industry is positioned

Warehousing Ecosystem (Real estate developers, Domestic & International Companies)

Challenges Faced by the Industry

Demand supply gap (factors affecting Demand and Supply of warehouses)

Government Regulations

Warehousing Clusters (Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao)

Warehousing Market Size of Philippines (2014-2019E) (warehousing space, Revenue, Occupancy rate, Storage cost)

Segmentation: By warehousing model (Revenues, warehousing space, storage price, Occupancy rate)

 By type of grades (Grade A, Grade B & Grade C)

 By End users (Revenue)

Competition in the Industry (Major locations, Clients, Products, Certifications, Recent Developments, # warehouses, Price , Occupancy rate , Technology & Others)- (Companies covered are Royal cargo, W express- DHL, 2GO Logistics, AAI Logistics, FSTA Trucking, Inland logistics, Chelsea logistics, RLH Trucking, Airspeed, Orient freight, Ernest, Pambato, Truckmoto trucking, Mercury freight, ATN freight, Legalas International, Agility, Fast cargo  logistics, LF logistics, Mets logistics , Panalpina-DSV, Rhenus logistics, Nippon Express, Kerry Freight, Kintetsu Express)

Technological Developments and Innovations

Digital Aggregator (Stowga)

Warehousing Future Market Structure and Trends

Warehousing Future Market Size (2019-2024F) (warehousing space, Revenue, Occupancy rate, Storage cost)

Covid Impact on Warehousing Market

5. Philippines Cold Chain Industry

How the Cold Chain Industry is positioned

Ecosystem of Cold Chain (Real estate developers, Small, Medium and large companies on the basis of pallets)

Need for Cold Chain By Meat & seafood companies, Pharma companies and others

End Users (Confectionary, Frozen & Processed food, vegetables, meat/seafood, Pharmaceutical, Other dairy)

Seasonal Demand (Price and Occupancy variation in peak seasons)

Government Regulations in Cold chain Industry

Cold Chain Market Size (2014-2019) (Revenue segmentation for cold transport & Cold storage)

Cold Storage Market Size (2014-2019) (Number of captive/ Non captive Cold stores, # of pallets, Occupancy Rate & Revenue segmentation by Ambient, chillers and freezers with price/pallet)

Cold Storage Clusters (# of cold storages in each Region)

Cold Storage Regional Spread (Major Products, Logistic companies, price)

Cold Transportation Market Size (2014-2019E) (Revenue by mode- Sea, air & land and # of reefer trucks)

Challenges faced by the Industry

Competitive Scenario (Jentec Cold Storage, Glacier Megafridge, Mets Logistics, Royale Cold Storage, ORCA Cold Chain Solutions, Big Blue Logistics, Royal Cargo and Vifel) on the basis of parameters (#pallets, # of cold storages, Price, Occupancy, Strength, Innovation, Recent developments, Reefer trucks and more)

Competitive Scenario (PRC food Logistics, 2GO logistics, Dinotrans, Royal Cargo, RLH trucking, Lanz Mathew, FSTA, Glacier Refrigerated Services, Igloo Supply chain, Sky freight forwarders, Pacific Roadlink Logistics and more ) on the basis of parameters( Year of Establishment, #of reefer trucks, type of reefer trucks, Occupancy, Consignment, Services, Industries catered, Certifications, Technology Offered, Strength)

Cost Component (Labour cost, Electricity, EMI, Rent, Insurance Premium & Other cost)

Technological Developments and Innovations

Cold Chain Future Market Size (2019-2025F) ( Revenue by Cold transport & storage, revenue segmentation by temperature with Price/pallet, # of pallets, Occupancy rate, 3 of captive/ non captive cold stores, # of reefer trucks

Covid Impact on Cold Chain Market

6. Co packing companies (Employees, Clients, Services, Location, Certification, Products, and Technology)

7. Cross Comparison of FMCG Companies in Philippines

Year of Establishment ,Employee Base, Major Products ,Major Brands, Certifications, Recent Development , Co-Packing , Transportation , Warehouses , Source of Raw Material ,Distribution, Manufacturing Plants

8.  Research Methodology

Market Definitions


Market Sizing Approach

Consolidated Research Approach

Sample Size Inclusion

Primary Research Approach

Research Limitations and Final Conclusion

9.  Appendix

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