Post Covid-19 Impact has led a drastic change in the India Cloud Services Market in a positive manner, which has resulted in exponential growth of cloud adoption: Ken Research

18-Apr-2023   Mr. Amit Kumar, Designation: Senior Cloud Architect, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India   Author: Mr. Chitra Vasu (Research Analyst Level 2)

In conversation with Mr. Amit Kumar, Senior Cloud Architect, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India, we made an attempt to understand the Cloud Services Industry in India and the major drivers and upcoming trends in the industry.

“Post Covid-19 Impact has led a drastic change in the India Cloud Services Market in a positive manner, which has resulted in exponential growth of cloud adoption”

Q1. How do you the cloud industry evolving in India and what is the major factor driving this market?

Nowadays, more and more people are adopting digital technology in India. With onset of pandemic, many companies have operationalized their business model on cloud. On the other hand, adoption of data centers companies to cloud is due to ease of scaling the business, easy maintenance and cost efficiency in comparison to physical infrastructures. However, there are customers who prefer their data and critical applications at on premise infrastructure. The proportion of adoption of cloud in comparison to data centers is going to be high in the future as well.

Q2. How do you differentiate between the consumption of cloud services through different types of cloud namely, Public, Private and Hybrid?

The public cloud has definitely the edge over the latter clouds. Start-ups, small business operators and enterprise customers majorly opt for public cloud services. Hybrid cloud on the other hand is growing and are adopted by customers who require the perquisites of both public and private cloud models. Recently, public cloud is becoming more reliable with enhancement of security and compliances, which in turn will be the future case scenario with public cloud being more preferred for their cloud services over private and hybrid cloud.

Q3. In terms of the type of services the cloud operators provides, which type of services are majorly used by their end users?

Currently majority of the end users are consuming Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) in comparison to software as a service (SaaS) and platforms as a service (PaaS). As small scale business, start-ups, enterprise are developing more number of custom applications and services which requires IaaS cloud services. Gradually customers nowadays, want some level of platform control for their services; hence, PaaS will see a decent growth in the upcoming years. Considering customer’s major focus moving towards their business development eliminating need of IT Infrastructure maintenance, SaaS service will observe upward shift in its acceptance. However, IaaS will remain dominant in the future as well

Q4. Based on end users, which sectors are creating more demand of these cloud services in India at present?

If we talk about the demand side, BFSI and Fin-tech sector are generating more demand for the cloud services in the Indian market. Other than that, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare and Manufacturing are also booming up lately which are also playing a major role in the revenues generated by cloud consumption.

Q5. How are the cloud providers doing in the Indian market? Which companies do you see as the most preferred operator in India?

AWS is the leader in India in respect to cloud services providers followed by Azure, Google, Oracle and IBM. In terms of categories Azure, Oracle, Google are preferred for SaaS & PaaS type of workloads requirement. Whereas AWS is majorly preferred for their IaaS and PaaS services by the end user customers in India.

Q6. What is the future outlook of the cloud industry in India, say in next 5 years?

In next few years, more companies in India are expected to shift to the cloud model to operate their businesses on virtual platform. As per transformation and development of the cloud industry in near future, there will be a scenario where good number of companies will start to develop generic purpose applications and services and sell it to third parties and other firms for specific operations using Cloud’s Infrastructure and a Service (IaaS). The Indian cloud industry as a whole will surely grow more in the upcoming years.

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