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Body Weight and Balancing Activities will become more popular in Future in comparison to Weight Lifting Exercises in Israel: Ken Research

18-Oct-2021   Roni Algamor, Designation: CEO, Almagor Leisure   Author: Apoorva Narula

In conversation with Roni Algamor, Business Development Director at Holmes Place and owner & CEO of “Almagor Leisure” Consulting,we have attempted to identify the key trends, challenges and Opportunities currently prevalent in Israel Fitness Market in Future

What is the scenario of Commercial Fitness Gyms in Israel? Which type of Gyms are quite popular in the Israel Fitness Market? What are the major areas where the gyms are concentrated?

The Commercial Fitness Market was extremely affected in Israel with only 1800 gyms operational and approximately 1000 Gyms closed during COVID 19. 20-30% of all gyms are Boutique Clubs followed by Commercial Popular Fitness Centers (40-45%) and rest are local gyms in Israel. The Average annual membership is quite high for Boutique Gyms and can be more than USD 1500 per annum followed by Popular Fitness Centers.

Most of the Fitness Centers are big Gym Areas with machines, Studio for Group Classes, Spinning, Yoga and Pilates. Generally the Gyms are quite busy in the early morning from 6:30 to 10 am and 4:30 pm to 9 pm in the Evening. Most of the Gyms are located in Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and more

Which Services are extremely popular in Commercial Fitness Centers? What are the Additional Services provided by Gym Centers in Israel?

Spinning, CrossFit, Balancing through Ninja Machines has been quite popular now-a-days. Most of the Gym Centers, Sports Clubs provide Swimming Pools, Spa, Massage Facilities, Nutritional Specialists and Therapists. Certain Gadgets which carefully monitor the Client Pulse rate, Heart beat and more are quite popular but is usually owned privately by the Individuals and not provided by the gym.

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What is the space of Commercial Fitness Centers in Israel? How many Members are generally employed in the Fitness Centers?

A popular Fitness Center has an area of around 1500-3000 sqm followed by Boutique Clubs with 500-1000 sqms and Local Gyms of 300-800 sqms area. A popular Fitness Centers generally employ 20-30 Employees including the Trainers, Management, Cleaners, Receptionists, Marketing Managers and more but varies depending upon the Type of facilities and additional services provided by the Gym.

What was the COVID Impact on Commercial Gyms and Fitness Space in Israel?

COVID 19 has a huge impact on Fitness Centers in Israel as the country was closed for few months, approximately 1000 Gyms were shut down permanently. The Membership of the People was even freezed and extended by 8-10 months. People with Memberships are resuming their Fitness Routines but few are still hesitant due to the Virus. There were few restrictions imposed by the Government and regulations to be taken care of such as 2 meter distance between Machines, Plastic barriers and more. The Gyms are currently working with 60-70% of the Capacity.

The Virtual Fitness Market picked up pace during COVID time and Fitness Centers such as Holmes place introduced Personal training, Group Classes, One on One Interaction virtually which helped them to sustain during COVID times.

Are there any Revolutions that needs to be done by Gyms in order to sustain in the market after COVID in Israel? Are there any New Gyms expected to open In Israel in the Coming few years?

The Gyms are expected to remain the same and no such revolutions will be made after COVID. Usual Traditional Marketing techniques such as Social Media and Campaigns might be taken by the Gyms to return back to normal Penetration rate as Pre covid Levels.

Few Fitness Chains by Holmes Place, Profit, and Family Gyms by Country Clubs and Municipality clubs are expected to open in the Next few years. Freelancers and Virtual classes will gain more traction after COVID as people will be able to attend classes with Convinence.

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