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Online and Virtual classes and Outdoor classes taken on Beaches and Parks will help the Commercial Fitness Clubs to revive back to normal in Qatar: Ken Research

18-Oct-2021   Jaeckel Labrador, Designation: Membership Sales and Retention Consultant , Fitness First Gym   Author: Apoorva Narula

In conversation with Jaeckel Labrador, Membership Sales and Retention Consultant at Fitness First Gym in Qatar, we have attempted to identify the key trends, challenges and Opportunities that can bring change in the Qatar Fitness Market in Future

What is the scenario of Commercial ? Which type of Gyms are quite popular in the Qatar Fitness Market?

Qatar has huge variety of Gyms ranging from Exclusive Boutique Services offering Great ambience and Atmosphere to local Gyms offering basic Necessities and Services for Exercise. Fitness first is a mix of Both the Gyms where people of all ages and Income Groups enroll for Quarterly and Annual Membership due to variety of Affordable Fitness plans. In Qatar, Group Classes by Ladies are preferred after Office Hours from 4:30 pm to 10 pm.  A Typical Popular Commercial Gym in Qatar is around 800-1000 sqm with high end Commercial Gyms as big as 2000-3000 square meters also. Most of the Gyms are concentrated in Business District of Doha.

Are the Commercial Gyms in Qatar Gender Specific? Is there any specifications or Rules followed by Commercial Gyms in this regard?

There are 100% Ladies Fitness Clubs in Qatar or have separate sections only for Ladies or Mix Classes in the Health Clubs. Gyms only dedicated to men are lesser found in Qatar as it is not profitable for the Gyms to operate due to lower penetration of Male Members in Qatar.

Which Fitness services provided by the Commercial Gyms are quite popular in Qatar. Are there any Additional Services being offered to the clients in the Gym? What are the Services that will have high penetration in Future?

People in Qatar are more interested in Group Classes such as Spinning, High Intensity Workouts such as Le Mills Classes. Local Gyms which can be found in every corner of the city are traditional Weight Lifting Gyms with Equipments but No Group Classes which is an opportunity that has been very well grasped by Fitness First in Qatar. Introduction of 7 different type of Group Classes and Special Ladies Group Classes has been quite successful as they are quite motivated to join any Fitness Group Activity.

How has the demand been impacted due to the COVID situation? Were the Employees Laid off in the Commercial Centers? What steps have been taken by the company to mitigate the losses during this period?

The Country was not completely locked down in pandemic Situation but the Clubs were closed for around 4 months. Apart from Airlines, Fitness Industry was highly impacted in Qatar. The Members were afraid to visit the Gym and were cancelling the Memberships but after reopening the COVID, there was major influx of People due to increased awareness and Health conscious attitude. After COVID, The Gyms were allowed to run only 40% of the Total capacity with minimum Distance of 1.5-3 meters. Gyms such as Fitness First was counting Members every Hour and made it compulsory to wear Masks for all its members and staff. Sauna, Spa facilities, additional toiletries, Drinking stations, Lockers was not provided. There was regular visits by Government Authorities to check if the above precautions were taken care of.

People in the Commercial Gyms were not laid off. The company had asked the employees to use their leaves during the Pandemic time. No work and No Pay was initiated by the Companies after the paid leaves taken by the Employees were over in COVID period.

How will the Commercial Gyms revive back in the Fitness Industry after COVID?

People highly trust Government’s word of Mouth. Hence, the Government instead of spreading news about increasing number of COVID Cases, should educate more of its residents to combat and stop the spread of virus to create positive reactions and motivate them to resume their Fitness Routine in the Gyms and Clubs. Online and Virtual classes and Outdoor classes taken on Beaches, Parks will help the Commercial Fitness Clubs to revive back to normal in Qatar.

What is the scenario of Hotel Fitness Gyms in Qatar? Which type of Services are provided by Hotel Gyms?

Hotels Gyms are being increasingly popular now a days with many five star and four star Hotels providing the services to the People who are not residing in the Hotel Premises. Additional facilities such as Sauna, Spa and Equipment’s are provided along with personal trainer at few places which might charges up to QAR 100 per hour.

What is the Salary Structure with Trainers in Commercial Gyms in Qatar?

Basic salary is offered to the Trainer in Commercial Gym in Qatar. After Joining the Commercial Center, the person has to serve Minimum Clients or Conductions before getting a Percentage Commission. The Trainer receive a Fixed Commission percentage for each Client apart from the fixed salary at the end of every month.

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