Growing at a double digit rate, Thailand is one of the most lucrative Cloud Services Hub in South East Asia: Ken Research

30-Mar-2023   Thanukon Kiengkaew, Designation: Partner Account Executive, Thailand & Vietnam, Jump Cloud   Author: Mr. Chitra Vasu

In conversation with Mr. Thanukon Kiengkaew, Partner Account Executive, Thailand & Vietnam, Jump Cloud, Colorado, United States, we made an attempt to understand the Cloud Services Industry in Thailand and the major drivers and upcoming trends in the industry.

“Growing at a double digit rate, Thailand is one of the most lucrative Cloud Services Hub in South East Asia”

Q1. As more number of businesses are shifting from a physical model to a cloud-based model, what kind of changes have you seen in Thailand?

Based on the requirements, In Thailand, both “Traditional and Digitalized” customers are present. The Digitalized-segment customers such as start-ups, niche companies and other business ventures are those who are currently dealing with high consumption amount of cloud services. Customers relies to purchase more cloud services rather than purchasing physical equipment to cut high operational costs of their businesses.

The Thailand Cloud Services Market has been growing at a double-digit growth rate in past 5 years, where the Public Cloud Industry is expected to grow over 1 Billion US dollars in 2023 itself. The Cloud Services adoption is high as more and more companies are operationalizing their businesses on cloud platforms, as they are more reliable, scalable and secure.

Q2. In many regions, public cloud are more susceptible to adapt towards various trends and technology advancements. What is the scenario for public verses private cloud operators in Thailand?

In terms of development, public cloud operators can provide services in no time whereas it take time to get private services especially for infrastructure, as facility, technicians for configuration and other aspects are necessary to address. Other than this, with the advancement of technology, IoT, AI, more number of applications and software are emerging in the market. These services are readily available or easily incorporated by public cloud providers in comparison to private cloud. Hence, the public cloud services share is dominant over the latter.

By 2027, the public cloud share would go up to 80.0%, as the scalability of business will rely upon faster and responsive services.

Q3. When we segment the market based on end user, who are the major end users for cloud services consumption and what are the trends among the end users that you observed?

Customers for cloud services are growing at a rapid pace, particularly after Covid-19 pandemic. It is easy to manage the operations online, which helps them to cut operational costs. SMEs, Enterprise, Media and Entertainment are the major end users in the market. Customers analyze their demand requirements as per their use, certifications of the cloud platforms and other parameters before selecting any cloud provider in Thailand.

Q4. Who are the major cloud operators, both in terms of public and private cloud, in Thailand?

AWS and Microsoft Azure are the most preferred cloud services in Thailand. Google and Huawei also share significant share in the market. On the other hand Tencent, Alibaba, IBM, Oracle have very less share. In private cloud, end users rely on NT-IRIS Cloud, AIS-CSL Cloud and True IDC Cloud more than they rely on other private cloud providers.

Q5. How do you see the market growing in the near future, say next five years?

Recently Thailand has observed major investments in the cloud services industry. Tencent and Alibaba have recently opened their data centers in Thailand, while AWS and Google Cloud will open their data center in near future. Many companies, end users, operations will require high cloud computing to run the businesses as well as upscale their online-business model.

Hence, the cloud services market size will be double or more in next five years at a double-digit growth rate in Thailand.

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