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Today, the economies of many countries depend on the mining, construction activities and infrastructure in order to generate revenue and employment. Consumers and other sectors also depend on the mining materials for growth and modernization. With our wide experience, we leverage our network of varied partners in government, civil society to enhance our expertise and to be able to stay at the forefront of growing trends and practices.

This segment contains reports based on shipbuilding, construction and infrastructure sectors, covering various geographies and global industry environment. We provide information on industry segments, market performance, competition, M&A deals, recent trends and driving forces; which contains inclusive analysis on their various parameters. Our offerings on this segment help market players to formulate growth strategies to maximize the returns and identify best prospects in the industry. Our reports also help in anticipating demands for various specific infrastructure categories and building materials.

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  1. UK Housing Market Outlook to 2028

    100 Pages| July 2024 |
    The UK housing market was valued at USD 315 Bn in 2023. This growth is driven by low-interest rates, increasing population, and significant demand for housing in urban areas. Learn More
  2. Indonesia Flexible Packaging Market Outlook to 2028

    80-100 Pages| July 2024 |
    Indonesia Flexible Packaging Market was valued at USD 4 billion in 2023. The market growth is primarily driven by increasing consumer demand for convenient and lightweight packaging solutions, the rapid expansion of the food and beverage industry, an Learn More
  3. India Cement Market Outlook to 2028

    100 Pages| July 2024 |
    India cement market was valued at 3.9 million tons in 2023. The major factors driving this growth are the rapid expansion in infrastructure and housing projects, supported by the government focus on building smart cities and enhancing urban infrastru Learn More
  4. India Industrial Pump Market Outlook to 2028

    100 Pages| July 2024 |
    The Indian industrial pump market was valued at USD 0.86 Bn in 2023. This market is driven by rapid industrialization and infrastructural developments across the country. The growth is fueled by increasing investments in water and wastewater treatmen Learn More
  5. Indonesia Aluminum Market Outlook to 2028

    100 Pages| July 2024 |
    The Indonesia aluminum market has shown substantial growth over the past few years. In 2023, the market size was valued at USD 2.47 billion. Driven by automotive industry growth and sustainable packaging demand. Learn More
  6. India Construction Market Outlook to 2028

    100 Pages| July 2024 |
    The Indian construction market was valued at USD 890 Bn in 2023, growth is primarily attributed to government initiatives such as Smart Cities Mission, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), and significant investments in infrastructure projects Learn More
  7. India Interior Design Market Outlook to 2028

    100 Pages| June 2024 |
    The India Interior Design Market is USD 30.75 billion in 2023. Factors driving the India Interior Design Market include urbanization, real estate development, rise in home renovation projects, expansion of commercial spaces and increased demand for h Learn More
  8. Canada Residential Real Estate Market Outlook to 2028

    100 Pages| June 2024 |
    The Canada residential real estate market is valued at USD 143.2 billion in 2023, driven by ongoing urban development, a consistent influx of immigrants, increasing demand for housing, and favorable government policies supporting home ownership. Learn More
  9. USA Aggregate Market Outlook to 2028

    80-100 Pages| June 2024 |
    The USA Aggregate market, valued at USD 35.4 billion in 2023, showcases rapid growth driven by the construction and infrastructure activities across the country, fueled by government investments and urbanization trends. Learn More
  10. India Hospitality Industry Outlook to 2028

    80-100 Pages| June 2024 |
    The India Hospitality Industry was valued USD 251 billion in 2023, driven by increasing tourism, economic growth, and evolving consumer preferences towards experiential travel. Learn More