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Global Cement Grinding Aids Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016-2021

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A grinding aid is a specialty chemical agent used to make it easier to grind and mix cement. It has been traditionally used to improve the efficiency of the cement molturation process, one of the most energy consuming processes in cement production (60-70% of the total electricity consumed in a cement plant). Specifically, grinding aids prevent cement particles from re-agglomeration, or re-adhering, during and after the grinding process. Grinding aids make it possible to streamline the cement-making process by increasing process efficiency and material fluidity. These benefits of cement grinding aid use also contribute to lower energy costs on the part of industrial mills.

Cement Grinding Aid production, which measures output worldwide, was expected to reach 3,233 thousand tons in 2016 with an increase of 2.77% from its year-earlier level. The global cement grinding aid market size is estimated to grow from USD 2,468.43 million in 2011 to USD 2,737.77 million by 2016, at an estimated CAGR of 2.09% between 2011 and 2016. With regards to this, key players of cement grinding aid industry are expected to find potential opportunities in this market.

The global cement grinding aid market report profiles some of the key technological developments in the recent times. It also profiles some of the leading players in the market and analyzes their key strategies. The competitive landscape section of the report provides a clear insight into the market share analysis of key industry players. The major players in the global cement grinding aid market are GCP, Sika Corporation, BASF, Mapei, Shandong Sante, Xintongling, Shandong Hongyi, Chryso, Liaoning Tianbao, Fosroc, etc.


Table Of Content


Part 1. Scope of Report

1.1 Methodology

1.2 Geographic Scope

1.3 Years Considered

1.4 Key Findings

Part 2. Introduction

2.1 Definition

2.2 Benefits

2.3 Type of Grinding Aids

2.3.1 Amine based grinding aids

2.3.2 Alcohol based grinding aids

2.3.3 Ether based grinding aids

2.4 Dispersion Mechanisms

2.4.1 Gas Phase Transfer

2.4.2 Surface Contact Transfer

Part 3. Manufacture

3.1 Manufacturing Technologies

3.2 Value Chain Analysis

Part 4. Cost Structure

4.1 Bill of Materials (BOM)

4.2 Labor Costs

4.3 Manufacturing Costs

Part 5. Worldwide Key Vendors

5.1 GCP (USA)

5.2 KMCO (USA)

5.3 Sika Corporation (Switzerland)

5.4 BASF (Germany)

5.5 Mapei (Italy)

5.6 Chryso (France)

5.7 Fosroc (UK)

5.8 Shandong Hongyi (China)

5.9 Tangshan Jidong Cement (China)

5.10 Shandong Zhongsen (China)

5.11 Xintongling (China)

5.12 Shandong Sante (China)

5.13 Hongxin (China)

5.14 Liaoning Tianbao (China)

5.15 Hifer (China)

5.16 Dongchang Tianhui (China)

5.17 Qixingyan (China)

5.18 Xinyang Lingshi (China)

5.19 BBMG (China)

5.20 KLC (China)

Part 6. Market Overview

6.1 Global Production Volume 2011-2016

6.2 Production Volume by Region 2011-2016

6.2.1 China

6.2.2 North America

6.2.3 EMEA

6.2.4 Asia-Pacific

6.3 Global Production Value 2011-2016

6.4 Production Value by Region

6.4.1 China

6.4.2 North America

6.4.3 EMEA

6.4.4 Asia-Pacific

Part 7. Consumption Pattern

7.1 Regional Consumption

7.1.1 China

7.1.2 North America

7.1.3 EMEA

7.1.4 Asia-Pacific

Part 8. Market Forecast

8.1 Market Size Forecast

8.1.1 China

8.1.2 North America

8.1.3 EMEA

8.1.4 Asia-Pacific

8.2 Regional Consumption Forecast

8.2.1 China

8.2.2 North America

8.2.3 EMEA

8.2.4 Asia-Pacific

Part 9. Market Dynamics

9.1 Market Drivers

9.2 Market Strategies

9.3 Key Events

Part 10. Investment Feasibility

10.1 Global Economic Highlight 2015

10.2 Recent Developments

10.3 The Updated Forecast

10.3.1 Advanced Economies

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