Research Report on Industrial Pump Industry in China, 2017-2021

Research Report on Industrial Pump Industry in China, 2017-2021

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Executive Summary

A pump is a device that transforms fluid energy by mechanical action. The global general pump market demand including industrial pumps, residential pumps and hydraulic pumps exceeds USD 60 billion yearly. In terms of range of services, water pump is the largest category.

According to CRI, the demand for industrial pumps in Southeast Asia and South Asia area increases fast with the growth of emerging economies. However, the demand in European countries, the U.S. and China still accounts for a large proportion in the global market. Even in developed countries, the demand for pumps keeps increasing as economy rises. With the change of the global industry development pattern, the demand in the U.S. and European countries will decline, while the market demand size in other areas will keep expanding.

According to CRI, there are over 2,000 pump manufacturers in China by the end of May, 2017. Chinese pump manufacturers can produce 450 series and 5,000 kinds of pumps. The production volume of pump in China exceeded 100 million in 2016. Although there are numerous manufacturers in China's pump industry, most of them are small-sized, with backward techniques and equipment, and the products of which are of poor quality. Generally speaking, China's pump industry is of low product technological content, and is at a low level internationally. In addition, many high-end products still depend on import.

According to CRI, industrial pump, as an important corollary equipment in equipment manufacturing industry, benefits from the encouraging and supporting policies of the Chinese government aiming at promoting equipment manufacturing industry. In recent years, the Chinese government has drafted and enacted several documents in order to facilitate the manufacturing industry, including the Rules for the Implementation on Planning of Adjustment and Revitalization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Action plan of energy saving, emission reduction, upgrading and retrofitting of coal-fired power plants (2014-2020), Made in China 2025, which offers policy support for the development of pump industry.

According to CRI, costs including labor, land and energy rose slightly, and the price of export products rose accordingly in recent years. However, pumps manufactured in China still have obvious price advantages compared with those in developed countries. With the strengthening of research and development, the improvement of production techniques, the growth of product technological content and quality, the prospect of pump export will be better. With the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and the development of electric power, water, environment protection industry, the demand for industrial pumps in the local market also keeps rising. It is estimated that China's industrial pump industry will keep growing during 2017 to 2021.

Readers can acquire the following information or more through this report:

Factors Influencing the Development of China's Industrial Pump Industry

Supply and Demand of Industrial Pump in China

Competition of Industrial Pump Market in China

Import and Export of Industrial Pump

Major Industrial Pump Manufacturers in China

Driving Forces and Market Opportunities in China's Industrial Pump Industry, 2017-2021

Threats and challenges Faced by China's Industrial Pump Industry, 2017-2021

Forecast on Industrial Pump Industry in China

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Table of Contents

1 Overview of Industrial Pump Industry

1.1 Definition and Classification

1.1.1 Definition

1.1.2 Classification

1.2 Analysis on Major Application of Industrial Pump

1.3 Research Methods of the Report

1.3.1 Parameters and Assumptions

1.3.2 Data Sources

1.4 About CRI

2 Analysis on Development of Industrial Pump Industry in China, 2012-2016

2.1 Analysis on Development Environment

2.1.1 Economic Environment

2.1.2 Policy Environment

2.2 Supply of Industrial Pump in China, 2012-2016

2.1.1 Production Capacity

2.1.2 Output Volume

2.3 Demand of Industrial Pump Market in China, 2012-2016

2.3.1 Market Size

2.3.2 Major Niche Fields

2.4 Analysis on Market Competition

2.4.1 Overview of Competition

2.4.2 Competition Structure of the Industry

2.4.3 Competitiveness of China's Industrial Pump Industry in the World

3 Analysis on China's Industrial Pump Industry Chain, 2015-2017

3.1 Overview of Industry Chain

3.2 Analysis on the Upstream

3.2.1 Overview of the Upstream

3.2.2 Analysis on Cost Trend of China's Industrial Pump

3.3 Analysis on the Downstream

4 Niche Demand of China's Industrial Pump, 2012-2016

4.1 Water Supply Engineering

4.1.1 Industry Overview

4.1.2 Demand for Pumps

4.2 Environmental Protection Industry

4.2.1 Industry Overview

4.2.2 Demand for Pumps

4.3 Thermal Power Industry

4.3.1 Industry Overview

4.3.2 Demand for Pumps

4.4 Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry

4.4.1 Industry Overview

4.4.2 Demand for Pumps

4.5 Water Conservancy Construction

4.5.1 Industry Overview

4.5.2 Demand for Pumps

4.6 Nuclear Power Industry

4.6.1 Industry Overview

4.6.2 Demand for Pumps

5 Analysis on Import and Export of Industrial Pump Industry in China, 2012-2016

5.1 Analysis on Import of Industrial Pumps in China, 2012-2016

5.1.1 Total Import Volume

5.1.2 Major Import Sources

5.2 Analysis on Export of Industrial Pump in China, 2012-2016

5.2.1 Total Export Volume

5.2.2 Major Export Destinations

6 Analysis on Key Enterprises of Industrial Pump Industry in China, 2015-2017

6.1 Shanghai East Pump (Group) Co., Ltd.

6.1.1 Enterprise Profile

6.1.2 Operation Status

6.2 Leo Group Co., Ltd.

6.2.1 Enterprise Profile

6.2.2 Operation Status

6.3 Southern Pump Co., Ltd.

6.3.1 Enterprise Profile

6.3.2 Operation Status

6.4 Shimge Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd.

6.4.1 Enterprise Profile

6.4.2 Operation Status

6.5 Zhejiang Doyin Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

6.5.1 Enterprise Profile

6.5.2 Operation Status

6.6 Shanghai Apollo Machinery Co., Ltd.

6.6.1 Enterprise Profile

6.6.2 Operation Status

6.7 Hunan Neptune Pump Co., Ltd.

6.7.1 Enterprise Profile

6.7.2 Operation Status

6.8 Ningbo Heli Machinery Pump Co., Ltd.

6.8.1 Enterprise Profile

6.8.2 Operation Status

7 Prospect of Industrial Pump Industry in China, 2017-2021

7.1 Analysis on Factors Influencing Development

7.1.1 Favorable Factors

7.1.2 Unfavorable Factors

7.2 Forecast on Supply, 2016-2020

7.2.1 Forecast on Production Capacity

7.2.2 Forecast on Output Volume

7.3 Forecast on Demand, 2016-2020

7.3.1 Overall Demand

7.3.2 Niche Market Demand

7.4 Forecast on Import and Export

Selected List of Figures and Tables

Chart Classification of China's Industrial Pumps

Chart Production Capacity of Industrial Pump in China, 2012-2017

Chart Production Volume of Industrial Pump in China, 2012-2016

Chart Import Status of Industrial Pump in China, 2012-2016

Chart Major Import Sources of Industrial Pump in China, 2016

Chart Major Export Destinations of Industrial Pump in China, 2016

Chart Market Size of Industrial Pump in China, 2012-2016

Chart Investment of Power Station Construction in China, 2012-2016

Chart Demand for Industrial Pump of China's Power Station Construction, 2012-2016

Chart Operation Status of Zhejiang Leo Co., Ltd., 2012-2016

Chart Operation Status of Shimge Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd, 2012-2016

Chart Forecast on Market Size of Industrial Pump in China, 2017-2021

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1 Shanghai East Pump (Group) Co., Ltd., 2 Leo Group Co., Ltd., 3 Southern Pump Co., Ltd., 4 Shimge Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd., 5 Zhejiang Doyin Pump Industry Co., Ltd., 6 Shanghai Apollo Machinery Co., Ltd., 7 Hunan Neptune Pump Co., Ltd., 8 Ningbo Heli Machinery Pump Co., Ltd., ,


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