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Why to Choose Ken Research?


Flexibility in type of questions (Ranking, Rating, Scoring, Weights, Multi-Choice, Open Ended Single Line or Multi Line, dropdown, Image Type, NPS, Slider Scale, Matrix Choice and conditional questions)


We connect multiple target group through multiple models including email, SMS, social media and others


Survey updates are efficiently shared with you on day-to-day basis through your dashboard.

Geography Agnostic

We have worked across countries including India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and several others. For Local language competency, we have our empanelled local partners / translators to communicate with respondents

Data Authenticity and Security

Privacy policy protect the respondents, while IP tracing aid the client to check for authenticity. Our analyst maintain utmost confidentiality as per the NDA.

Network Association with Industry Experts

Our database includes highly skilled and qualified contacts which enables us to target the right respondents.

Research Methodology

Understand Client’s objective and Creation of Baseline

Preliminary research and understanding the type of respondents to be targeted. Our clients can select respondents from various demographic and behavioural attributes including age, sex, education, location, marital status, income, employment status, home ownership, vehicle ownership, language, ethnicity and others


Preparing Questionnaire

Draft questionnaires are prepared and mock surveys are conducted in order to finalise the questionnaire to gauge the required information.

Conducting Surveys

Surveys are conducted either through CATI’s, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) or Face to Face depending on the client’s requirement.


Data Mining and Analysis

The collated data will be backed-up in our servers to avoid any data loss and would be analysed by using appropriate statistical tools such as Python 3.8 .

Providing Recommendations and Actionable Strategies

Research findings are presented along with the recognised gaps. We help you identify the best practise in business so that you can make the required changes.


Quality Control


Check list based review is conducted to ensure data accuracy and to decide analytical guidelines, presentation guidelines, etc.


Peer Review ensures understanding of analytical depth, sector understanding and overall business case / analysis theme.


Review conducted by a senior level analyst leads to adherence to scope, quality standards, progress against milestones, etc


Editorial review is very important in order to re-check adherence to style guides, consistency, progress against milestones, etc.


We ensure that our reports and presentations are presented to you in a appropriate format, while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

Modes of Conducting a Survey

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI’s)

  • CATI’s are interviews carried out by telephone and guided by a questionnaire displayed on the computer screen. The digital questionnaire acts like a guideline for the interviewer and the chronology of questions is pre decided. The interviewer cannot hamper the sequence of questions and cannot change any part of the questionnaire. The interviewers responsibility is to follow the questionnaire and to explain the question to the respondents to gather appropriate insights.
  • Responses are directly recorded and stored in the system which reduces the risk of losing data. The interviewer can also capture the responses by using the keyboard along with the pre-coded responses. The captured responses can be immediately analyzed after the interview.
  • Advantages of CATI’s:
    • Efficient: Interviewer does not have to worry about routing which ensures efficiency
    • Higher Accuracy: The answers are recorded directly and therefore punching error are reduced.
    • Speedy and Cost Saving: The responses are recorded automatically and conveyance cost is saved.

Face to Face Interview

  • Face to face interviews are conducted by meeting the respondents and capturing their responses. The interviewer reads the questions to the respondent and captures their response.
  • Two techniques are followed in order to conduct Face to Face interviews:
    • Pen and Paper Interview (PAPI): The interviewers reads the question from a printed questionnaire and capture the responses by manually filling the printed questionnaire.
    • Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI): Questions are read by the interviewer from the digital questionnaire and the responses are entered by the interviewer directly on the tablet. This enables automatic filtering of questions as questions changes according to the previous response of the respondent and irrelevant questions are avoided.
  • Face to Face interviews are video/audio recorded to ensure data credibility and to avoid data loose. Interviewers are assisted with translators if required.
  • Advantages of Face to Face Interviews:
    • High Response Rate: People are more likely to readily answer live questions.
    • Tolerable Longer Interviews: Open ended questions which usually have longer answers can be efficiently answered in Face to Face interviews.
    • Better Observation of Behaviour: Face to Face interviews enable researchers to observe the attitude and behavior of the respondents toward a product.

Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

FGD is undertaken to gather qualitative information by gauging opinions, insights and perceptions from different industry experts on subject of interest

Stages involved in FGD

After understanding your objective and purpose of conducting FGD our team reaches out to individuals based on their commonality of experience on the subject of interest and engages them to participate in the discussion.

List of questions and topics are formulated based on the objective of the survey. Shortlisted questions are sent to you for reviewing.

Project moderator is appointed in order to conduct the FGD in a orderly manner. Project moderator are expected to be unbiased through out the process of FGD.

Participants are shortlisted on the basis of their experience and level of awareness about the subject of interest. Our team selects location and time for FGD in accordance to convenience of all the participants

Our team ensures availability of all the software and hardware and manages logistics and hospitality required on the day FGD is conducted. The discussion is audio and video recorded.

The discussion is summarised and minutes of the discussion are prepared. The insights gathered during the discussion are analysed by our analysts. Our recommendations will help you to improve and adapt your product/service offering and will enable you to understand best practise in business.

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