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Research Report on China TV Shopping Industry, 2017-2021

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TV shopping is a marketing communication mode for the interaction of TV stations, businesses and consumers. Live shopping becomes the mainstream of TV shopping and the medium, retail industry as well as logistics tend to experience an integration in the future, leading to huge impact on other retail modes in China.

The market size of TV shopping increased from CNY 45.5 billion in 2011 to over CNY 100 billion in 2015 with about 150 operators in China. In recent years, some TV shopping enterprises started to expand and attract funds, showing a speeding restructuring and integration of this industry. For example, Happy Shopping attracted an investment of CNY 330 million from Hony Capital, Citic PE Fund and Sequoia Capital.

It became the only listed company of A-share in the TV shopping field in January 2015 with the issue price of CNY 9.06 per share and was CNY 13.05 in the opening quotation by daily limit increasing by 44.04% compared to the issue price. With the rapid development, high covering and competition costs in recent years, the TV shopping industry will be confronted with a reshuffle and growing comprehensive strength.

This report describes the development history and modes as well as experience of TV shopping at home and abroad. Meanwhile, it systematically analyzes successful enterprises, products, media, solutions, investment opportunities and development suggestions of the TV shopping market. It provides valuable reference to TV shopping operators and potential investors concerning the status, development trend and market opportunities in this industry.

Through this report, readers can acquire the following information:

Definition and Classification of TV Shopping

Research Methods of the Report

Supply and Demand Status of TV Shopping Industry in China

Analysis on Top 5 TV Shopping Enterprises in China

Development Opportunities and Driving Forces Faced by TV Shopping Industry in China

Risks and Challenges in Development of TV Shopping Industry in China

Analysis on Costs of TV Shopping Industry

Analysis on TV Shopping Prices in China

Prediction on Development of TV Shopping Industry in China


Table Of Content


1 Overview of TV Shopping

1.1 Relevant Concepts of TV Shopping

1.1.1 Definition of TV Shopping

1.1.2 Development History of TV Shopping

1.1.3 Development Status of Foreign TV Shopping Industry

1.2 Characteristics of TV Shopping

1.2.1 Advantages of TV Shopping

1.2.2 Distinguishing Features of TV Shopping

2 Analysis on Development Status of China TV Shopping Industry

2.1. Market Status of China TV Shopping Industry

2.1.1 Analysis on Market Size

2.1.2 Analysis on Market Hot Spots

2.1.3 TV Shopping as Hot Spots of Consumer Complaints

2.2 Analysis on Problems in China TV Shopping Industry

2.2.1 Credit Problems

2.2.2 Development Pattern Problems

2.2.3 Problems in Laws

2.3 Analysis on Development Environment of China TV Shopping Industry

2.3.1 Economic Environment

2.3.2 Related Laws and Regulations

2.4 Analysis on Barriers to Entry in China TV Shopping Industry

3 Analysis on Consumers of China TV Shopping Industry

3.1 Analysis on Popular Product Categories with Consumers

3.2 Analysis on Factors Influencing Consumer Purchase

3.3 Analysis on Ad Forms

4 Analysis on Typical TV Shopping Channels in China, 2013-2016

4.1 DongFang CJ TV Shopping

4.2 Hunan TV Happy Shopping Channel

4.3 Jixiang TV Shopping Channel

4.4 Zhejiang Haoyigou

4.5 Jialigou Shopping Channel

4.6 Other Shopping Channels

5 Analysis on Typical Product Categories of TV Shopping in China, 2013-2016

5.1 Digital Products

5.1.1 Ozing

5.1.2 Aiptek

5.1.3 Other Digital Brands

5.2 Mobile Phones and Tablets

5.2.1 Gionee

5.2.2 Eben

5.2.3 Mobile Phone and Tablet Products of Other Brands

5.3 Healthcare

5.3.1 Ruyan

5.3.2 Babaka

5.3.3 Other Healthcare Products

5.4 Watches and Jewelries

5.5 Overview of Other Product Categories

6 Analysis on TV Shopping Enterprises

6.1 Acorn International

6.1.1 Enterprise Profile

6.1.2 Operation Strategies


6.2.1 Enterprise Profile

6.2.2 Operation Strategies

6.3 Analysis on Other Enterprises

7 Analysis on Operation of China TV Shopping Industry

7.1 Analysis on Solution of TV Shopping

7.1.1 Overview

7.1.2 Specific Solution Recommendation of TV Shopping

7.2 Payment Patterns of TV Shopping

7.2.1 Overview

7.2.2 Payment Patterns

7.3 Call Center of TV Shopping

7.3.1 Overview

7.3.2 Pattern Recommendation

7.4 Production and Delivery of TV Shopping Programs

7.4.1 Overview of TV Shopping Production

7.4.2 Precautions of TV Shopping Production

7.4.3 Precautions of TV Shopping Delivery Time

7.4.4 Delivery Media Selection of TV Shopping

8 Prospect of China TV Shopping Industry, 2017-2021

8.1 Analysis on Factors Influencing Development of China TV Shopping Industry

8.1.1 Major Driving Forces and Market Opportunities in TV Shopping Industry in China

8.1.2 Risks and Challenges in TV Shopping Industry in China

8.2 Prediction on Supply in TV Shopping Industry in China

8.3 Forecast on Market Demand in China TV Shopping Industry

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Products and Companies


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