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Vietnam Fertilizer Standard Report 2015

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Fertilizer sector plays an important role in the economic development of Vietnam, especially in 2014, net revenue of fertilizer enterprises reached the average percentage of more than 17%. This was thanks to new achievements in transforming production technologies of chemical fertilizers into the most advanced forms. However, owing to pricing decrease of fertilizers worldwide as well the upward movement of input material cost, revenue growth of fertilizer sector is predicted to slow down but still remain positive. This report performed by VIRAC's team stays focus on fertilizer industry, with the desire of providing readers a deeper and general look insight Vietnam fertilizer manufacturing.

To be more detail, the study covers all the criteria related to fertilizer market, including macroeconomic situation, legal barriers and industry performance of both Vietnam and global market. By giving specific and reliable figures about global fertilizer manufacture and putting Vietnam's situation on comparative scale with China, the world leader in fertilizer production and other developed countries, VIRAC's investigators help readers understand the possible challenges and future plans as well. Accordingly, the most striking risk was the oversupply in the period 2014-2015, in which nutrient supply by component is calculated to rise almost 4% meanwhile demand declined just over 2%. Even though the fertilizer supply was rising, it still can't meet the equivalent amount of domestic demand. This is caused by numerous contributing factors, consisting of government's policies, price of other inputs and agriculture product price.

In addition, the report reveals a list of top 10 enterprises which have primary contribution to total net revenue and turnover export of Vietnam. Since reaching the top spot at ranking of producing and distributing Urea, Phu My hold the first position (more than 1/10 of the total revenue share) in making profit hitherto.

Key points covered in this report:

International business environment and Vietnam general situation.

Industry performance, including both Fertilizer production and consumption of typical nations.

Detailed data and figures of Vietnam Fertilizer Industry, including:

Structure of major fertilizers

Revenue growth rate and market share by revenue

Paddy field areas, structure of rice area by crop

Coal consumption by industry and coal revenue by area

Coal supply and demand forecast

Fertilizer supply and demand/ import and export

Fertilizer inventories

Fertilizer price movement

Vietnam Fertilizer industry outlook, risks and forecast in the period 2015-2020.

Root causes contributing to the oversupply and fertilizer's pricing decline.

Fertilizer operating analysis of top 10 enterprises in Vietnam.


Table Of Content


Executive Summary

1. Business Environment

1.1. Macroeconomics

Figure 1. CNY/VND Rate, 2014-Q1/2016

Figure 2. GDP & CPI, 2010-2015

Figure 3. Foreign Exchange Reserve

Figure 4. VND/USD Exchange Rate, 2010-2015

1.2. Legal Barriers

2. Industry Performance

2.1. Global Fertilizer Market

2.1.1. Supply-Demand

Figure 6. Fertilizer Demand by Nutrients and Nutrients Supply, 2012-2015e

2.1.2. Import-Export

Figure 7. Export

Figure 8. Import

Figure 9. Export structure by volume, 2014

Figure 10. Import structure by volume, 2014

2.2. Vietnam Fertilizer Situation

2.2.1. Industry Background

2.2.2. Definition and Classification

Figure 11. Based on the amount of necessary nutrient components

Figure 12. Based on origin

Figure 13. Structure of major fertilizers, 2014

2.2.3. Market Scale and Feature

Figure 14. Revenue growth rate by year, 2014-2015

Figure 15. Market share by revenue

Figure 16. Structure of Rice Area by Crop

Figure 17. Paddy Field Area

Figure 18. Rice Production By Crop

2.2.4. Major activities

2.2.5. Supply-Demand

Figure 19. Supply -Demand, 2010-Q1/2016e

Figure 20. Production-Consumption, 2010-Q1/2016e

Figure 21. Domestic Production, 2010-Q1/2016e

Figure 22. Demand and Real consumption, 2010-Q1/2016e

Table 1. Production capacity of large domestic enterprises, Q1/2016D

Table 2. Capacity of some Vietnam's fertilizer plants

2.2.6. Import-Export

Figure 23. Fertilizer import, 2010-Q1/2016e

Figure 24. Structure of import volume by countries, 2014-2015

Figure 25. Fertilizer Import, Q1/2016

Figure 26. Import Structure by countries, Q1/2016

Figure 27. Fertilizer export, 2010-Q1/2016e

Figure 28. Structure of export volume by country, 2014-2015

Figure 29. Fertilizer export by countries, Q1/2015 -Q1/2016

2.2.7. Inventories

Figure 30. Inventories, 2010-2015e

2.3. Planning

3. Enterprise Analysis

3.1. Top 10 Enterprises

Table 4. Top 10 enterprises with largest revenues in 2014 (Group of listed enterprises)

3.2. Business Performance Indicator Group

Figure 39. Net revenues, 2014-2015

Figure 40. EBITDA, 2015

Figure 41. Financial Cost, 2014-2015

Figure 42. Sales Cost, 2014-2015

Figure 43. Enterprise Management Cost, 2014-2015

3.3. Financial Indicator Group

Figure 44. Total Assets, 2014-2015

Figure 45. Inventory turnover, 2015

Figure 46. Receivables turnover, 2015

Figure 47. Profitability indicators, 2015

3.4. Cash Flow Indicator Group

Table 5. Net Cash Flow from Operations of some Vietnamese Fertilizer Enterprises

Table 6. Net Cash Flow from Investments of some Vietnamese Fertilizer Enterprises

Table 7. Net Cash Flow from Financing of some Vietnamese Fertilizer Enterprises

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Phu My Fertilizer

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PVFCCo South East

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