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Leading Innovation to Assist Growth of Deodorants Market in Mexico: Ken Research

Posted on 22 September 2017 by KenResearch Consumer Products and Retail,

Deodorant is a product which enhances a person’s personality by giving a decent fragrance. The products primarily covered in this market include- Deodorant Creams, Deodorant Pumps, Deodorant Roll-Ons, Deodorant Sprays, Deodorant Sticks, and Deodorant Wipes. Young men and working women are the main target audience in Mexican deodorants market.

Not only on the basis of fragrances and other multiple qualities, the deodorants are segmented on the basis of gender and age as well. Different types of deodorant are available for men and women and also there is availability of deodorants specially manufactured for children with fruity and flowery smell with less alcohol content, so that there is no compromise with health.

According to the research report, “Deodorants in Mexico”, around 3% current value CAGR has been accounted by the deodorant cream segment with the slowest growth among all other deodorant categories. Only the brands named- Natura and Vicky offer cream deodorants in the market which is no more a common format among Mexicans. After the entry of Garnier bi-O in 2016 in deodorant cream category, there has been a 10% current value growth recorded in the market. Garnier bi-O cream also claims a long lasting protection up to 48 hours which is an upcoming woman antiperspirant cream in the country.

In 2016, the leading position in the deodorants market has been accounted by Unilever de Mexico with a significant retail value. Rexona, Axe and Dove have prolonged to be the popular brands of this leading player. To reach a wide range of consumers, these brands are differently positioned. Speed Stick, Lady Speed Stick, Neutro Balance and Stefano are the brands of Colgate-Palmolive de Mexico which accounted for the second largest player in deodorants market of Mexico.

Premium deodorants with high prices are not that popular in Mexico as people prefer to use deodorant for everyday use which is pocket friendly. People in Mexico are noticed to prefer small size deodorants, that can easily be carried anywhere and can be use instantly to smell good. Many companies have launched pocket deodorants as well. Additionally, people in Mexico are becoming conscious about the ingredients used in manufacturing deodorants to make sure that it does not harm or darken the skin.

In the future years, more innovation and development is expected in overall category, despite the maturity of deodorant roll-on and deodorant sprays. To create brand awareness, the manufacturers will continue to invest in marketing campaigns in an environment where so many deodorant companies exist. Also to motivate consumers to try new launches, manufacturers will invest in attractive advertisements.

Aerosols, pumps, rolls, sticks, creams, gels and body spray deodorants for men and women are readily available in Mexico. There will be a continuation in usage of deodorants by high and middle-income people in future as well. A high competition is anyhow expected in future as new brands will enter the market with new innovative and cost-effective techniques. Deodorants will become regular daily use product for consumers in Mexico with rising levels of hygiene because of increasing urbanization and consumer awareness in the country.

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