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Vegetable Capsule Demand in North America: Ken Research

Posted on 24 October 2017 by KenResearch Healthcare,

Empty vegetable capsules, which are also known as empty vegetarian capsules, which consists of two ingredients that are HPMC and purified water. Derived from vegetable cellulose HPMC is Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. These capsules are 100% natural and it contains no preservatives; wheat, gluten, animal products or starch and they are manufactured from pure cellulose of poplar and pine.

There is increase in frequency of the geriatric population and linked chronic conditions, which imposes a high demand on the production of effective medicines to treat chronic health conditions. Capsules are a form of solid dose, which are mostly preferred by the geriatric population due to some reasons. They are easy to swallow, it is quickly dissolved in comparison to other oral dose, and it decreases gastrointestinal irritation caused by these dose.

The capsules has becomes the first priority by most of the consumers due to their fast dissolution nature which are resulting in quicker absorption and odorless and tasteless use of gelatin coating, which makes capsules good in taste. Like cod liver oil capsules and Cosmo Pod capsules, cosmeceuticals and neutraceuticals are also preferred in the capsule forms.  There are certain advantages of capsule consumption, which are the main reason for the high global demand for the empty capsules in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical as well as cosmeceutical industries.

The issues concerned with the consumption of capsules containing animal-derived inactive ingredients, such as porcine and bovine gelatin capsule shells and the rise in price of raw material are the limiting factors for the growth of this vegetable capsule market.

It is advised to keep capsules out of direct sunlight, high temperatures and hot water. Capsule content depends on the concentration, the amount of the powder filled and density of raw material used.

Clear vegetable capsules are also available which also highly demand in vegetable capsule market. It is said that these capsules is an excellent way to get daily dose for essential oils. It is non-GMO, have oxidation-sensitive ingredients such as essential oils. It is 100 percent natural and preservative free and is great for vegan diet. It is also Gluten & Starch free and is completely biodegradable.

Empty gelatin capsules contain only a large amountbeef gelatin, purified water and no pork is involved which vegetarians, religion and cultural oriented people not consume. Vegetable capsules are attractive because of its advantages and presence of natural mineral titanium dioxide as color. These gelatin and vegetarian capsules are made in USA and some are made in India as well. Any capsule, which is filled with liquid and contains water, should be consumed quickly because water contends makes capsule softer and dissolvable. To fill capsule individually one need to use a dropper or pipette. The filled capsule should be kept in a cool temperature after encapsulating process so that the liquid becomes thicker and less runny.

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