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Massive Growth in Trend of E-Learning Market Outlook: Ken Research
April 2021

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The E-learning is an electronic learning system optimized or gained to upgrade traditional classroom learning. E-learning systems enable the interaction through virtual classrooms and informal communication with professors, trainers, and students. Schools optimizing the E-learning technologies are way ahead of those which still have the traditional learning tactic. Training programs directed primarily for professionals around the globe by multinational companies (MNCs) are sanctioned with E-learning. E-learning has demonstrated to be the best means to render knowledge in the corporate world. The E-learning empowers employees to procure imperative skills with the advantage of retrieving online content at their preferred time and location.

E-Learning Market Research Report states that the requirement for Career Skilling platforms among graduates and Working Professionals is uninterruptedly growing over the years around India. Shortage of course comprehensiveness and career counselling at college level along with dissatisfactions from Employers in terms of attitude, skill and knowledge misalignment amongst the hired entry level graduates highlighted the requirement for career skilling platform to make such graduates employable around India. Moreover, based on the E-Learning Industry Research Report, the K12 E-Learning industry is as its growth stage around UAE. The industry in UAE has obtained the pace after 2017 and is becoming famous majorly amongst the Expats. The industry revenue is increasing with a double-digit CAGR. High average household income, the restricted number of offline options, increasing awareness about experiential learning growing fee of private tutors and changing family set-up has lead to an augmenting the number of paid e-learning users.

Not only has this, The K12 E-Learning industry is as its growth stage around India. The industry revenue is increasing with a double digit CAGR due to Covid 19 Impact On E-Learning Market and the industry witnessed drastic augment in revenue and number of paid users throughout the lockdown in 2020 and. Augmenting the internet penetration and shift in predilection from rote learning to experiential learning has been propelling the growth in the industry. Throughout 2020, live classes and new-age skill development courses such as coding, web development, and several others has gained traction. Fresh business models such as revenue sharing and commission model has also emerged presently.

Moreover, the online learning market across the globe is changing speedily with emerging trends such as social learning, personalized learning, mobile learning, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s). The Personalized learning is one of the most propelling trends as it is away from one-size-fits-all, it has an adaptive model, and students are demonstrated with the learning activities based on what they know. Further, game based learning has also obtained consequence as students enjoy fun based learning.

 Although, the Corporate E-Learning Market states that the corporate segments are proficiently engaged in the improvements of their employee training programs which results in greater employee productivity. The higher organizations are progressively incorporating software-based technologies to observe and analyze the daily or weekly presentation of their staff.

The major factors that boost the growth of the E-learning market are lower investment cost, flexibility of access, and animated and collaborating learning. Optimization of the internet and computers form a foremost component of E-learning. Thus, the Digital Learning Market Future is also propelled by a hike in the number of internet users and increasing access to broadband integrated with the mobile phones.

The increasing volume of the course content makes it problematic for such sectors to manage and store such a great amount of data in their libraries or stores. The electronic approach of content delivery allows these sectors to store and maintain their course or business information in online websites or applications. The augmented adoption of the cloud-based platforms in the Future of E-Learning Market is delivering these sectors flexibility in the content storage, user-friendliness, and processing.

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