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Global Waste Paper Pulp Market, Global Waste Paper Pulp Industry: Ken Research
April 2021

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Paper is very commonly seen product in our daily life. We consume various paper products like paper bags, tissues, and writing papers every day. Most kind of paper are generally made of wood pulp, which is made of trees and other plants, the increase of paper consumption lead to decrease of the forest area on the earth and damage/harm the natural environment. In order to save the forest resources and protect the ecological or natural environment, increasingly more paper manufacturers choose to recycle the waste paper and make it to waste paper pulp to create new paper products. Presently, the waste paper has become the secondary fiber material and a significant resource for papermaking. Some of the key advantages of waste paper pulp productions include low investment cost, reduce the pollution & protect the environment, wood preservation and save resources & reduce energy consumption etc. Additionally, key factors on waster paper pulp production process include chemical environment, pulp beating, wet pressing, pulp drying, press polish, printing & processing and consumer & collector.

All kinds of paper can’t be recycled. Recyclable paper waste includes office paper, express boxes, books, catalogs, enterprise brochures, old newspapers, milk boxes, cardboard and others. Apart from this, non-recyclable waste paper includes carbon paper, plastic glossy waste paper, paper diapers, wax paper, synthetic paper and others. Additionally, the paper polluted by food & drink is also non-recyclable and treated as other garbage.

As per study, Global Waste Paper Pulp Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use the key companies operating in the global waster paper pulp market include ARAUCO (CL), Stora Enso (FI), UMP (FI), RGE (SG), Fibria (BR), Sappi (ZA), APP (SG), CMPC (CL), IP (US), Sadra Cell (SE), Resolute (CA), Metsa Fibre (FI), Nippon Paper (JP), Sadra Cell (SE), Ilim (RU), Nippon Paper (JP), Eldorado (BR), Sadra Cell (SE), Resolute (CA), Mercer (CA), Cenibra (BR), Eldorado (BR), West Fraser (CA), Canfor (CA), Sun Paper (CN), Huatai (CN), Yueyang (CN), SCA (SE), Yongfeng (CN). Based on type, waster paper pulp market is segmented as newspaper, corrugated, mixed papers, high grade, pulp substitutes and others. In addition, based on application, market is segmented as tissue paper, printing & writing paper and others.

Few equipment used in waster paper pulp production: high concentrating slag remover, vertical hydrapulper, twin roll press, multi disc thickener, single screw press and others. The waste paper pulp production process is divided into two types: deinked pulp process (re-pulping, roughing, concentration, defibrination, deinking, and purification) and non-deinked pulp process (repulping, defibrination, roughing, washing, and purification). Deinked waste paper pulp production process involves four main steps: crushing & dissolving, filtration, concentration & deinking and bleaching treatment.

By regional analysis, the North-America is a leading region in global waster paper pulp market owing to fast enlargement within acceptance of waste paper pulp across the region. The Asia-Pacific and Europe regions are likely to witness higher growth rate due to growth in packaging industry over the forecast period.

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Global Waste Paper Pulp Market

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