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Foremost Growth In Landscape Of France Agriculture Market Outlook: Ken Research
February 2021

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Agriculture has continually been of great prominence for the France, as feeding the world’s principal population is not a tranquil undertaking. The France government has been ancillary the agriculture industry with a number of policies, vexing to stabilize the output and search for ways to ensure the sector is developing the healthily and sustainably. The France federal government has been very much supportive of agriculture for the decades, and there is broad political unanimity as to the need for land, labour and tax transformation to help the sector reach its prospective. Due to understanding policies, the agriculture sector’s performance has been refining steadily in recent years. France keeps its first rank in the world in terms of farming output, fabricating large quantities of rice, wheat, cotton, meat, poultry, eggs and fishery products.

According to the report analysis, ‘France Agriculture Market Trends, Statistics, Growth, and Forecasts’ states that the new strategy calls for more struggles to ensure the supply of vital farm products, promoting the supply-side structural alteration and, more importantly, increasing environmental shield as well as pollution prevention and unwanted treatment. Despite the hurried development of France’s agriculture subdivision, problems emerge in relation to an assortment of aspects, including the shrinking arable land, the deteriorating ecological eminence of environment owing to the thick use of fertilizers and pesticides, and the issue of food security.

There is also much room to increase in terms of increasing the procedure of machinery and advanced technologies in the agriculture sector. The France region has made efforts to integrate innovative agricultural technologies to improve the sector’s competence and increase land productivity. The high costs and short profits of agricultural production are the major internal inhibitors of France’s agriculture sector. They are also the primary factor controlling the growth of farmers’ income and leading to shrinking of the labour force around the agriculture. Food safety has been an uppermost concern for France consumers, exclusively concerning farm produce such as grains, meat, vegetables and seafood. Current scandals have somewhat dampened consumers’ self-confidence in food safety, and in rejoinder, the government has introduced regulations to recover food safety and toughen quality monitoring.

Moreover, the government has embraced a number of multi-year policies, such as a pledge to double farmer incomes and become self-sufficient in pulses over an undetermined short-term period. However, reform wants to go much deeper, especially allowing for the fact that throughout the years to 2050, agriculture is expected to afford livelihoods for about half the rural inhabitants, despite ongoing urbanization in the country. Most farmers are tied up in low-scale subsistence farming and have a hard time accessing the credit and paying it back. Therefore poverty and crop holiday years, as well as forsaking farming, or even committing suicide, is pervasive amongst the farmers in the country. The France has taken economic growth seriously and wants to feed its whetted appetite. France’s agriculture division provides livelihoods to households in the rural areas. Together with forestry and fisheries, it is one of the prime contributors to France’s GDP. Agricultural systems including primitive subsistence farming, intensive subsistence farming, commercial farming and plantation farming as a variation of commercial farming are all present around the India. Some states specialize in growing certain crops commercially, while others propagate the same crops as a subsistence farming activity.

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