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Rise in Demand from Electrical Industries Expected to Drive Global Tinned Copper Bar Market: Ken Research
March 2021

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Tinned copper is a sort of copper coated with the thin layer of tin used to give protection to earth-bars against the discoloring and destructive effects of oxidization, commonly referred to as rusting. Thin layer of tin protects the copper surface of earth-bar inhibiting oxidization, preventing air from responding with the copper within the sight of atmospheric moistures. The copper tinning process gives an improved assurance against the atmospheric variations and environmental conditions without essential decrease in the functionality & electrical conductivity of the copper metal. The oxidized copper surface shows the poor conductivity compared to clean or smooth tinned copper that draws-out the assistance life of the earth-bar at comparatively low added-on cost. Tinned copper is elevated cost than non-tinned copper but provides comprehensive service life as well as field performance compared to the standard bare type copper particularly in wet condition installations. They handle the wet conditions, high temperatures and moisture for maintaining the conductive integrity of the earth-bar for electrical engineering applications.

Some of the key benefits of tinned copper bar include excellent solution to extend longevity & have reasonably low resistance, protects the earth bar against the formation of copper oxide (oxidization), protects against atmospheric corrosion that provide longer life when exposed to corrosive atmospheres and used in outdoors/external applications or where atmospheric conditions are more rigorous and aggressive than normal i.e. high humidity in both onshore (e.g. water treatment works) or offshore (oil or gas platforms) and high moisture content areas.

As per study, Global Tinned Copper Bar Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use the key companies operating in the global tinned copper bar market are Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd, Storm Power Components, AWC Wire, Oriental Copper, Jameco Electronics, Precision Electronics, Austral Wright Metals, Erico, AN Wallis. Leading companies have developed & implemented the supply chain risk management & business continuity strategies. Companies have also expanded their supply chains from the geographic perspectives for reducing the supply side risks from one region or country. These players also have multi-sourced merchandise and strategic components to reduce their dependence on any one supplier and they had measured inventory strategy to buffer against supply chain disruption.

Based on type, tinned copper bar market is segmented as square, full round and slightly round edge. In addition, based on application, market is segmented as general engineering, lightening protection, earthing, electrical conductor, general engineering, induction motors, switch gears, and others. Tinned copper earth bars are usually used in the outer applications or where atmospheric conditions are more extreme than normal for example high moisture content regions and marine & offshore saline atmospheres.

The tinned copper bar market is driven by rise in use of electrical applications, followed by increase in requiring more power to be used to carry current along the surface. However, high cost of these tin coated copper bar may impact the market. It is projected that global tinned copper bar market will be reached at rapid pace on account of rise in awareness about earthing an lightening protection during the forecast period.

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