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Middle East

Automotive, Transportation and Warehousing

For the oil production reserves and exports the Middle East region is well known. Egypt creates an extraordinary share of its GDP from the foreign tourist arrival whereas Iran is positioned as the foremost economy in the Middle. However, the Qatar, Iran, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia are the robust regions of the Middle East economies.

The baby food market across the Saudi Arabia region was witnessed in an increasing stage wherein the market observed a volatile growth approaches during the review period. Whereas, the milk formula apprehended the mainstream of the market share in the Saudi Arabia in 2018 due to its substitution for the breastfeeding, and lower the breast feeding ratio in the region. The baby food market in Saudi Arabia presented a robust growth and a strong competitive scenario where the international players namely RONESCA, Nesthle SA and several others hold the mainstream of the stake and is consistently trying to grow their present market share by developing the partnerships along with the developing domestic players.

Additionally, the online advertising market in OMAN is presently positioned in the early growth stage. The brands and advertisers still control the foremost preference for the earlier modes of the advertisement which majorly includes newspaper, TV, and radio. Furthermore, the companies in OMAN are now significantly accepting the usage of online social network as a key marketing tool. The players are significantly aiming in drumming the wide pool of opportunities of the ‘forever online’ consumers to renovate them into their custom.

In OMAN, the social media advertising has been attaining the popularity as the number of people utilizing these websites is growing significantly.

Nonetheless, the construction market in Kuwait will be effectively supported majorly by the government’s aim on the improvement of the region’s overall infrastructure under the New Kuwait 2035 Development plan. The plan pursues to invest in the infrastructure, service industries, tourism and the information technology segment, and promote the investments in the renewable energy infrastructure. Whereas, the infrastructure improvement trends over the recent past years in Riyadh designates that the capital city is increasing towards the Northern areas, where the properties have the foremost sale prices and observe the faster absorption rates. The Easter region of the Riyadh can be used for the office determinations as the sales prices are low in the East of Riyadh along with the effective absorption for the new improvement thus, determining the robust requirement for this area.

The major aspects for influencing the Riyadh office place are robust government initiatives, significant development of the international companies in Riyadh, positive economic improvement, rise in the women workforce, location factor, expat exodus or saudization, and the physical situations of the office premises.

Meanwhile, the baby food market in Saudi Arabia is anticipated to increase in terms of revenue to increasing the consciousness for the nutritional maintenance among the parents and lead in the entire number of working women which will increase the sales of the baby food during the forecasted period. For instance, the companies in Oman are increasing the expenditure and developing the strategies of online advertising which lead the market growth. Therefore, in the near future, it is predicted that the markets in the Middle East will increase across the globe more positively over the coming years.

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