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Emerging fashion trends and promising Investment in the luxury eyewear in Switzerland: Ken Research

Posted on 10 July 2017 by KenResearch Consumer Products and Retail,

There was a time not so long ago when eyewear was only considered a necessity to correct one’s vision and people wearing glasses faced ridicule and were made the butt of all jokes. However, times have changed drastically and eyewear has become a style statement for the ones who can afford the luxury of expensive and fashionable eyewear, so much so that even people without an eye-power are opting for “zero power spectacles”.

Innovation in the designs for frames and the materials for lenses has led to the emergence of modern eyewear having better quality and trendy style. This newer version of luxury eyewear has aesthetic appeal, which gives eyeglasses the status of being a cool accessory that has the power to bring out the person’s personality and represent their style statement. This has resulted in the creation of a market for eyewear and optics around the globe, this market is expected to keep growing consistently in the coming years. Essilor, Luxottica, Carl Zeiss, Safilo, Marcolin, and Marchon are the top players in the industry represented by their popular brands.

The emergence of sunglasses as a fashion product which are also protecting the users from UV rays and the increasing awareness of the dangers of prolonged exposure to UV rays has also contributed to the growth in this market.

As the world population is increasing and the already present ageing population with poor vision and presbyopia are boosting the demand for eyewear, it is expected that big changes might be seen in market dynamics in the coming years and launchthe luxury eyewear market on a high growth path. The rise of the popularity of internet as a selling platform has opened up opportunities for retailers who are trying to use the power of the internet to maximize their reach to potential customers and thus increase revenues to an unprecedented high.

The report titled “Luxury eyewear in Switzerland”, divides the market into two product categories, those of Luxury Spectacle Frames and Luxury Sun Glasses, and presents an in-depth analysis of the marketsfor eyewear in Switzerland, with respect to major players and brands, their distribution, prediction for the future of the market, key growth driving sectors etc.

Swiss consumers generally use luxury eyewear as a fashion statement, and it thus comes as no surprise that the sought-after designs and styles are closely linked to the fashion industry and fashion trendsetters such as socialites, bloggers and film stars. Consequently, specialist retailers in terms of brands, designs and prices offer a large product choice, as the success of their business lies in meeting the high expectations of consumers.

The key trends and developments, such as the strength of Swiss franc which has affected consumer demand, the dominance of women being avid buyers of luxury goods in the Swiss market, a fragmented competitive environment, the persistence of the importance of specialist retailers and the distribution of these luxury goods, all contribute to the changing landscape in the luxury eyewear market.

According to the analysis of a select few luxury shopping centers and luxury department storesand the overall forecast of sales of luxury goods by category (both in value and % value growth terms), the growth of this market shows promising returns on investments in the coming years.

With this rapid increase in the demand for eyewear and customers willing to spend big bucks on new designs in frames and better quality in glasses, the future of Switzerland’s luxury eyewear market looks bright.

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