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Bosch Security Systems, Optex, Castlebank Security Solutions were Some Global Intrusion Alarm Manufacturers Selling Their Product in Turkey Market

Posted on 17 April 2017 by KenResearch defense and security ,

Use of system integrating services is considerably high in the non-residential sector of electronic security market in Turkey. This is not the case in the residential sector of the country. Majority of the customers from the residential sector purchase products only when the need arises or compliance to regulatory norms is desired. They purchase different products from different vendors and are generally very price conscious. In non-residential sector which include large government projects, commercial and buildings, hospitals, hotels and retail malls and community centers require all sorts of electronic security products ranging from CCTV cameras to electronic access control and VMS.

The service consultants for electronic security products provide consulting on sourcing and installation of surveillance systems, access control systems, fire alarm/fire fighting systems, intruder alarm systems, and other security products. The role of security consultant initiates with assessing the security needs of client and presenting the findings (based upon the needs) to the client. The service consultant during this process ensures to maintain quality and service benchmark that has been promised. The service consultants in the next stage formulate a security plan, once the client analyzes the findings submitted by consultant.

In 2016, Panasonic Fire Sensing Systems was introduced in Turkish market. It brings together all required security and safety with professional solutions. Its design is built to alarm in right time and in addition it gives a pre-report about situations that could cause a fire. The system uses advanced Panasonic technologies in detector and control board, Panasonic Fire Sensing Systems ensures decrease of number of nuisance alarm, in addition to high level of reliability. Such products created premium market segment in fire alarm market as they have all necessary features to offer peace of mind to the customer.

Intrusion security products provide security for homes and businesses ranging from burglar alarms to a range of security systems, including alarm control panels, keypads, sensors and central station receiving equipment used in security monitoring centers.

Motion sensors are primarily used at places where access of general public is restricted. It may be for a certain period of day or totally restricted area. Perimeter safety and security was the key reason for use of motion sensors. Museums, laboratories and residential houses were the key sectors consuming motion sensors in Turkey.

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Strategic Location, Trade and Tourism Promotion, Counter Terrorism are some Key Factors that Will Drive Turkey Electronic Security Devices Market: Ken Research

Posted on 07 April 2017 by KenResearch defense and security ,


  • Improving technology and customer willingness to pay premium for quality products will help in augmenting market revenue of electronic security devices.
  • Government keen interest to secure its citizens and ensure security of its tourism industry will lead to investment in electronic security market. This will create growth opportunities for all type of electronic devices in Turkey.
  • Refugee maintenance and to curb the growing threat from extremist to further boost the market for electronic security in Turkey.

Market for electronic security devices in Turkey is expected to register positive growth. It will be mainly driven by demand for new and modern electronic security devices for replacement. Improved technologies such as 4K technology bring industry leading clarity and sensitivity to critical video monitoring and surveillance systems. Explosion-proof cameras are an important solution in areas which are on high risk. Turkey is expected to implement (electronic traffic inspection system) TEDES in many of its cities. This will lead to additional demand for electronic security devices as well as R&D in the sector. It is expected that CCTV will continue its dominance in the electronic security market in Turkey.

Based on analyst recommendation easing restrictions on foreign lenders, private sector involvement in the financing and construction of education infrastructure, security for small and medium businesses are some other key factors that will have positive impact on the market creating additional and replacement demand in the future as per the analyst, Ken Research.

Ken Research in its report, “Turkey Electronic Security Market Outlook to 2021 – Rising Tourist Safety Concern from Looming Threat of Neighboring Countries Will Drive Market Growth” suggested that Turkey is expected to implement (electronic traffic inspection system) TEDES in many of its cities. This will lead to additional demand for electronic security devices as well as R&D in the sector in 2019-2021. Key business opportunity exists for upgradation of existing electronic security system to reduce the cost implication for consumers.

The report provided information on CCTV (Analog, Digital), Fire Alarm, Access Control Devices (Biometric Based, Card Based, Pin Based), Intrusion Alarms (Motion Alarms, Seismic Alarms, Infrared Beam Alarms) segments.

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Strategic Location, Trade and Tourism Promotion and Counter Terrorism Will Drive the Market for Electronic Security Devices in Turkey: Ken Research

Posted on 05 April 2017 by KenResearch defense and security ,

Looming security threats, rising refugee population and improved awareness about benefits of using electronic security devices were the key factors driving the demand for electronic security devices in Turkey. 

Turkey has the largest refugee population from Syria and Iraq. It reached over 3.0 million people by the end of December 2016 and safety for them is a cause of major concern.

Turkey is at the centre of three continents and attracts tourists from all across the world. It is known for its vibrant culture which is culmination of practices across the globe. Growing refugee population, tourists, and investment in infrastructure was the key reason for growth of electronics security market. Turkey electronic security market is among the most developed in Middle East region. Infrastructure, hospitality, and real estate were the key sectors to use electronic security devices. Rise in demand for facilities management, number of visitors at major markets, hotels and historical monuments in Turkey were some other key factors driving the growth in market. Looming threat from extremist organization had prompted the government and property owners especially in commercial sector to install electronic security devices in their premises. Replacement demand was other key driver. CCTV was the most demanded electronic security device. Turkey was the largest market for electronic security devices in the Middle East region

Improved implementation of regulatory norms, growth of economy and rise in per capita income of local people has leveraged the buying capacity of people. A significant proportion of investment in the country has been intended towards improving the quality of infrastructure. Increasing number of railway stations, airports, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices and refugee camps have urged the need of installing electronic security products. The companies and government are putting a lot of efforts to educate people about the need to use reliable, efficient and high quality electronic security systems.

The report titled “Turkey Electronic Security Market Outlook to 2021 – Rising Tourist Safety Concern from Looming Threat of Neighboring Countries Will Drive Market Growth” by Ken Research suggested that Turkey electronic security will grow at a CAGR of 8% in next 5 years to 2021 with a robust boost in access control segment. The access control segment is expected to be more than double in next 5 years till 2021.




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