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French Jeans market: Seeing the sunrise after a dark dawn with discounted deals: Ken Research

Posted on 24 October 2017 by KenResearch Consumer Products and Retail ,

French economy was passing through bad times is recent times, and the impact could be easily seen on the market. The market was seeing declined sales. In addition, this impact was on almost every product category, be it electronics, food or apparel. However, the French economy now stabilising, markets are now seeing some growth again. In 2016, the purchasing power of French population has improved. Moreover, this has resulted in increased sales, especially in the French apparel market.

Because of the slowdown, most of the French apparel and jeans manufacturers have seen some rough time. To make for the losses and to simulate sales, most of the apparel brands are now offering huge discount offers, especially when people have more disposable income with them. This has resulted in some significant growth in the sale volume of apparels and jeans. In addition to this, internet retailing is also pushing the sales positively as it is gaining popularity among the consumers. Internet retailing provides consumers with convenience of ordering from home and offer heavy discounts on products. This is resulted in increased popularity of this method of selling apparels online, which has provided the required boost to this industry seeing slowdown. In addition, several cheap and low-priced apparel brands, like Primark, are coming up in the market to satisfy the demand of lower end affordable clothing. However, these low-priced products and heavy discount offers might have increased the sale volume, but have influenced the performance in terms of value negatively.

The jeans market in France can be categorised into low-priced economy jeans, premium jeans for high-end customers, standard jeans for youngsters and super premium jeans. As for major players, Zara France lead the market. It is the largest jeans manufacture and seller in France. Vivarte SAS and Levi Strauss & Co. then follow it. Most of these companies has separate brands in separate categories. Like Inditex is the owner of Zara and Bershka, brands known for standard and economy jeans. Vivarte also has several brands in standard and economy jeans like La Halle, Kookai, Caroll and Liberto. Most of these brands target middle and lower income consumers. Levi’s, on the other hand, is a premium brand and target only high-income group customers.

French apparel and jeans market is expected to see some growth in near future. Although, the growth rate is expected to be low, but even this slow growth can be seen as a positive sign for the French jeans and apparels market players, which were facing sever slowdown in past few years. French economy in currently recovering and it might take some time to stand back on its feet, but once it does, the story seems to have a positive ending.


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