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VCSEL Market by Application (Data Communication, Industrial Heating, Infrared Illumination, Pumping and Sensing) for Data Centers, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare and Others End Users: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Segment, Trends and Forecast, 2015 - 2021

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The report analyzes and forecast VCSEL market on a global and regional level. The study offers past data of 2015 along with forecast from 2016 to 2021 based on revenue (USD Million). Assessment of market dynamics gives a broad thought about the drivers and restraints for the VCSEL market along with the impact they have on the demand over the coming years. Furthermore, the report includes the study of opportunities available in the VCSEL market on a global level. The report gives a transparent view of the VCSEL market. We have included a detailed competitive scenario and portfolio of prominent vendors operative in VCSEL market. To understand the competitive landscape of VCSEL market, an analysis of Porters Five Forces model for the market has also been included. The report offer market attractiveness analysis, wherein application, end user and regional segments are benchmarked based on their general attractiveness, market size, and growth rate. The study provides a crucial view on the VCSEL by segmenting the market based on application, end-user and region. All the application, end-users segments of VCSEL market has been analyzed based on current and upcoming trends and the market is estimated from 2015 to 2021. Application segments include data communication, industrial heating, infrared illumination, pumping, and sensing. End user segment are categorized into data centers, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, healthcare, and others. The regional segmentation comprises of present and forecast demand in Asia-Pacific, Middle East Africa, North America, Europe, and Latin America for VCSEL market. The competitive profiling of major player of VCSEL market includes company and financial overview, business strategies, recent developments and product offered by them which can help in assessing competition in the market. Major participants in the VCSEL space include Vixar, Inc., Philips Photonics, Princeton Optronics, Avago Technologies, Inc., II-VI Incorporated, Ultra Communications and JDS Uniphase Corporation amongst others. The report segment of global VCSEL market is as follows: Global VCSEL Market: Application Segment Analysis Data Communication Industrial Heating Infrared Illumination Pumping Sensing Global VCSEL Market: End User Segment Analysis Data Centers Consumer Electronics Automotive Industrial Healthcare Others Global VCSEL Market: Regional Segment Analysis North America Europe Asia Pacific Latin America The Middle East and Africa


Table Of Content


Chapter 1. Preface 1.1. Report description and scope 1.2. Research scope 1.3. Research methodology 1.3.1. Market research process 1.3.2. Market research methodology Chapter 2. Executive Summary 2.1. Global VCSEL Market, 2015-2021, (USD Million) 2.2. VCSEL market: Market snapshot Chapter 3. Global VCSEL Market Industry Analysis 3.1. VCSEL market: Market dynamics 3.2. Market Drivers 3.2.1. Increasing demand from high-end applications such as gesture recognition and 3D imaging. 3.2.2. Technological developments enabling greater use of VCSEL in infrared illumination. 3.3. Restraints 3.3.1. Restriction to short-distance communication due to limited range of VCSEL 3.4. Opportunity 3.4.1. Emerging laser-assisted hard disk drive technology 3.5. Porters Five Forces Analysis 3.6. Market Attractiveness Analysis 3.6.1. Market attractiveness analysis by application segment 3.6.2. Market attractiveness analysis by end users segment 3.6.3. Market attractiveness analysis by regional segment Chapter 4. Global VCSEL Market-Competitive Landscape 4.1. Company market share analysis, 2015 (Subject to data availability) 4.2. Price trend analysis Chapter 5. VCSEL Market Application Segment Analysis 5.1. Global VCSEL market revenue share, by application, 2015 2021 5.2. Global VCSEL market by data communication, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 5.3. Global VCSEL market by sensing, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 5.4. Global VCSEL market by infrared illumination, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 5.5. Global VCSEL market by industrial heating, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 5.6. Global VCSEL market by pumping, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) Chapter 6. VCSEL Market End Users Segment Analysis 6.1. Global VCSEL market revenue share, by end users, 2015 2021 6.2. Global VCSEL market for data center, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 6.3. Global VCSEL market for consumer electronics, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 6.4. Global VCSEL market for automotive, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 6.5. Global VCSEL market for industrial, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 6.6. Global VCSEL market for healthcare, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 6.7. Global VCSEL market for others, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) Chapter 7. VCSEL Market-Regional Analysis 7.1. Global VCSEL market: Regional overview 7.1.1. Global VCSEL market revenue share, by region, 2015 and 2021 7.2. North America 7.2.1. North America VCSEL market revenue, by application, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.2.2. North America VCSEL market revenue, by end user, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.3. Europe 7.3.1. Europe VCSEL market revenue, by application , 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.3.2. Europe VCSEL market revenue, by end users, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.4. Asia Pacific 7.4.1. Asia-Pacific VCSEL market revenue, by application, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.4.2. Asia-Pacific VCSEL market revenue, by end users, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.5. Latin America 7.5.1. Latin America VCSEL market revenue, by application, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.5.2. Latin America VCSEL market revenue, by end users, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.6. Middle East Africa 7.6.1. Middle East Africa VCSEL market revenue, by application, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) 7.6.2. Middle East Africa VCSEL market revenue, by end users, 2015 2021 (USD Millions) Chapter 8. Company Profiles 8.1. Finisar Corporation 8.1.1. Overview 8.1.2. Financials 8.1.3. Type portfolio 8.1.4. Business strategy 8.1.5. Recent developments 8.2. JDS Uniphase Corporation 8.2.1. Overview 8.2.2. Financials 8.2.3. Type portfolio 8.2.4. Business strategy 8.2.5. Recent developments 8.3. II-VI Incorporated 8.3.1. Overview 8.3.2. Financials 8.3.3. Type portfolio 8.3.4. Business strategy 8.3.5. Recent developments 8.4. Vertilas GmbH 8.4.1. Overview 8.4.2. Financials 8.4.3. Type portfolio 8.4.4. Business strategy 8.4.5. Recent developments 8.5. Vixar, Inc 8.5.1. Overview 8.5.2. Financials 8.5.3. Type portfolio 8.5.4. Business strategy 8.5.5. Recent developments 8.6. Ultra Communications, Inc. 8.6.1. Overview 8.6.2. Financials 8.6.3. Type portfolio 8.6.4. Business strategy 8.6.5. Recent developments 8.7. Avago Technologies 8.7.1. Overview 8.7.2. Financials 8.7.3. Type portfolio 8.7.4. Business strategy 8.7.5. Recent developments 8.8. Royal Philips Electronics N.V 8.8.1. Overview 8.8.2. Financials 8.8.3. Type portfolio 8.8.4. Business strategy 8.8.5. Recent developments 8.9. IQE PLC 8.9.1. Overview 8.9.2. Financials 8.9.3. Type portfolio 8.9.4. Business strategy 8.9.5. Recent developments 8.10. Princeton Optronics, Inc. 8.10.1. Overview 8.10.2. Financials 8.10.3. Type portfolio 8.10.4. Business strategy 8.10.5. Recent developments

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