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Gambia-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

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Gambia sees increased take up of mobile money solutionsGambia's telecom market is dominated by the incumbent telco Gamtel, which retains a monopoly on fixed-line telephony services. There are four mobile networks operating. The market's leader is Comium, with a 57% share of subscribers, while Africell Gambia and QCell compete closely for second and third place. Gamtel's mobile unit Gamcel is by far the smallest operator. Mobile penetration is well above the African average, itself a testament to the poor condition of the fixed-line infrastructure and the lack of availability of fixed services in many rural areas of the country.

Although the incumbent has a relatively well-developed national fibre backbone network, low fixed-line penetration has hindered internet usage. There are only three licensed ISPs, which are small operators serving local areas, and so competition is minimal.

The launch of a second 3G mobile broadband service in early 2012 brought more competition to the internet sector also served by DSL, WiMAX and EV-DO wireless broadband. The landing of the first international submarine fibre-optic cable in the country in 2011, followed by a second one more recently, has dramatically increased internet bandwidth and reduced the cost of internet services for end-users.

Key developments:

QCell launched its Qodoo Mobile Money service;

Gamtel reports further declines in revenue;

Netpage launches' Gambia's first commercial LTE-based broadband service;

International Network Management Center (IINMC) opens, facilitating traffic on ACE cable;

Africell contracts Alepo to provide systems solution for its LTE service;

Mobile penetration broaches 150%;

Gamtel contracts Huawei for fibre backbone project.Estimated market penetration rates in Gambia's telecoms sector-2016 (e)

Penetration of telecoms services:Penetration

Fixed-line telephony2.2%

Internet users16.9%

Mobile SIM (population)154%

(Source: BuddeComm based on various sources)


Table Of Content


1. Executive summary

2. Key statistics

3. Country overview

4. Telecommunications market

4.1 Historical overview

5. Regulatory environment

5.1 National Communications and Information Policy (NACIP)

5.2 Regulatory authority

5.3 2009 ICT Act

5.4 Interconnection

5.5 Universal Access Fund (UAF)

5.6 Telecom sector liberalisation

5.7 Privatisation

6. Fixed network operator

6.1 Gambia Telecommunications (Gamtel)

7. Telecommunications infrastructure

7.1 Overview of the national telecom network

7.1.1 Wireless Local Loop (WLL), CDMA-2000

7.2 International infrastructure

7.2.1 Submarine fibre

7.2.2 Satellite

8. Fixed-line broadband market

8.1 Introduction and statistical overview

8.2 Market analysis

8.3 Broadband statistics

8.4 Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

8.5 Fixed-line broadband technologies

8.5.1 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks

8.5.2 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) networks

8.5.3 Other fixed broadband services

9. Digital economy

9.1 e-government

10. Digital Media

10.1 Videostreaming

10.2 Communications: VoIP

11. Mobile market

11.1 Market analysis

11.1.1 Mobile statistics

11.2 Mobile data

11.2.1 SMS and MMS

11.3 Mobile broadband

11.4 Regulatory issues

11.4.1 SIM card registration

11.5 Mobile infrastructure

11.5.1 Digital networks

11.5.2 Other infrastructure developments

11.6 Major mobile operators

11.6.1 Gamcel

11.6.2 Africell

11.6.3 Comium

11.6.4 QCell

11.6.5 Additional licensees

11.7 Mobile content and applications

11.7.1 M-banking

12. Related reports

List Of Figure

Chart 1-Fixed lines in service and teledensity in Gambia-2005-2017

Chart 2-Internet users and penetration rate in Gambia-2005-2017

Chart 3-Mobile subscribers and penetration rate in Gambia-20025-2017

Exhibit 1-Map of Gambia

List Of Table

Table 1-Country statistics-Gambia-2016 (e)

Table 2-Fixed-line network statistics-2016 (e)

Table 3-Internet provider statistics-2016

Table 4-Internet and social media user statistics-2016 (e)

Table 5-Mobile statistics-2016 (e)

Table 6-Gamtel financial data-2012-2014

Table 7-Historic-Fixed lines in service and teledensity in Gambia-1999-2009

Table 8-Fixed lines in service and teledensity in Gambia-2010-2017

Table 9-Gambias international internet bandwidth-2002-2015

Table 10-Historic-Internet users and penetration rate in Gambia-1999-2009

Table 11-Internet users and penetration rate in Gambia-2010-2017

Table 12-Fixed-line broadband subscribers-2004-2017

Table 13-Historic-Mobile subscribers and penetration rate in Gambia-1999-2009

Table 14-Mobile subscribers and penetration rate in Gambia-2010-2017

Table 15-Mobile broadband subscribers and penetration in Gambia-2009-2017

Table 16-Africell Gambia 3G mobile broadband pricing-2016

Table 17-Gamcel mobile subscribers-2012-2016

Table 18-Africell mobile subscribers-2013-2016

Table 19-Comium mobile subscribers-2012-2016

Table 20-QCell mobile subscribers-2012-2016

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