Greece-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

Greece-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

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Executive Summary

Greece’s telcos secure multi-million Euro loans to build out NGNs

Greece’s telecoms market has undergone some very tough economic conditions in recent years, leading to lower sector revenue and investment. Operators across the board have seen gross profits tumble, and the continuing economic turmoil will make market conditions particularly tough during the next few years. The dominant player remains the incumbent telco Cosmote (OTE). The company has experienced significant challenges, but is supported by the organisational ability and financial clout of its parent Deutsche Telekom. Despite market liberalisation, Cosmote continues to dominate all sectors in the market.

The telecom regulator EETT has shown increasing success in promoting competition, with local loop unbundling well utilised to deliver competing fixed-line services. Promoting competition has become one of the EC’s conditions for Greece’s financial bailouts. In February 2017 access for competitors was extended to Cosmote vectoring VDSL infrastructure.

The main broadband operators have recently secured loans to enable them to build fibre-based next generation networks and so reach European broadband targets by 2020. The slowly increasing consumer take up of broadband services and a steady deployment of faster VDSL infrastructure has in turn encouraged the development of a range of IP services including streaming videostreaming.

Greece’s well-developed mobile market is dominated by the three mobile network operators Wind Hellas, Vodafone Greece and Cosmote. Tariffs have fallen in recent years as a result of competition and regulatory mandated reductions in MTRs. Operators have invested in LTE infrastructure and technologies including carrier aggregation to provide networks capable of meeting customer demand for data services. This in turn is helping the operators to grow revenue and offset declining revenue from voice and SMS services. Wind Hellas and Vodafone have a mobile network sharing deal in place, and have also partnered to develop a large-scale fibre-based fixed-line NGN.

This report introduces the key aspects of the Greek fixed-line telecoms, wholesale and IT markets, outlining the regulatory environment, assessing the major players and providing relevant operational data and financial statistics on both the operators and the market. The report also reviews the mobile market, covering regulatory and market developments as well as financial and operating statistics for the key players. In addition the report analyses the fixed and wireless broadband markets, providing an assessment of developments relating to vectoring VDSL and fibre networks as well as subscriber forecasts to 2022.

Key developments:

Regulator selects Forthnet as Universal Services provider;

Three telcos planning to invest €250 million to meet EU broadband targets by 2020;

Cypriot government draws up legislation aimed at selling off Cyta Hellas;

Government transfers 5% stake in OTE to TAIPED privatisation agency;

Forthnet rebrands all services as Nova;

Deregulation of the retail market for fixed-line calls;

Alternative operators able to access Cosmote’s VDSL vectoring technology;

Cosmote extends VDSL network to cover 1.3 million premises;

Cosmote trials carrier aggregation technology providing 1.2Gb/s download, launches LTE-A Pro services providing data at up to 500Mb/s;

Report update includes the regulator’s 2015 market review and 2015 annual report, telcos’ financial and operating data to Q4 2016, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Cosmote (OTE), Forthnet (Nova), Wind Hellas, On Telecoms, Tellas, Hellas Online, Vodafone Greece, Cytaglobal, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Vestitel.

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1. Key statistics

1.1 Country overview

2. Telecommunications market

2.1 Overview and statistics

3. Regulatory environment

3.1 Background

3.1.1 EU regulatory framework

3.1.2 Revised NFR

3.2 Regulatory authority

3.3 Telecom sector liberalisation

3.3.1 Privatisation

3.3.2 Interconnection

3.3.3 Access

3.3.4 Number Portability (NP)

3.3.5 Carrier selection and carrier preselection

3.3.6 Universal Service Obligation (USO)

4. Fixed network operators

4.1 Overview of operators

4.2 Cosmote (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, OTE)

4.3 Wind Hellas

4.4 Forthnet (Nova)

4.5 Vodafone Greece

4.6 Cyta Hellas

5. Telecommunications infrastructure

5.1 National telecom network

5.1.1 Cosmote

5.1.2 NGN

5.1.3 Alternative operators

5.1.4 Satellite networks

5.1.5 Submarine cables

6. Broadband market

6.1 Fixed broadband market

6.1.1 Overview

6.1.2 Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

6.1.3 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) networks

6.2 Other fixed broadband services

6.2.1 Fixed wireless (Wi-Fi and WiMAX)

7. Digital media

7.1 Overview

7.2 Digital TV

7.2.1 Videostreaming

7.2.2 Satellite TV

7.2.3 Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV)

8. Digital economy

8.1 Overview

8.2 E-government

8.3 Infrastructure

9. Mobile communications

9.1 Market analysis

9.2 Mobile statistics

9.2.1 General statistics

9.2.2 Mobile data

9.2.3 Mobile broadband

9.2.4 Regulatory issues

9.3 Mobile infrastructure

9.3.1 Digital networks

9.3.2 Other infrastructure developments

9.3.3 Major mobile operators

9.3.4 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

9.3.5 Mobile content and applications

Chart 1 Licensed telcos' financial performance (regulator data) 2000 2015

Chart 2 Forthnet Group financial data 2007 2016

Chart 3 Internet users and penetration 2005 2018

Chart 4 Fixed broadband subscribers and penetration 2003 2017

Chart 5 Forthnet broadband and LLU subscribers 2007 2016

Chart 6 Mobile subscribers (SIM) and penetration 2005-2018

Chart 7 Mobile market share of subscribers by operator 2005 2015

Chart 8 Vodafone ARPU 2008-2016

Chart 9 Cosmote mobile financial data 2007-2016

Exhibit 1 The EU regulatory framework for communications

Exhibit 2 Overview of spectrum auction results

Exhibit 3 2G auction results 2001

Exhibit 4 900MHz and 1800MHz auction spectrum 2011

Exhibit 5 900MHz and 1800MHz auction results 2011

Exhibit 6 Spectrum auction results 2014

Exhibit 7 Spectrum auction results overview 2001-2014

Exhibit 8 Spectrum auction results February 2017

Exhibit 9 3G auction results in Greece 2001

Table 1 Country statistics 2016 (e)

Table 2 Telephone network statistics 2016 (e)

Table 3 Internet user statistics 2016 (e)

Table 4 Broadband subscriber statistics 2016 (e)

Table 5 Mobile statistics 2016 (e)

Table 6 National telecommunications authority

Table 7 Retail revenue from fixed-telephony, internet and content services 2005-2015

Table 8 Telecom revenue by provider 2004-2015

Table 9 Telecom sector investments 2004-2015

Table 10 Licensed telcos' financial performance (regulator data) 2000 2015

Table 11 Fixed-line interconnection rates by operator 2012-2015

Table 12 LLU and shared access lines 2007-2015

Table 13 Cosmote LLU lines 2006-2016

Table 14 Annual fixed number portings 2004-2015

Table 15 CPS lines 2004-2013

Table 16 WLR lines 2009-2013

Table 17 OTE share of fixed-line call traffic 2005-2015

Table 18 Fixed-line traffic 2004-2015

Table 19 OTE Group financial data 2006-2016

Table 20 Cosmote subscriber data 2009-2016

Table 21 Cosmote company financial data by sector 2013-2016

Table 22 Forthnet Group financial data 2007-2016

Table 23 Forthnet Company financial data 2009-2016

Table 24 Forthnet bundled services subscribers 2014-2016

Table 25 Fixed lines in service 2000-2015

Table 26 OTE and altnet fixed lines in service 2005-2015

Table 27 Fixed-line teledensity 2000-2016

Table 28 OTE PSTN lines in service 2005-2016

Table 29 Cosmote market share of fixed-lines in service 2005-2015

Table 30 Next Generation Network access penetration 2011-2015

Table 31 Historic-Internet users and penetration 1999-2009

Table 32 Internet users and penetration 2010-2018

Table 33 Market share of broadband lines by speed 2012-2015

Table 34 Average DSL broadband line data rate 2008-2015

Table 35 DSL lines by platform/provider 2012-2015

Table 36 Market share of broadband subscribers by platform/provider 2009-2015

Table 37 Market share of broadband subscribers: OTE and altnets 2012-2016

Table 38 Fixed broadband subscribers and penetration 2003-2017

Table 39 Bundled services subscriptions by type 2015

Table 40 Forecast fixed broadband subscribers and penetration 2017; 2019, 2022

Table 41 Cosmote retail ADSL subscribers 2007 2016

Table 42 Forthnet broadband and LLU subscribers 2007-2016

Table 43 Vodafone retail DSL subscribers 2012 2016

Table 44 Cosmote VDSL subscribers 2013-2016

Table 45 Cosmote TV subscribers 2009- 2016

Table 46 IPTV subscribers 2012- 2017

Table 47 Forthnet pay-TV subscribers 2013-2016

Table 48 Satellite pay TV subscribers 2012-2017

Table 49 Historic-Mobile subscribers (SIM) and penetration 1996-2009

Table 50 Mobile subscribers (SIM) and penetration 2010-2018

Table 51 Active mobile subscribers (SIM) 2003-2015

Table 52 Mobile and fixed-line traffic 2004-2015

Table 53 Mobile ARPU 2009-2015

Table 54 Mobile market share of subscribers by operator 2005-2015

Table 55 Mobile service revenue and annual change 2003-2015

Table 56 Proportion of mobile revenue by service 2015

Table 57 Mobile service EBITDA and annual change 2003-2014

Table 58 Mobile service capex 2001-2014

Table 59 Ratio of prepaid to postpaid subscribers 2009-2015

Table 60 Cosmote prepaid subscribers 2005-2016

Table 61 Vodafone proportion of prepaid subscribers 2005-2016

Table 62 Total SMS messages sent 2006-2015

Table 63 Total MMS messages sent 2009-2015

Table 64 Active mobile broadband subscribers and penetration 2004-2015

Table 65 Mobile data traffic 2009-2015

Table 66 Mobile interconnection traffic by type 2009-2015

Table 67 Annual mobile number portings 2004-2015

Table 68 Vodafone subscribers 2008-2016

Table 69 Vodafone ARPU 2008-2016

Table 70 Vodafone financial data 2008-2017

Table 71 Total SMS messages sent 2014-2016

Table 72 Cosmote mobile financial data 2007-2016

Table 73 Cosmote annualised ARPU 2006-2016

Table 74 Cosmote mobile data revenue 2015-2016

Table 75 Cosmote subscribers 2006-2016

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Cosmote (OTE), Forthnet (Nova), Wind Hellas, On Telecoms, Tellas, Hellas Online, Vodafone Greece, Cytaglobal, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Vestitel.

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