Hong Kong - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

Hong Kong - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

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Executive Summary

Hong Kong broadband market sees data downloads race upwards

Hong Kong’s telecom market continues to develop in line with its status as one of the leading economies in the world. Coming into 2016, over two thirds of fixed broadband connections were fibre, with the remainder a mix of DSL and HFC. This has propelled Hong Kong to boast the highest peak average broadband speeds in the world, surpassing South Korea, Singapore and Japan. Hong Kong has also been claiming a string of ‘firsts’ in the global market, with its innovative approach to testing and implementing the latest technologies and platforms.

Broadband proliferation is not just limited to fixed broadband, with three quarters of the population owning a smartphone. With such widespread access to broadband services it is not surprising that Hong Kong has developed a vibrant digital economy, where over half the population has accessed e-government services and the country’s healthcare system has launched a personal healthcare record, giving patients control over their data and supporting effective and efficient provision of healthcare services. Digital media, often the frontrunner of any digital economy, is well entrenched in Hong Kong with streaming music and video - both legal and illegal - in high demand.

The benefits of integrating technology into utilities is becoming evident; smart grid trials have shown consumers are willing to modify electricity consumption patterns in response to near real time feedback about usage. At the same time the government has taken the first steps towards the coordinated development of a smart city, releasing a blueprint to oversee integration of technology into all aspects of everyday life to improve liveability and sustainability.

Underpinning delivery of these new digital economy services is increasing affordability and sophistication of end user devices and IOT connected sensors as well as continual investment in network infrastructure to connect devices reliably and with minimal delay, through new submarine cables as well as integration of new mobile related technologies designed to improve wireless broadband capacity and service quality.

Key Developments:

Strong adoption of 3G and LTE;

Operators have increased network speeds by deploying TDD and FDD aggregation technology;

Data downloads continue to grow, with the average data downloaded per subscriber running at around 1.4GB per month coming into 2016;

Hong Kong expands international connectivity with submarine cable AAE-1 set to be ready for service in 2016;

Local operators are moving quickly to expand Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) in 2016;

Hong Kong has implemented a strategy to facilitate the development of data centres;

The Hong Kong fixed-line market was remaining ‘flat’ with some 3.3 million subscribers, representing a 44% penetration;

OFCA granted dark fibre provider, Superloop, a unified carrier licence for the Hong Kong market;

Fibre was accounting for two thirds of all broadband subscriptions as it continued to grow;

An electronic healthcare record system has been launched in Hong Kong;

Smart grid trials show consumers adapt behaviour when given feedback on electricity usage;

A smart city blueprint has been created for a designated area within the territory.


Companies covered in this report include:

PCCW; HKT; CSL; Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN); Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong Holdings (3), Hutchison Global Communications Ltd (HGC), China Mobile, China Mobile HK, CITIC Telecom, i-Cable; SmarTone, Vodafone, NOW TV, TVB, ATV, KKBox, Soliton, Spotify, Viu.

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1. Key statistics

2. Telecommunications market

2.1 Market overview

2.2 Analysis of the market

3. Regulatory environment

3.1 Historical overview

3.2 Regulatory authority

3.3 OFCA (Office of the Communications Authority)

3.4 Government policies

3.4.1 Telecom Sector Liberalisation

3.4.2 Universal Service Obligation (USO)

3.4.3 Digital 21 IT Strategy

3.4.4 FttB/FttH building registration scheme

3.4.5 Number Portability (NP)

4. Fixed network operators

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Pacific Century Cyber Works (PCCW) / HKT

4.2.1 Company overview

4.2.2 Company background

4.2.3 Financial statistics

4.2.4 Operations statistics

4.2.5 PCCW Solutions

4.3 Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN)

4.3.1 Company overview

4.4 Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong Holdings (HTHKH)

4.4.1 Company overview

4.4.2 Company background

4.4.3 Financial statistics

4.4.4 Operational statistics

4.5 i-Cable

4.5.1 Company overview

4.5.2 Financial statistics

4.5.3 Operational statistics

5. Telecommunications infrastructure

5.1 Overview of the national telecom network

5.1.1 Fixed-line statistics

5.2 International infrastructure

5.2.1 Submarine cable networks

5.3 Specific IT developments

5.3.1 Data Centres

5.4 M2M, smart infrastructure, connected homes

6. Broadband market

6.1 Analysis

6.2 Developments

6.3 Statistical overview

6.3.1 Internet statistics

6.3.2 Broadband statistics

6.4 Forecasts Fixed broadband subscribers 2017; 2020

6.5 Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks

6.6 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Networks

6.7 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP)

6.7.1 Overview

6.7.2 HKBN

6.7.3 HKT

6.7.4 i-Cable

6.8 Other fixed broadband services

6.8.1 WiFi

7. Digital media

7.1 Introduction

7.1.1 Pay TV

7.2 Key Digital Media Players

7.2.1 PCCW

7.2.2 i-cable

7.2.3 Television Broadcasts Ltd (TVB)

7.2.4 Asia Television Ltd (ATV)

7.3 Hybrid fibre coax cable (HFC) and microwave multipoint distribution system (MMDS)

7.4 Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)

7.5 Analogue transmission

7.6 Digital terrestrial transmission

7.7 Videostreaming

7.8 Social Media

7.9 Communications: VoIP, messaging, conferencing

7.10 Music

7.10.1 Introduction

7.10.2 Major players

8. Digital economy

8.1 Introduction

8.2 E-Commerce

8.3 E-Payments

8.4 E-Government

8.4.1 E-government statistics

8.4.2 Central Cyber Government Office (CCGO)

8.4.3 E-Government Infrastructure Services (EGIS)

8.4.4 E-government network

8.4.5 Smart Card

8.5 E-Health

8.5.1 Overview of Hong Kong's healthcare system

8.5.2 ICT usage in Hong Kong's healthcare system

8.5.3 Electronic Health Record

8.5.4 Improving the accuracy of drug dispensing

8.6 E-Education

8.7 Smart Grids

8.7.1 Overview of Hong Kong's electricity market

8.7.2 Regulatory incentives for renewables

8.7.3 Smart Grid developments

8.8 Smart Cities

9. Mobile communications

9.1 Market analysis

9.2 Mobile statistics

9.2.1 General statistics

9.2.2 Mobile data

9.2.3 Mobile broadband statistics

9.2.4 Forecasts total mobile and 3G/LTE subscribers 2017; 2020

9.3 Regulatory issues

9.3.1 Licensing

9.3.2 Spectrum

9.3.3 Mobile number portability (MNP)

9.4 Mobile infrastructure

9.4.1 Analogue networks

9.4.2 Digital networks

9.4.3 Other infrastructure developments

9.4.4 IoT and M2M Networks

9.5 Major mobile operators

9.5.1 PCCW/Hong Kong Telecom / CSL

9.5.2 Hutchison Telekom Hong Kong Holdings (HTHKH)

9.5.3 SmarTone

9.5.4 China Mobile Hong Kong

9.5.5 Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)

9.6 Mobile content and applications

9.6.1 m-Banking

9.6.2 m-Trading

9.6.3 m-TV

Chart 1 Hong Kong fixed-line telephony subscribers 2006 - 2015

Chart 2 Hong Kong Internet users and fixed Internet subscribers 2005 - 2016

Chart 3 Hong Kong internet subscribers by type 2000 - 2015

Chart 4 Hong Kong broadband internet subscribers and population penetration 2000 - 2016

Chart 5 Hong Kong IP telephony subscribers 2007 - 2014

Chart 6 - Mobile subscribers, annual change and penetration - 2006-2016

Chart 7 Hong Kong 3G/4G mobile subscribers 2006 - 2016

Exhibit 1 Historical - the original' PCCW deal

Exhibit 2 HTHKH frequency allocations June 2015

Exhibit 3 Major submarine cables with landing points in Hong Kong 2015

Exhibit 4 Transmission modes employed by TV licensees

Exhibit 5 TV broadcasting licensees June 2015

Exhibit 6 Radio broadcasting licensees June 2015

Exhibit 7 Digital economy key developments

Exhibit 8 Popular online activities

Exhibit 9 Advantages of e-learning

Table 1 Country statistics Hong Kong 2015

Table 2 Telephone network statistics 2015

Table 3 Internet statistics 2015

Table 4 Broadband statistics 2015

Table 5 Mobile statistics 2015

Table 6 National telecommunications authorities

Table 7 Digital 21 Strategy key indicators 2014/2016

Table 8 Total fixed numbers ported 2005 - 2016

Table 9 PCCW financial data 2001 - 2015

Table 10 HKT Revenue breakdown 2009 2015

Table 11 PCCW exchange lines in service 2003 2014

Table 12 PCCW Solutions revenue and EBITDA 2009 - 2015

Table 13 HKBN financial data 2014 - 2015

Table 14 HKBN broadband subscribers business v. residential - 2013 2015

Table 15 HTHKH revenue and profit 2006 2015

Table 16 Hutchison mobile subscribers and annual change 1998 - 2015

Table 17 HTHKH mobile subscribers 2G and 3G postpaid and total - 2008 - 2014

Table 18 Hutchison postpaid ARPU, AMPU and churn 2010 - 2014

Table 19 i-Cable revenue and profit 2005 2014

Table 20 i-Cable subscribers per service 2008 - 2015

Table 21 Fixed-line telephony subscribers 2000 2015

Table 22 External fixed-line telephone traffic volume in minutes 1997 2015

Table 23 External telecommunications facilities capacity 2000 - 2015

Table 24 Internet users and penetration 2005 - 2016

Table 25 Fixed Internet subscribers and penetration 2005 - 2016

Table 26 Narrowband internet access subscribers 2000 - 2015

Table 27 Internet subscribers by access speeds 2014 - 2015

Table 28 Internet traffic volume in Hong Kong 2000 2015

Table 29 Fixed broadband internet access subscribers 2000 - 2016

Table 30 Residential broadband subscriptions by technology platform 2010 - 2016

Table 31 PCCW broadband subscribers 2007 - 2014

Table 32 Residential broadband ARPU 2010 - 2016

Table 33 Forecast broadband subscribers and penetration - higher band: - 2017; 2020

Table 34 Forecast broadband subscribers and penetration - lower band: - 2017; 2020

Table 35 Hong Kong Broadband residential broadband subscribers 2010 2015

Table 36 PCCW fibre broadband subscribers 2003 2015

Table 37 Number of public WiFi access point and WiFi zones 2007 - 2016

Table 38 Pay TV viewer share 2013 - 2014

Table 39 NOW TV Revenue and EBITDA 2009 - 2015

Table 40 NOW TV subscribers and ARPU 2003 2015

Table 41 Historical - digital terrestrial television population coverage 2007 - 2014

Table 42 IP telephony subscribers 2007 - 2014

Table 43 ICT employees by job category 2014

Table 44 Total number of online shoppers 2004 - 2014

Table 45 Amount spent by online shoppers 2014

Table 46 Items purchased by online shoppers - 2014

Table 47 Channel used to access e-government services 2014

Table 48 e-government services visitors and transactions 2014/2016

Table 49 Age of e-government users 2014

Table 50 Type of e-government service used 2014

Table 51 Reasons cited for not using e-government services 2014

Table 52 Government expenditure on IT 2008 - 2014

Table 53 Mobile subscribers, annual change and penetration 2006 - 2016

Table 54 Historical - Mobile subscribers, annual change and penetration 1984 2005

Table 55 Smartphone penetration by age group 2014

Table 56 Prepaid and activated SIM cards 1997 - 2015

Table 57 Major mobile operators - subscribers and market share 2013

Table 58 Major mobile operators - subscribers and market share June 2015

Table 59 3G/4G mobile subscribers 2005 - 2016

Table 60 Mobile data usage per person 2005 - 2015

Table 61 SMS messages sent and received 2002 2015

Table 62 Mobile broadband subscriber penetration 2009 2014

Table 63 Forecast mobile subscribers and penetration higher band forecast 2017; 2020

Table 64 Forecast mobile subscribers and penetration lower band forecast 2017; 2020

Table 65 Total mobile numbers ported 1999 2015

Table 66 PCCW prepaid and postpaid subscribers 2005 - 2015

Table 67 Hutchison mobile subscribers and annual change 1998 2015

Table 68 SmarTone financial data 2009 - 2016

Table 69 SmarTone Blended ARPU 2002 - 2015

Table 70 SmarTone subscribers and annual change 1998 - 2015

Table 71 SmarTone spectrum holdings January 2015

Table 72 China Mobile Hong Kong - subscribers and annual change 1998 - 2015

Table 73 MVNO subscribers 2005 2016

Table 74 Mobile data usage 2002 2015

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PCCW, HKT, CSL, Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong Holdings (3), Hutchison Global Communications Ltd (HGC), China Mobile, China Mobile HK, CITIC Telecom, i-Cable, SmarTone, Vodafone, NOW TV, TVB, ATV, KKBox, Soliton, Spotify, Viu.

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