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Kazakhstan - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband

Kazakhstan - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband

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  • December 2015
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Executive Summary

Executive summary

In Kazakhstan the mobile market reaches saturation pointAlthough there had been a 'correction' in the number of mobile subscribers in Kazakhstan in 2013, the overall picture of the telecom market remains one of positive developments.

Penetration rates have actually declined in the past year or two due to market consolidation. Market penetration was around 158% in 2015.

Internet user penetration has reached over 50% and mobile broadband market penetration by late 2015 was over 60%

The country's healthy telecom market has come about on the back of a growing economy (despite the occasional setback) and a program of positive regulatory reform within the telecom sector.

The rapid and successful development of telecommunications in the country encouraged a number of foreign companies - both service providers and suppliers - to establish a presence in this emerging market. Since 1992, international operators and manufacturers have been active in Kazakhstan in providing services and installing state-of-the-art equipment, especially as part of the country's international telecom network. Companies such as Motorola, Lucent, Siemens, Alcatel, Nokia, Daewoo and Nortel Networks have all been active in the market. Recognising the long-term potential of this market, many foreign telecom companies have been looking to invest and form partnerships with local telecom enterprises.

Four private operators had been licensed to provide international and long-distance services in competition with the incumbent Kazakhtelecom. They were state-railway subsidiary TransTelecom, KazTransCom (a subsidiary of the national oil company), Ducat and Astel.

Kazakhstan has a relatively energetic fixed-line market with six operators providing fixed-line telephone services. Of special note has been the healthy growth in internet activity in Kazakhstan, with the move to broadband access in particular taking place at a rapid rate. Fixed broadband subscribers as a proportion of the population had reached an encouraging level, with the market expected to continue its current expansion. By the same stage, however, fixed broadband was being completely overshadowed by the rapid mobile broadband expansion.

Despite the positive messages from the market, there remained some uncertainty around the industry. This was typified by the failure of the government to convince the WTO that it was ready for membership. The WTO continued to express serious concerns about the absence of input and progress in a number of critical areas.

In early 2015 the government was in the process of pushing through legislation to pave the way for number portability later in 2015.

Note: It was difficult to obtain a full statistical picture of the internet market in Kazakhstan, with indicators often not being available or information conflicting.

Key developments:

After a decade of particularly strong expansion in Kazakhstan's mobile market, there has been a marked 'flattening' in the growth.

Penetration rates have actually declined in the past year or two due to market consolidation. Market penetration was around 158% in 2015.

Internet user penetration has reached over 50%.

Mobile broadband market penetration by late 2015 was over 60%

Altel has started a rollout of its LTE 4G network;

Kcell launched LTE 4G mobile services in a further three markets

Kar-tel's FTTB network now passes 1.2 million premises in 25 cities.

Kar-Tel has launched a public Wi-Fi network on 100 public transport buses in Astana city.

1. Executive summary

2. Key statistics

2.1 Country overview

2.1.1 Background and Economy

3. Telecommunications market

3.1 Overview of Kazakhstan's telecom market

4. Regulatory environment

4.1 Regulatory authority

4.2 Market liberalisation

4.3 Privatisation

4.4 Number Portability

5. Fixed-network operators in Kazakhstan

5.1 Kazakhtelecom

5.1.1 Kazakhtelecom's interests in the mobile market

5.1.2 Fibre Optic Network

5.2 Astel

5.3 Ducat (formerly Kazintel)

5.4 KazInformTelecom (KIT)

6. Telecommunications infrastructure

6.1 National

6.1.1 Overview

6.1.2 Forecasts - fixed-line market - 2015; 2020

6.1.3 IP-based services

6.1.4 Next Generation Network (NGN) development

6.1.5 Wireless Local Loop (WLL)

6.2 International infrastructure

6.2.1 Trans Asia-Europe (TAE)

6.2.2 Satellite networks

6.2.3 KazSat satellite series

7. Internet market

7.1 Overview

7.1.1 Internet and broadband statistics

7.1.2 Forecasts - internet services - 2015; 2020

7.1.3 E-commerce

7.1.4 E-government

7.1.5 Kazakh Network Information Centre (KazNIC)

7.1.6 Ashyk Alem Project

7.2 Broadband services

7.2.1 General

7.2.2 Broadband statistics

7.2.3 WiMAX

7.2.4 FttB

7.3 ISP market

7.3.1 Kazakhstan Online

7.3.2 Nursat

7.4 Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)

8. Mobile communications

8.1 Overview of Kazakhstan's mobile market

8.1.1 Mobile statistics

8.1.2 Forecasts - mobile market - 2015; 2020

8.2 Mobile technologies

8.2.1 Third Generation (3G)

8.2.2 Fourth Generation (4G) / Long Term Evolution (LTE)

8.3 Major mobile operators

8.3.1 Altel

8.3.2 K'Cell (GSM-Kazakhstan)

8.3.3 Kar-Tel (Beeline)

8.3.4 Tele 2 Kazakhstan (formerly NeoTelecom)

9. Related reports

Chart 1 - Fixed lines in service and annual change - 2000-2015

Chart 2 - Internet users - 2005-2015

Chart 3 - Internet Subscribers - 2005-2015

Chart 4 - Mobile subscribers, annual change and penetration - 2000-2015

Exhibit 1 - Kazakhtelecom's modernisation program for telecommunications - 2004 - 2007

Table 1 - Country statistics Kazakhstan - 2015

Table 2 - Telephone network statistics - 2015

Table 3 - Internet user statistics - 2015

Table 4 - Mobile statistics - 2015

Table 5 - National telecommunications authorities

Table 6 - Kazakhstan's GDP real growth rate - 2006 - 2015

Table 7 - Fixed lines in service and teledensity - 1995 - 2015

Table 8 - Historial - Fixed-line subscribers in urban areas - 2009 - 2013

Table 9 - Forecast fixed line subscribers and penetration rates - 2015; 2020

Table 10 - Internet users - 1996 - 2015

Table 11 - Fixed internet subscribers - 1996 - 2015

Table 12 - Fixed broadband subscribers - 2003 - 2015

Table 13 - DSL subscribers - 2007 - 2014

Table 14 - Cable modem subscribers - 2007; 2010 - 2014

Table 15 - FttP subscribers - 2012 - 2014

Table 16 - Active mobile broadband subscribers - 2010 - 2015

Table 17 - Internet bandwidth capacity - 2001 - 2015

Table 18 - Forecast internet subscribers and penetration rates - 2015; 2020

Table 19 - Kazakhtelecom's IPTV subscribers - 2010 - 2014

Table 20 - Mobile subscribers and annual change - 1996 - 2015

Table 21 - Mobile operators, subscribers and annual change (historical) - June 2013

Table 22 - Mobile operators - market share (historical) - June 2013

Table 23 - Mobile operators - market share (historical) - 2013

Table 24 - Forecast mobile subscribers and penetration rates - 2015; 2020

Table 25 - Altel's mobile subscribers - 2009 - 2013

Table 26 - Altel's mobile broadband subscribers - 2010 - 2014

Table 27 - Altel - 4G / LTE subscribers - 2012 - 2014

Table 28 - Altel's mobile ARPU - 2010 - 2014

Table 29 - K'Cell's mobile subscribers - 2006 - 2013

Table 30 - K'Cell's mobile subscribers - postpaid v. prepaid - 2012 - 2014

Table 31 - Kar-Tel (Beeline) - mobile subscribers - 2006 - 2015

Table 32 - Kar-Tel (Beeline) - mobile ARPU - 2006 - 2014

Table 33 - Kar-Tel (Beeline) - fixed broadband subscribers - 2008 - 2013

Table 34 - Kar-Tel (Beeline) - fixed broadband ARPU - 2006 - 2014

Table 35 - Tele2 Kazakhstan's mobile subscribers - 2010 - 2015

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