Latvia-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

Latvia-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

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Executive Summary

Tele2 Latvia to provide LTE-A nationally by end-2016

Latvia's telecom market has been shaped by the European Union, with the EU's 2002 regulatory policies and the revised 2009 New Regulatory Framework being adopted as core components of the sector's regulatory measures. The country is as also a member of the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU. At the beginning of 2014 Latvia became the 18th country to adopt the euro as its national currency, and by the end of the year the incumbent telco, Lattelecom, transitioned to the euro for all of its businesses in both Latvia and Lithuania. The former currency, the Lat, had joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM II) in May 2005. Latvia became a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD in June 2016.

Latvia's broadband market continues to suffer from inadequate progress on local loop unbundling, though the government has stepped up its efforts to build a national fibre broadband network, part-funded by the European Commission (EC).

Four mobile network operators compete in the market. LTE services have been launched commercially, while operators including Tele2 have expanded their LTE-A services into 2016. The recent auction of 2.6GHz spectrum has enabled operators to improve the capabilities of their LTE services. A significant auction of digital dividend spectrum held at the end of 2013 saw three operators secure licenses to 2030.

Key developments:

Government rejects TeliaSonera's proposal to merge LMT with Lattelecom; regulator reports on mobile broadband quality of service into 2016; Mid Europa sells Bite Group to Providence Equity Partners; MNOs expand LTE-A deployments; Lattelecom launches VDSL vectoring program; fixed-line call termination rates reduced by 89%; fibre rollouts providing broadband access at up to 600Mb/s; EC funding for fibre networks supporting the government' program to build a national network; report update includes the regulator's market data, telcos' operating and financial data to Q2 2016, recent market developments.

Market penetration rates in Latvia's telecoms sector 2016 (e)

Penetration of telecoms services: | Penetration

Fixed-line telephony | 19%

Fixed broadband | 25.8%

Mobile SIM (population) | 127%

(Source: BuddeComm)

Companies mentioned in this report:

Lattelecom, Baltcom TV, Izzi, Viasat, Latvia Mobilais Telefons, Bite, Telekom Baltija, Zetcom, Tele2, Latvenergo.

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1. Executive summary

2. Key statistics

3. Country overview

4. Telecommunications market

4.1 Market analysis

5. Regulatory environment

5.1 Regulatory authority

5.1.1 Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

5.2 Revised NFR

5.3 Market liberalisation

5.4 Privatisation

5.5 Interconnect

5.6 Access

5.7 Carrier selection (CS) and Carrier PreSelection (CPS)

5.8 Number Portability (NP)

6. Fixed network operators

6.1 Lattelecom

6.2 Norby Telecom

7. Telecommunications infrastructure

7.1 National telecom network

7.2 Telecoms and IT

8. Broadband market

8.1 Introduction and statistical overview

8.2 Market analysis

8.3 Government support

8.4 Broadband statistics

8.5 Forecasts broadband subscribers 2016; 2018; 2021

8.5.1 Notes on scenario forecasts

9. Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks

9.1 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks

9.1.1 ADSL2+

9.1.2 VDSL

9.2 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) networks

9.3 Other fixed-line broadband services

9.3.1 Fixed wireless (WiMAX, WiBro, Wi-Fi)

9.3.2 EV-DO

10. Digital economy

10.1 E-government

10.2 E-education

10.3 E-health

11. Digital media

11.1 Introduction

11.2 Key digital media players

11.2.1 Baltcom

11.2.2 Izzi

11.3 Satellite-based digital pay TV

11.4 Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV)

11.5 Videostreaming

12. Mobile market

12.1 Market analysis

12.2 Mobile statistics

12.3 Mobile data

12.3.1 Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

12.4 Mobile broadband

12.5 Regulatory issues

12.5.1 CDMA licence awarded

12.5.2 900MHz spectrum

12.5.3 2.3GHz spectrum

12.5.4 2.6GHz spectrum

12.5.5 700MHz spectrum

12.5.6 Third Generation (3G) licences

12.5.7 EU roaming tariffs

12.5.8 Mobile Termination Rates (MTRs)

12.5.9 Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

12.6 Mobile infrastructure

12.6.1 Digital networks

12.7 Other infrastructure developments

12.7.1 General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

12.7.2 Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE)

12.8 Major mobile operators

12.8.1 Latvia Mobilais Telefons (LMT)

12.8.2 Tele2 Latvia

12.8.3 Telekom Baltija/Triatel

12.8.4 Bite

12.8.5 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

12.8.6 Mobile TV

12.9 Mobile content and applications

12.9.1 QR code readers

13. Related reports

Chart 1 Lattelecom Group financial data 2004-2015

Chart 2 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2003-2017

Chart 3 Internet users and penetration rate 2002-2017

Chart 4 Mobile subscribers and penetration 2005-2017

Chart 5 LMT prepaid subscribers 2002-2016

Chart 6 LMT mobile financial data 2008-2016

Chart 7 Tele2 mobile financial data 2008-2016

Exhibit 1 EU regulatory framework for communications

Exhibit 2 Overview of access, the local loop and unbundling

Exhibit 3 Overview of Carrier Selection and Carrier PreSelection

Exhibit 4 Number portability defined

Exhibit 5 The Economist Intelligence Unit annual e-readiness criteria

Table 1 Country statistics Latvia 2016 (e)

Table 2 Telephone network statistics 2016 (e)

Table 3 Internet user statistics 2016 (e)

Table 4 Broadband statistics 2016 (e)

Table 5 Mobile statistics 2016 (e)

Table 6 National telecommunications authority

Table 7 Fixed-line market revenue (LVL) 2005-2011

Table 8 Telecom market revenue (fixed, mobile, USD ) 2006-2014

Table 9 Lattelecom Group financial data () 2004-2015

Table 10 Lattelecom Group revenue by service () 2013-2015

Table 11 Historic-Fixed lines in service and teledensity 1999-2009

Table 12 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2010-2017

Table 13 International bandwidth 2008-2015

Table 14 Internet bandwidth per subscriber 2008-2015

Table 15 Proportion of connections by broadband data speed/operator 2013

Table 16 Historic-Internet users and penetration rate 1999-2009

Table 17 Internet users and penetration rate 2010-2017

Table 18 Fixed-line broadband subscribers and penetration rate 2001-2017

Table 19 Lattelecom fixed-line broadband subscribers 2002-2012

Table 20 Forecast broadband subscribers higher market growth scenario 2016; 2018; 2021

Table 21 Cable broadband subscribers 2007-2016

Table 22 DSL subscribers 2001- 2017

Table 23 Fibre broadband subscribers 2007- 2017

Table 24 Wireless broadband subscribers and penetration 2007-2014

Table 25 Lattelecom IPTV subscribers 2007-2012

Table 26 Historic-Mobile subscribers and penetration 1999-2009

Table 27 Mobile subscribers and penetration 2010-2017

Table 28 LMT prepaid subscribers 2002-2016

Table 29 SMS traffic 2013-2016

Table 30 Active mobile broadband subscribers and penetration 2005-2015

Table 31 2.6GHz spectrum auction results January 2012

Table 32 700MHz spectrum auction results 2013

Table 35 Cumulative mobile numbers ported 2007-2014

Table 36 LMT mobile subscribers 2006-2016

Table 37 Historic-LMT mobile ARPU (LVL) 2006-2012

Table 38 LMT mobile ARPU () 2012-2016

Table 39 LMT financial data 2008-2016

Table 40 LMT mobile services revenue 2013-2016

Table 41 Tele2 mobile financial data 2008-2016

Table 42 Tele2 mobile subscribers 2008-2016

Table 43 Bite financial data 2012-2015

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Lattelecom, Baltcom TV, Izzi, Viasat, Latvia Mobilais Telefons, Bite, Telekom Baltija, Zetcom, Tele2, Latvenergo.

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