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Lebanon-Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband-Statistics and Analyses

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Lebanon's new telecoms minister focuses on fixed network improvements

Significant improvements are planned for Lebanon's fixed network, according to Lebanon's new telecoms minister Jamal Jarrah. The plans should result in 500,000 new landlines becoming available in 2017, the installation of fibre-optic networks and faster DSL services. Ogero Telecom is working in conjunction with the government to deploy the planned works.

The improvements will be welcomed by consumers and enterprises alike. Lebanon has trailed behind other countries in the region in almost all aspects of broadband networks and services. ADSL services were not launched until 2007 and broadband has been available at only low speeds and at high prices. This has changed somewhat in the last couple of years with proactive measures being made to reduce prices but speed is still an issue.

4G services have been available in Lebanon since 2013 and initially the coverage was only small. During 2016 both Touch and Alfa implemented substantial 4G upgrades and expansions, supported by Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson. By the end of March 2017, according to the Telecoms Minister, there would be an 85% coverage of 4G mobile broadband across most parts of Lebanon.

The improvements to Lebanon's broadband infrastructure will boost the already flourishing digital economy as well as the start-up culture that has attracted international interest and recognition.

Table 1 Key telecom parameters 2014; 2017

Sector | 2014 | 2017

Subscribers to telecoms services (million): (e)

Fixed Broadband users | 1.13 | 1.76

Fixed-line telephony | 0.96 | 1.53

Mobile phone | 4.38 | 5.96

Key developments:

By the end of 2017 it is expected there will be 85% coverage of fibre-optic networks in Lebanon.

Alfa and Nokia launched Lebanon's first LTE-A network in 2016. It offers higher download speeds of up to 262.5 Mb/s.

The tendering of Lebanon's mobile network management contracts has stalled. In the interim, Kuwait's Zain Group continues to manage Touch Lebanon and Egypt's Orascom continues to manage Alfa.

The 2020 Telecom Vision project by the MoT will also see improvements in fibre-optic infrastructure with plans for the entire country to be covered by 2020.

Companies covered in this report include:

Ogero Telecom, Touch, Alfa Telecom, Cable One, Cedarcom, GlobalCom Data Services (GDS), Pesco Telecom, Sodetel, IDM/Cyberia, TerraNet, Cinemoz, Leap Ventures, Telly, ICFlix Media, OSN, Viamobile, PinPay.


Table Of Content


1. Executive summary

2. Key statistics

2.1 Country overview

3. Telecommunications market

3.1 Historical overview

3.2 Market analysis

3.3 Recent developments

3.3.1 Telecom Vision 2020

4. Regulatory environment

4.1 Background

4.2 Regulatory authority

4.3 Telecom sector liberalisation in Lebanon

4.4 Privatisation

4.4.1 Ogero Telecom

4.4.2 Mobile operators

4.5 Interconnect

5. Fixed network operator

5.1 Ogero Telecom

6. Telecommunications infrastructure

6.1 National telecom network

6.1.1 MoT Project

6.2 International infrastructure

6.2.1 Submarine cable networks

7. Broadband access market

7.1 Market analysis

7.2 Broadband statistics

7.3 Competition issues

7.3.1 Data service providers

7.4 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks

7.5 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP)

7.6 Other fixed broadband services

7.6.1 Fixed wireless (WiFi and WiMAX)

7.6.2 Internet via satellite (Ku band services)

8. Digital economy

8.1 Overview

8.1.1 Start-ups in Lebanon

8.1.2 MIEP project

8.2 E-commerce/e-banking

8.3 E-government

8.4 E-education

8.4.1 Mobile Learning (m-learning)

8.4.2 PC and Internet penetration

8.5 E-health

8.5.1 Digital technologies assist refugees in Lebanon and the Middle East

9. Digital media

9.1 Advertising

9.2 Videostreaming

9.3 Social media

9.4 Cloud technology and ICT

9.5 Music

10. Mobile communications

10.1 Market analysis

10.2 Mobile statistics

10.2.1 General statistics

10.3 Mobile voice

10.3.1 Prepaid

10.3.2 Satellite mobile

10.3.3 Mobile VoIP

10.4 Mobile data

10.4.1 SMS and MMS

10.4.2 OTT messaging services

10.5 Mobile broadband statistics

10.6 Regulatory issues

10.6.1 Overview

10.6.2 Lebanon's current mobile contracts

10.6.3 Open international tender 2015

10.7 Mobile infrastructure

10.7.1 Digital networks

10.8 IoT and M2M networks

10.9 Major mobile operators

10.9.1 Touch (operated by Zain)

10.9.2 Alfa

11. Mobile content and applications

11.1 m-commerce

11.2 m-banking (payments/loans)

11.3 m-TV

11.4 Apps

11.5 Mobile handsets

12. Related reports

List Of Table

Table 1 Key telecom parameters 2014; 2017

Table 2 Country statistics Lebanon

Table 3 Telephone network statistics 2017

Table 4 Fixed broadband statistics 2017

Table 5 Mobile statistics 2017

Table 6 National telecommunications authorities

Table 7 GDP growth and inflation 2011-2016

Table 8 Fixed lines in service and teledensity-2006-2017

Table 9 Internet user and penetration estimates 2013-2016

Table 10 Lebanon-broadband subscribers by access technology 2013; 2015

Table 11 Fixed broadband subscribers and penetration 2002-2017

Table 12 Household PC penetration 2002-2016

Table 13 Lebanon total advertising spend and online advertising spend 2012-2016

Table 14-Facebook Stats for Middle East as at August 2016

Table 15 Historic-Mobile subscribers and penetration rate-1995-2004

Table 16 Mobile subscribers and penetration 2005-2017

Table 17 Mobile operators' market share 2004 1H 2015

Table 18 Active mobile broadband subscriptions 2011-2017

Table 19 Touch prepaid and postpaid subscribers 2005 2016

Table 20 Alfa subscribers 2009-2015

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Ogero Telecom, Touch, Alfa Telecom, Cable One, Cedarcom, GlobalCom Data Services (GDS), Pesco Telecom, Sodetel, IDM/Cyberia, TerraNet, Cinemoz, Leap Ventures, Telly, ICFlix Media, OSN, Viamobile, PinPay.