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Switzerland-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

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Switzerland improves broadband speeds under new universal service obligations

Switzerland has a sophisticated telecom sector and enjoys one of the highest broadband penetration rates in the OECD. Its competitive mobile market is served by three network operators and a small number of MVNOs while the broadband market is dominated by Swisscom and the main cableco UPC, though there are a large number of smaller players in the market, many providing services to local communities. UPC has gained scale in recent years by acquiring a number of its partner networks.

The mobile market has undergone a number of changes in recent years, with the operator Salt (formerly Orange Switzerland) having been acquired by NJJ Capital in February 2015, and with Sunrise having been acquired by a private equity firm, CVC Capital Partners. Following an IPO in February 2016 Sunrise raised CHF2.274 billion. Shortly afterwards a 23.8% stake in Sunrise was sold to the German mobile services provider freenet. The market has also benefited from the entry of UPC, which provides mobile voice and data services as an MVNO. As a full-service provider of quad-play bundles UPC can compete more effectively with Sunrise and Swisscom.

Mobile penetration is on a par with the European average while mobile data use among consumers has increased rapidly in line with the expended reach of technologies including HSPA and LTE. Customer use of mobile data services is helping to offset declining ARPU and lower traffic in the SMS segment as consumers adopt a range of OTT messaging services. Higher data usage also encouraged Swisscom to decide to switch off its 2G infrastructure and utilise these network assets for LTE and forthcoming 5G services.

In the broadband sector there is effective cross-platform competition. The DSL market is dominated by Swisscom’s retail offerings, while UPC offers cable broadband in most cities and towns. Its extension of 500Mb/s services helped spur Swisscom to intensify its own VDSL, and FttP network rollouts in a bid to remain competitive.

There has been a government focus on broadband deployment of ‘ultra-fast’ broadband, or that defined as at least 100Mb/s. This depends on the growing footprint of technologies based on fibre, LTE and the new DOCSIS3.1 standard. By 2020 fixed-line networks are expected to deliver at least 100Mb/s to 85% of the population, while LTE should cover 100% by that date.

This report presents a statistical profile of Switzerland’s telecom market. It assesses the regulatory environment, noting the status of local loop unbundling, as well as recent developments in the universal service obligation. It also evaluates the strategies and performance of major service providers Swisscom, UPC and Sunrise, and looks ahead to market developments in coming years. The report in addition analyses the broadband market, including profiles of the main players in the DSL, cable, fibre and wireless sectors. It details technological developments, provides broadband forecasts to 2021, and examines regulatory issues related to municipal fibre, local loop unbundling, and the provision of broadband as a universal service. This report also assesses the mobile market, presenting an analysis on the regulatory environment, profiles of the main providers and updates on developments with emerging technologies including 5G.

Key developments:

Swisscom expands LoRa networks;

Regulator redefines USO minimum broadband speed at 3Mb/s; Swisscom has USO licence renewed to 2022;

Reduced MTRs kick in for 2017;

Sunrise considers sale of parts of its mobile network infrastructure;

Swisscom partners with Ericsson to prepare path for commercial 5G services by 2020, prepares launch of LTE-A Pro services later in 2017;

Swisscom planning to switch off its 2G network by 2020;

Regulator measures eliminate FttP network duplication;

Swisscom to concentrate on G-fast to deliver fast broadband to 2020;

Laussane to be connected with FttP by end-2017; Swisscom contracts Huawei for FttS network upgrade;

UPC expands the reach of its 500Mb/s cable broadband service;

E-government Strategic Plan 2017 – 2019 adopted;

Report update includes the regulator’s market data, telcos’ financial and operating data to Q4 2016, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC, Swisscom Mobile, Salt (Orange Switzerland), Cybernet


Table Of Content


1. Key statistics

1.1 Country overview

2. Telecommunications market

2.1 Market analysis

2.2 Government ICT strategy

3. Regulatory environment

3.1 Historical overview

3.2 Regulatory authorities

3.3 Telecom sector liberalisation

3.4 Privatisation

3.5 Interconnect

3.6 Leased lines

3.7 Access

3.7.1 Bitstream access

3.8 Number Portability (NP)

3.9 Carrier PreSelection (CPS)

3.10 Universal Service Obligation (USO)

4. Fixed network operators

4.1 Overview of the national telecom network

4.2 Swisscom

4.2.1 Company reorganisation

4.3 Sunrise

4.4 UPC

4.5 Swiss Digital

5. Telecommunications infrastructure

5.1 National telecom network

5.2 LoRa network

5.3 Smart infrastructure

5.3.1 Smart cities

6. Broadband market

6.1 Introduction and statistical overview

6.1.1 Market analysis

6.1.2 Network Neutrality

6.1.3 Broadband statistics

6.1.4 Forecasts broadband subscribers 2016; 2018; 2021

6.2 Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks

6.2.1 UPC

6.3 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks

6.3.1 Swisscom

6.3.2 Sunrise

6.3.3 Cybernet

6.3.4 VDSL

6.3.5 Naked DSL


6.4 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) networks

6.5 Other fixed broadband services

6.5.1 Broadband Powerline (BPL)

6.5.2 Fixed wireless

6.5.3 Satellite

7. Digital media

7.1 Key general trends

7.2 Business models

7.2.1 Bundled services

7.3 Regulatory issues

7.4 Digital TV (DTV)

7.4.1 Overview

7.4.2 Videostreaming

7.4.3 Cable TV

7.4.4 Satellite

7.4.5 Free-to-Air (FTA) TV

7.4.6 Digital Terrestrial TV

7.4.7 Interactive TV (iTV)

7.5 Communications: VoIP

8. Digital economy

8.1 e-government

8.2 e-economy

8.3 e-health

9. Mobile communications

9.1 Market analysis

9.2 Mobile statistics

9.2.1 General statistics

9.3 Mobile voice

9.4 Mobile data

9.4.1 SMS and MMS

9.5 Mobile broadband

9.6 Regulatory issues

9.6.1 Spectrum regulations and spectrum auctions

9.6.2 Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

9.6.3 Mobile termination Rates (MTRs)

9.6.4 Roaming

9.7 Mobile infrastructure

9.7.1 Digital networks

9.7.2 Other infrastructure developments

9.7.3 General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

9.7.4 M2M networks

9.8 Major mobile operators

9.8.1 Swisscom Mobile

9.8.2 Sunrise

9.8.3 Salt (Orange)

9.8.4 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

9.8.5 Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs)

9.8.6 Mobile content and applications

List Of Figure

Chart 1 Telecom sector revenue, profit and investment 2000 2015

Chart 2 Swisscom Group net revenue, EBITDA and net income 2004 2016

Chart 3 Swisscom (Switzerland) financial data by sector 2007 2016

Chart 4 Sunrise revenue by service (CHF) 2009 2016

Chart 5 Sunrise subscribers by sector 2005 2016

Chart 6 UPC financial data 2007 2016

Chart 7 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2005 2017

Chart 8 Internet users and penetration rate 2005 2017

Chart 9 Total DSL/cable broadband subscribers by type 2000 2016

Chart 10 Broadband market share by platform (cable, DSL) 2003 2015

Chart 11 UPC financial data 2005 2016

Chart 12 DSL/fibre accesses by main provider (historic) 2004 2015

Chart 13 DSL market share by main provider 2004 2015

Chart 14 Swisscom broadband subscribers 2003 2016

Chart 15 Fibre subscribers 2007 2016

Chart 16 Cable TV subscribers and penetration rate 2002 2017

Chart 17 UPC operational data: subscriber statistics 2008 2016

Chart 18 Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 2005 2017

Chart 19 Share of subscribers by MNO 2005 2015

Chart 20 Prepaid subscribers and market share 2003 2017

Chart 21 Swisscom Mobile contract and prepaid subscribers 2006 2016

Exhibit 1 Access and the local loop

List Of Table

Table 1 Country statistics Switzerland 2016 (e)

Table 2 Telecom revenue and investment statistics 2015

Table 3 Telephone network statistics 2016 (e)

Table 4 Internet user statistics 2016 (e)

Table 5 Broadband statistics 2016 (e)

Table 6 Mobile statistics 2016 (e)

Table 7 National telecommunications authorities

Table 8 Telecom sector revenue, profit and investment 2000-2015

Table 9 Telecom revenue by sector 1998-2015

Table 10 Telecom investment by sector 1998-2015

Table 11 Interconnection revenue 2000-2015

Table 12 Unbundled lines 2007-2015

Table 13 Annual fixed numbers ported 2007-2014

Table 14 Call by Call and CPS lines 1999-2015

Table 15 Market share of fixed lines by major operator 2000-2015

Table 16 Fixed-line revenue 2000-2016

Table 17 Swisscom Group net revenue, EBITDA and net income 2004-2016

Table 18 Swisscom (Switzerland) financial data by sector 2007-2016

Table 19 Swisscom fixed-voice, mobile, IPTV subscribers 2008-2016

Table 20 Swisscom retail and wholesale broadband subscribers 2008-2016

Table 21 Sunrise financial data (historic DKK) 2006-2010

Table 22 Sunrise revenue by type (historic DKK) 2006-2010

Table 23 Sunrise revenue by service (CHF) 2009-2016

Table 24 Sunrise subscribers by sector 2005-2016

Table 25 UPC financial data 2007-2016

Table 26 Swiss Digital subscribers by service 2003-2016

Table 27 Historic-Fixed lines in service and teledensity 1997; 1999-2009

Table 28 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2010-2017

Table 29 Fixed line traffic 2002-2017

Table 30 ISDN subscribers 1999-2015

Table 31 Dial-up internet subscribers 2000-2015

Table 32 Historic-Internet users and penetration rate 1996-2009

Table 33 Internet users and penetration rate 2010-2017

Table 34 Cable and DSL broadband subscribers 2000-2016

Table 35 Fixed-line broadband market share by platform (cable, DSL) 2003-2015

Table 36 DSL market share by operator 2006-2015

Table 37 Fixed-line broadband market share by operator 2008-2014

Table 38 Broadband penetration by technology 2004-2015

Table 39 Forecast fixed-line broadband subscribers 2016; 2018; 2021

Table 40 Cable broadband subscribers 2005-2016

Table 41 Swiss Digital broadband and telephony subscribers 2003-2016

Table 42 UPC financial data 2005-2016

Table 43 UPC broadband and telephony subscribers 2007-2016

Table 44 DSL/fibre accesses by main provider 2004-2015

Table 45 DSL/fibre market share by main provider 2004-2015

Table 46 Swisscom broadband subscribers 2003-2016

Table 47 Sunrise broadband subscribers 2005-2016

Table 48 Fibre subscribers 2007-2016

Table 49 Double play subscribers by service 2007-2015

Table 50 Triple/quintuple play subscribers by service 2007-2015

Table 51 Digital TV subscribers and market share by operator 2015

Table 52 Swisscom IPTV subscribers 2006-2016

Table 53 Sunrise IPTV subscribers 2013-2016

Table 54 Cable TV subscribers and penetration rate 2002-2016

Table 55 Swiss Digital TV subscribers 2003-2016

Table 56 UPC operational data: subscriber statistics 2008-2016

Table 57 VoIP connections 2004-2016

Table 58 Historic-Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 1995; 1997; 1999-2009

Table 59 Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 2010-2017

Table 60 Mobile market revenue 2000-2015

Table 61 Historic-Mobile sector investment, UMTS and total 1998-2011

Table 62 Share of subscribers by MNO 2003-2015

Table 63 Mobile network coverage by technology 2010-2016

Table 64 Historic-Prepaid subscribers and market share 1998-2009

Table 65 Prepaid subscribers and market share 2010-2017

Table 66 Swisscom mobile retail contract and prepaid subscribers 2006-2016

Table 67 Swisscom Mobile prepaid share of subscribers 1998-2016

Table 68 Swisscom Mobile SMS and MMS traffic 2007-2014

Table 69 SMS traffic 2002-2015

Table 70 MMS traffic 2003-2015

Table 71 Mobile internet subscribers by technology 2009-2015

Table 72 Mobile data volume (historic) 2008-2015

Table 73 Mobile spectrum auction 2012

Table 74 Mobile numbers ported 2000-2015

Table 75 Mobile termination charges by operator 2006; 2009-2011

Table 76 Mobile termination charges by operator 2016-2019

Table 77 European roaming charges 2007 2016

Table 78 European data roaming charges 2014-2017

Table 79 3G mobile subscribers 2010-2015

Table 80 Swisscom Mobile blended ARPU 2006-2014

Table 81 Swisscom Mobile retail revenue 2003-2016

Table 82 Swisscom Mobile subscribers 2006-2016

Table 83 Sunrise subscribers 2004-2016

Table 84 Historic-Sunrise revenue and annual change (DKK) 2006-2010

Table 85 Sunrise mobile revenue (CHF) 2009-2016

Table 86 Sunrise subscribers ARPU 2011-2016

Table 87 Salt mobile subscribers 2000-2016

Table 88 Historic Salt mobile revenue (), annual change 2005-2011

Table 89 Salt financial data (CHF) 2010-2014

Table 90 Salt ARPU 2006-2011

Table 91 Salt mobile data as percentage of revenue (historic) 2003-2011

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Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC, Swisscom Mobile, Salt (Orange Switzerland), Cybernet