USA-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

USA-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

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Executive Summary

USA’s mobile operators fast-tracking 5G developments

The US has one of the largest telecoms markets, which has given it a unique character based only regional licensing. Growth in the mobile subscriber base remains strong despite penetration levels of above 120%. Declining revenue from voice services is compensated for by high growth in mobile data use, itself supported by upgraded networks supporting LTE-based services. Smartphone penetration is also high, which also encourages mobile data use among subscribers. A number of operators, led by AT&T, have partnered with vendors to trial 5G technologies and services. AT&T aimed to develop commercial 5G services by late 2018, which would make it one of the firs carriers globally to do so. In addition, operators are working on the potential of NB-IoT, LTE-U and LTE-A technologies, in some respects as a precursor to 5G.

A major development in early 2017 was the complex reserve auction for spectrum in the 600MHz band, which raised more than $19 billion. Although network operators must wait for spectrum allocations to be concluded, the additional 70MHz made available will go far to supporting mobile broadband in rural areas, and improving network capacity.

Given the size of the US market, and the growing demand for data on both fixed and mobile networks, there is continuous pressure for operators to invest in fibre networks, and to push connectivity closer to consumers. In recent years the US has seen increased activity from regional players as well as the major telcos and cablecos. Much of this activity was stimulated by Google Fiber following its investments in a number of markets. Although Google Fiber began scaling back its efforts in late 2016, the company’s legacy has been profound. It encouraged the major providers to reduce pricing for their similar offers, stimulated interest among municipal leaders, and highlighted the fact that haphazard and potentially duplicated fibre deployments are no effective substitute for municipally-led wholesale fibre infrastructure accessable to any provider.

AT&T and Verizon have shifted their investment efforts from a hybrid fibre-copper architecture to pure fibre. AT&T expected to provide a 1Gb/s FttP service to 12.5 million premises by 2019, with a view to upgrading to XG(S)-PON within a few years. For its part, Verizon had a patchy experience with its FttN rollouts and so has chosen to switch deployment to FttP. At the same time a growing number of cablecos have launched DOCSIS3.1 services, able to provide data at 1Gb/s and above. Future HFC technologies promise considerably faster speeds in the years ahead.

This report provides analyses as well as key statistics and forecasts on the US mobile market, including CTIA data for 2015, telcos’ financial and operating data to Q4 2016 and recent market releases from the regulator. It also provides an assessment of telcos’ strategies, regulatory policies, and developments in the deployment of emerging technologies. The report also reviews the cable, DSL, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and fibre broadband markets, providing analyses on regulatory measures and an assessment of the major fibre deployments in progress.

Key developments:

AT&T expecting to provide 5G services by late 2018;

FCC authorises the use of LTE-U devices in the under-utilised 5GHz band;

AT&T planning national LTE-M services by mid-2017;

FCC considers both low-end and high-end spectrum bands for possible 5G use;

FCC concludes 600MHz spectrum auction;

Comcast expands DOCSIS3.1 markets;

Altice Group acquires Suddenlink Communications and Cablevisión, rebrands as Altice USA;

New York state proposal for $1 billion investment in broadband infrastructure, using state and private funds;

Altice USA to deliver a 10Gb/s service across its footprint by 2022;

Google Fiber puts on breaks;

Report update includes company financial and operating data to Q4 2016, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile US, TracFone, MetroPCS Communications, Leap Wireless, Frontline, Alltel, US Cellular, Clearwire, Google, CenturyLink, Qwest, Frontier Communications, Windstream, Fairpoint, Cincinnati Bell, Comcast, HughesNet, ViaSat

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1. Broadband market

1.1 Introduction and statistical overview

1.1.1 Market analysis

1.1.2 Broadband statistics

1.1.3 Forecasts broadband subscribers 2018; 2020; 2022

1.2 Policy and regulation framework

1.2.1 Network regulation overview

1.2.2 Broadband stimulus package

1.2.3 FCC's National Broadband Plan

1.2.4 Universal Service Fund

1.2.5 Private networks

1.2.6 Network neutrality

1.3 Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks

1.3.1 New technologies

1.3.2 Cable operators

1.4 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks

1.4.1 Introduction

1.4.2 Verizon

1.4.3 AT&T

1.4.4 Frontier Communications

1.4.5 developments

1.5 Other fixed broadband services

1.5.1 Introduction

1.5.2 Wi-Fi

1.5.3 WiMAX

1.5.4 Municipal wireless broadband

1.5.5 State and municipal deployments

1.5.6 Satellite broadband

1.6 PLC

1.7 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP)

1.7.1 Market analysis

1.7.2 Market overview

1.7.3 FttP network rollout

1.8 Policy and regulation framework

1.8.1 National Broadband Plan

1.8.2 Gigabit City Challenge

1.9 Public (ILEC, CLEC and Municipal) FttP networks

1.9.1 Municipalities

1.9.2 Google Fiber

1.9.3 FCC ruling on municipal fiber networks

1.9.4 Other projects/providers

1.10 RBOC FttP roll-out

1.10.1 Verizon

1.10.2 AT&T

1.10.3 CenturyLink

1.10.4 Cincinnati Bell

1.10.5 Comcast

2. Digital media

2.1 Videostreaming

2.2 OTT and cord-cutting

2.3 Music streaming

3. Digital economy

3.1 E-services

3.1.1 E-entertainment

3.1.2 E-health

3.1.3 E-government

3.1.4 E-education

3.1.5 E-commerce

4. Mobile communications

4.1 Market analysis

4.2 Mobile statistics

4.2.1 General statistics

4.2.2 Mobile voice

4.2.3 Mobile data

4.2.4 Mobile broadband

4.2.5 Forecasts mobile subscribers 2018; 2020; 2022

4.3 Regulatory issues

4.3.1 FCC and NTIA develop Model City Program

4.3.2 Public Safety Network

4.3.3 Spectrum

4.3.4 Spectrum swaps and acquisitions

4.4 Mobile infrastructure

4.4.1 Digital networks

4.4.2 Other infrastructure developments

4.4.3 Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

4.5 Major mobile operators

4.5.1 Industry body

4.5.2 AT&T

4.5.3 Verizon Wireless

4.5.4 T-Mobile US

4.5.5 Sprint Corporation

4.5.6 MVNOs

4.6 Mobile content and applications

4.6.1 Mobile music

4.6.2 Mobile TV

4.6.3 M-payment

4.6.4 M-commerce

4.7 Mobile handsets

Chart 1 Broadband subscribers and penetration 2010 2017

Chart 2 Comcast revenue by service 2012 2016

Chart 3 Comcast subscriptions by service 2012 2016

Chart 4 Verizon wireline (FiOS) operational data 2010 2016

Chart 5 AT&T operational data 2011 2016

Chart 6 AT&T financial data 2011 2016

Chart 7 Mobile subscribers and penetration 2002 2017

Chart 8 AT&T Mobility financial data 2004 2016

Chart 9 Verizon wireless financial data by sector 2010 2016

Chart 10 Verizon wireless subscribers 2010 2016

Chart 11 T-Mobile US subscribers 2009 2016

Chart 12 Sprint financial data 2009 2017

Exhibit 1 AWS spectrum auction January 2015

Table 1 Historic-Internet users and penetration 2000 2009

Table 2-Internet users and penetration 2010 2016

Table 3 Historic-Broadband subscribers and penetration 2000-2009

Table 4 Broadband subscribers and penetration 2010-2017

Table 5 Forecast broadband subscribers 2018; 2020; 2022

Table 6 Market competition: proportion of broadband subscribers by speed band 2014

Table 7 Market competition: proportion of broadband subscribers 2015

Table 8 Top 10 cable MSOs' subscribers 2010; 2012-2016

Table 9 US cable modem subscribers 2000-2016

Table 10 Historic-Cablevision subscriptions by service 2011-2015

Table 11 Historic-Cablevision financial data 2011-2015

Table 12 Altice USA RGUs by service 2015-2016

Table 13 Suddenlink financial data 2015-2016

Table 14 Suddenlink RGUs by service 2015 2016

Table 15 Comcast financial data 2015-2016

Table 16 Comcast revenue by service 2012-2016

Table 17 Comcast subscriptions by service 2012-2016

Table 18 Comcast bundled services subscriptions 2014-2016

Table 19 Time Warner financial data 2008-2015

Table 20 Charter Communications financial data 2015-2016

Table 21 Charter Communications residential revenue by type 2015-2016

Table 22 Charter Communications residential RGUs by type 2015-2016

Table 23 Broadband subscribers for major telco providers 2008-2016

Table 24 Verizon wireline (FiOS) operational data 2010-2016

Table 25 Verizon wireline financial data 2014-2016

Table 26 AT&T fixed-line operational data 2011-2016

Table 27 AT&T financial data 2011-2016

Table 28 Frontier Communications revenue 2008-2016

Table 29 Frontier Communications customers by sector 2011-2016

Table 30 FttP homes passed and connected 2001-2016

Table 31 AT&T wireline operational data 2013-2016

Table 32 CenturyLink financial data 2015-2016

Table 33 CenturyLink subscribers by platform 2015-2016

Table 34 Cincinnati Bell Fioptics revenue 2012-2016

Table 35 Cincinnati Bell Fioptics subscribers 2012-2016

Table 36 Proportion of viewers receiving content, by platform 2014 2016

Table 37 Music streaming revenue by type 2012-2014

Table 38 Music access by household 2012-2014

Table 39 Music streaming revenue by type 2012-2014

Table 40-Online retail sales 2003 2018

Table 41 Mobile market revenue, roaming revenue, ARPU 2000-2015

Table 42 Mobile subscribers and penetration 2002-2017

Table 43 Mobile voice traffic 2012-2017

Table 44 Mobile data traffic 2011-2016

Table 45 Messaging traffic (SMS, MMS) 2009-2017

Table 46 Forecast mobile subscribers 2018; 2020; 2022

Table 47 Verizon Wireless LTE devices on network 2011-2016

Table 48 M2M connections 2009-2016

Table 49 AT&T Mobility financial data 2009-2016

Table 50 AT&T wireless subscribers 2002-2016

Table 51 Verizon wireless financial data by sector 2010-2016

Table 52 Verizon wireless subscribers 2005-2016

Table 53 T-Mobile US wireless subscribers 2003-2016

Table 54 T-Mobile US own-branded subscribers 2003-2016

Table 55 T-Mobile US ARPU (, annualised) 2009-2016

Table 56 T-Mobile US ARPU ($, annualised) 2012-2016

Table 57 T-Mobile US financial data 2010-2016

Table 58 MetroPCS financial data 2007-2012

Table 59 MetroPCS subscribers 2007-2012

Table 60 Sprint financial data 2009-2017

Table 61 Sprint subscribers 2010-2016

Table 62 Sprint blended ARPU 2010-2016

Table 63-Online retail sales 2012 2018

Table 64 Tablets, smartphones in use 2009-2015

Table 65 Handset market share by platform 2012 2013; 2015

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AT&,T, Verizon, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile US, TracFone, MetroPCS Communications, Leap Wireless, Frontline, Alltel, US Cellular, Clearwire, Google, CenturyLink, Qwest, Frontier Communications, Windstream, Fairpoint, Cincinnati Bell, Comcast, HughesNet, ViaSat

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