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Worldwide Cloud Firewall Management Market - Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts, 2016-2022-By Types (Traditional Firewall, Application Firewall, Network Firewall), Cloud Network Firewalls (NGFW, UTM), Systems (Products, Services), Deployment Model (Public, Private, Hybrid), End-users, and Regions-Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts, 2016-2022

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The firewalls were being used for protecting corporate networks from internet attackers or professional hackers. The firewalls use a different set of network layer rules for the determination of the traffic entering and leaving the network. With the bandwidth increasing, firewalls need to work faster and improve. The new technologies being used increase the firewall capability of inspecting traffic faster and more intelligently. This paved the way for the use of anti-virus, VPN, intrusion detection, content filtering, and DLP.

With the changing applications and information being transferred, there has to be proper tracking. Moreover, when the internet became ubiquitous across the organizations, not everyone required access to applications. Hence, the end-user became important to firewalls. Thus, some users chose not to use traditional ports for greater efficiency and getting success in packet transit. With cloud collaboration, the traditionally internal applications will be outside the network. The network will be there in the cloud jostling for user's bandwidth with the external applications-this will increase the flexibility and compatibility within the networks. The cloud firewall management market is still in its initial stage as providers have just started the concept of cloud computing in firewall security solutions. The market for cloud firewall management is expected to reach USD 2,676.0 million by 2022.


Table Of Content


Table of Contents

1 Industry Outlook 12

1.1 Industry Overview 12

1.2 Industry Trends 12

1.3 Pest Analysis 13

2 Report Outline 14

2.1 Report Scope 14

2.2 Report Summary 14

2.3 Research Methodology 15

2.4 Report Assumptions 15

3 Market Snapshot 17

3.1 Total Addressable Market (TAM) 17

3.2 Segmented Addressable Market (SAM) 18

3.3 Related Markets 19

3.3.1 Web Application Firewall 19

3.3.2 Mobile Security 19

4 Market Outlook 19

4.1 Overview 19

4.2 Evolution of Firewall and Cloud 20

4.3 Firewall Management Process 21

4.4 Cloud Firewall Architecture 21

4.5 Segmentation 21

4.6 Porter 5 (Five) Forces 21

5 Market Characteristics 22

5.1 Firewall: Advantages and Disadvantages 22

5.1.1 Advantages 22

5.1.2 Disadvantages 22

5.2 Cloud Firewall: Advantages and Disadvantages 23

5.2.1 Advantages 23

5.2.2 Disadvantages 24

5.3 Market Dynamics 24

5.3.1 Drivers 24 Increase in the number of threats 24 Demand for UTM and next-generation 25 Government regulations 25

5.3.2 Restraints 25 Security concerns 25 Customer ignorance 26

5.3.3 Opportunities 26 Outsourcing firewall development 26 Virtualization next-generation 26 Demand from the SMEs 26

5.4 DRO-Impact Analysis 27

5.5 Key Stakeholders 27

6.1 Overview 28

6.2 Traditional Firewall/Packet Filters 28

6.2.1 Overview 28

6.2.2 Market Size and Analysis 29

6.3 Application Firewall/Proxy Servers 30

6.3.1 Overview 30

6.3.2 Market Size and Analysis 31

6.4 Network Firewall/NaaS 32

6.4.1 Overview 32

6.4.2 Market Size and Analysis 32

7 Cloud Network Firewalls: Market Size and Analysis 34

7.1 Overview 34

7.2 Cloud Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) 34

7.2.1 Overview 34

7.2.2 Market Size and Analysis 35

7.3 Cloud Unified Threa

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Products and Companies


Cisco Systems,Check Point Sotware Technologies,McAfee (Intel Corp),Palo Alto Networks,Fortinet,Hillstone Networks,Barracuda Networks,Juniper Networks,WatchGuard Technologies,Herjavec Group,Stromshield,Dell Security,Zscaler,Skybox Security,Smoothwall