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Thailand switched from analogue to digital television broadcasting services-Effect on Home Video Market: Ken Research

Posted on 26 October 2017 by KenResearch Consumer Products and Retail,

Volleyball, boxing and football is the favorite sports for most of the people in Thailand and in their free time, most Thai families like to watch sports. In 2016, it was accounted that Thai’s were significantly attracted to world sport. During European football championship and Rio 2016 Olympics, there saw a significant increase in sales of television. Company also used its promotional tool to attract customers at that particular time. In 2016, maximum electronic product witnessed growth in terms of volume. In addition, home video, home audio and cinema are the electronic, which has shown significant growth in sales. Manufacturers are launching new and advanced products with improved quality imaging devices.

According to the market research report "Home Video in Thailand", however, consumers are price conscious and do not spend regularly on these items. Despite of economic downfall, there is growth because of consumer trend that focus on premium products. There is an effect to introduce new technology and innovation for consumer’s comfort to drive value sales by the manufacturers of home video in Thailand. Moreover, this has been successful among middle class to high-income consumers. The manufacturers are continuously trying to retain share and increase their sales during the economic downfall.

The leading company of home video in 2016 is Thai Samsung electronics Co. Ltd. in Thailand. With the retail volume of 37% this company also led the sales of television in 2016. There has been continuously development in home video products. Innovation, SUHD TV is the focus of the company, which is being the selling point in 2016. There is increase in quality of colour twice more than other television by nanocrystal technology and presents a display with 64 times more colourful, which has claimed by Samsung.

There is increase in value sales in 2016, as the families of Thailand are changing to new television because of the plan by the office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Communication to stop analogue broadcasting companies are also providing set-top boxes to the consumers who are not willing to buy a new television set.

Thailand has switched from analogue to digital television broadcasting services in 2014. National Broadcasting and Telecommunication used the money received from bidding of the 24 commercial channels to give subsidy coupons for the households to help consumers to switch from analogue to digital television broadcasting services.

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