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  1. Increase in Awareness Coupled with Customized Shopping Trends to Drive UAE Online Grocery Market over the forecast period - Ken Research

    80-120 Pages| May 2020 |

    The Online groceries purchase also offers advantages to users based on services, and customers can further enjoy services enabling them to purchase monthly top-up of groceries Learn More
  2. Change in Lifestyle Coupled with Need of Health Awareness to Drive Consumer Wearable Market in India - Ken Research

    80-100 Pages| May 2020 |

    India’s consumer wearable market include electronic gadgets or technology devices which can be worn on the body as an accessory similar to part of clothing. Theseelectronics wearable gadgets work based onconnecte Learn More

  3. India Air Purifier Market Outlook to 2025 (Rising Pollution Levels Spurring Demand for Air Purifiers)

    70-75 Pages| April 2020 |

    Air Purifier purifies the air in two most common ways: active and passive. Active air purifier releases negatively charged ions into the air. Learn More
  4. India Water Purifier Market Outlook to 2025 (Raising Awareness will drive Water Purifier Penetration in India)

    70-80 Pages| April 2020 |

    The use of water purifier is being supported by rise in awareness and benefits associated to pure water, rampant urbanization, booming industrialization Learn More
  5. Rise in Demand Coupled with Upsurge in Awareness Driving Home Healthcare Market in India

    1- 130 Pages| April 2020 |

    The Indian healthcare sector has been growing majorly due to greater coverage, expansion of services and increasing public and private expenditure in this sector. Learn More
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