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Highly competitive South African Lubricant Market Expected to receive Sustained Demand from Neighboring Countries: Ken Research
Upcoming on July 2016

Total demand for lubricants for lubricants in South Africa In 2014, total demand for finished lubricants in South Africa is estimated at 361 kilo tonnes. It has been witnessed that Industrial lubricants constitute the largest proportion of the demand for lubricants. Industrial lubricants have accounted for the largest share in total consumption during 2015. Demand for commercial and consumer automotive lubricants have also witness an upsurge in the last 3 years. 


Demand for industrial lubricants witnessed a slight fall in South Africa over the period 2013-2014 mainly due to labor unrest and electricity disruptions in the mining and manufacturing sectors. Lubricants for sectors such as commercial and consumer automotive witnessed stagnant growth. However, the South African lubricant manufacturers have been rarely affected by the slowdown in domestic demand, mainly due to exports of domestically-produced goods to the rest of Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. South Africa is a hub that supplies to the rest of Africa. 5 Major Players in tier one petrochemical companies hold between 80 to 90% of the industrial lubricants market. These companies include Shell, Chevron, Engen, Total and Castrol.


The upcoming publication on South African Lubricants Market Outlook to 2020 will be available in the month of July 2016. Users can obtain a discount by placing a pre-order for the publication.


Tentative Scope


  1. South  Africa Lubricant Market Size

1.1. By Consumption Volume, 2010-2015

1.2. By Production Volume, 2010-2015

1.3. By Revenues, 2010-2015

  1. South Africa Lubricant Value Chain Analysis (all 3 levels - lubricant blending and base oil refining and the marketing of finished products – margin and revenue streams and positioning of companies in each business)
  2. South Africa Lubricant market Segmentation

3.1. By Type (Mineral Oil, Synthetic Oil, Bio-based Oil and Greases), 2010-2015

3.2. By Application (Automotive and Industrial Machinery and Equipment), 2010-2015

3.3. By Region (Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal and others)

3.4. By distribution Channel

  1. Automotive Lubricants Market Segmentation

4.1. By Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Marine and Aviation, 2010-2015

4.2. By Petroleum Based Oil Lubricants, Biolubricants, Synthetic Oils, Solid or Semi Solid Lubricants and Aqueous Lubricants

4.2.1.   Pricing Analysis and Margin Involved

4.3. By Organized and Unorganized, 2015

4.4. By Region (Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal and others)

  1. Industrial Lubricant market Segmentation

5.1. By Industrial and Machinery, 2010-2015

5.1.1.            Energy Sector, 2010-2015

5.1.2.            Manufacturing Sector (Mining, Pulp/Paper, Primary Metals, Processing) , 2010-2015

5.1.3.            Base Oil Lubricants i.e. all Mineral Oil (both recycled base oil and virgin base oil), Biolubricants, Synthetic Oils, Solid Lubricants and Aqueous Lubricants        Pricing Analysis and Margins Involved

5.1.4.            Organized and Unorganized

5.1.5.            By Distribution Channel

  1. Trends, developments, issues and restraints in south Africa Lubricant Market
  2. Porter Five Forces Analysis of South Africa Lubricant Market
  3. Competition scenario in South Africa Lubricant Market

8.1. Market share and Company Profiles of Major Players in South Africa Automotive Lubricant Market

8.2. Market share and Company Profiles of Major Players in South Africa Industrial Lubricant Market

  1. Decision Making Process of Major End Users in South Africa Lubricant Market (what factors they consider and specifications they look for in their lubricant before purchasing)

9.1. Automotive

9.2. Industrial

  1. Snapshot on Emerging Lubricants in South Africa Lubricant Market
  2. Import and Export Scenario of South Africa Lubricant Market (Volume, Value, Destination Involved, Duties)
  3. Government Rules and Regulations for Lubricant Market in South Africa (Emission Compliances And Regulatory Scenario for refining and for Lubricant Suppliers In South Africa)
  4. Cost to set up a Lubricant Refinery in South Africa
  5. Company Profile of Major finished Lubricants Players (Include top 7 players) – (Including new product launches, strategy, USP, revenue streams, production plant and capacity, distribution channel adopted)

14.1.          BP Plc,

14.2.          Chevron Corporation,

14.3.          Engen Petroleum Ltd.

14.4.          Royal Dutch Shell Plc

  1. South Africa Lubricant Market future Outlook and Projections

15.1.                      By Major Segments

15.2.                      Cause and Effect Relationship

  1. Macroeconomic Variables Effecting South Africa Lubricant Market

16.1.                      Oil Imports in South Africa, 2010-2020

16.2.                      Automobile Sales in South Africa, 2010-2020

16.3.                      Refining Capacity of South Africa, 2010-2020

16.4.                      Number of Manufacturing Units in South Africa, 2010-2020

16.5.                      South Africa Machinery and Equipments Market Size, 2010-2020

16.6.                      Mining and Quarrying Sector Size, 2010-2020

  1. Analyst recommendation for Finished Lubricants Players

17.1.                      Global Technology Innovation that can be adopted in South Africa

17.2.                      Entry Requisites – Best business model to operate


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