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People across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are facing several health care issues due to sedentary lifestyle and fast food consumption habits, such as obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. There is a need for technologically advanced healthcare infrastructure in UAE. UAE is exponentially expanding its national healthcare system to cater the needs of its people and support economic diversification. All seven emirates are developing their infrastructure including hospitals, diagnostic labs, and clinics in addition to the development of local clinicians, physicians and specialized doctors

UAE healthcare system is broadly divided into public and private healthcare providers. Public healthcare services are managed and regulated by emirate level government bodies such as Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, and Dubai Health Authority. These bodies often enter into partnership with foreign healthcare organizations to run hospitals and clinics successfully. Private healthcare service providers such as the New Medical Center and Al Noor Hospital provide specialty and full-spectrum care for UAE population.

The goal of the UAE government to focus on medical tourism is the major factor which is expected to drive the healthcare market during future. Additionally, the government is also focusing on reducing the per-capita healthcare expenditure, which will further accelerate the growth of healthcare sector.

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Tentative Scope-UAE Healthcare Market

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Research Methodology/Approach

2.1. Market Definitions

2.2. Abbreviations

2.3. Market Size and Modeling

2.4. Demographic Overview of UAE Population.


  1. UAE Healthcare Market Size

3.1.    By Services Revenue (Polyclinics (including standalone clinics), Diagnostic Laboratories and Imaging Centers, Hospital, Medical Device and Pharmaceuticals), 2010 – 2015


  1. UAE Polyclinics Market Introduction

4.1.    UAE Polyclinics Market Size

4.1.1. By Revenues, 2010-2015

4.1.2. By Number of Polyclinics and Clinics, 2010-2015

4.2.    UAE Polyclinics and clinics Market Segmentation

4.2.1. By Public and Private Polyclinic, 2015

4.2.2. By Revenues from Outpatient and  Diagnostic Laboratories, 2015

4.2.3. By Region (major emirates), 2015

4.3.    Business Model of Polyclinics in UAE (Cover their revenues model, margins at each step )

4.4.    Competitive Landscape of Major Polyclinics in UAE Market (Cover parameters such as number of patient visit, revenues from outpatient and diagnostic labs, major treatment, average ticket size, procurement of medical devices, procurement of medicines, number of doctors and other parameters)

4.5.    UAE Polyclinics and Independent Clinics Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2016-2020


  1. UAE Hospital Market Introduction

5.1.    UAE Hospital Market Size

5.1.1. By Revenues, 2010-2015 ( This will include the revenues generated from hospital based pharmacies, outpatients, inbound patients revenues as well as hospital based diagnostics labs)

5.1.2. By Number of Hospital Rooms, 2010-2015(Showcase split between private and public as well)

5.1.3. By Number of Beds, 2010-2015(Showcase split between private and public as well)

5.1.4. By Inpatients and Outpatients, 2010-2015 (Showcase split between private and public as well)

5.2.    UAE Hospital Market Segmentation

5.2.1.  By Private and Public Hospitals, 2010-2015

5.2.2. By Revenues from Different Services, 2010-2015

5.2.3.  By Speciality, Multi Speciality and Super Specialty Hospitals, 2010-2015

5.2.4. By Regions, 2010-2015

5.3.    Business Model of Hospitals in UAE

5.4.    Trends and Developments in UAE Hospital Market – Mergers and Acquisitions and VC and PE Fund Raise

5.5.    Regulatory Environment for UAE Hospital Market

5.6.    Major Hospital Projects/ Development in UAE Hospital Market

5.7.    Market Share of Major Hospital Chains in UAE, 2010-2015

5.8.    Competitive Landscape of Major Hospital Chains in UAE – Talk about revenue, number of beds, number of doctors, average stay of a patient, occupancy rates, departments available, OPD, IPD, Emergency, surgery numbers, number of hospitals and other data

5.9.    UAE Hospital Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2016-2020

5.9.1. By Revenues,  2016-2020

5.9.2. By Number of Hospitals, 2016-2020

5.9.3. By Number of Beds, 2016-2020


  1. UAE Standalone Diagnostics Labs Market Introduction

7.1.    UAE Standalone Diagnostics Labs Market Size, 2010-2015

7.1.1. By Revenues, 2010-2015

7.1.2. By Number of Tests, 2010-2015

7.2.    UAE Standalone Diagnostics Labs Market Segmentation, 2010-2015

7.2.1. By Radiology and Laboratory Tests, 2010-2015

7.2.2. By Major Region, 2010-2015

7.2.3. By Organized and Unorganized Diagnostics Centers, 2010-2015

7.3.    Business Model of Diagnostics Labs Market

7.4.    Trends and Developments in Diagnostics Labs Market – Talk about teleheath, new upcoming technology involved,

7.5.    Regulatory Environment for Diagnostics Labs Market

7.6.    Market Share of Major Organized Diagnostics Labs in UAE, 2010-2015

7.7.    Competitive Landscape of Major Organized Diagnostics Labs in UAE – include information on pathology labs, diagnostic labs, types of test, prices, patient information, revenue, number of test conducted in a day/ month

7.8.    UAE Diagnostics Labs Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2016-2020


  1. UAE Medical Devices Market Introduction

8.1.    UAE Medical Devices Market Size, 2010-2015

8.1.1. By Consumption Value, 2010-2015

8.1.2. By Consumption Volume, 2010-2015

8.2.    UAE Medical Devices Market Segmentation

8.2.1. By Hospital Equipments, medical disposables, OR equipment, Rehabilitation, Pathology/laboratory instruments, Radiologic equipment and Diagnostics, 2010-2015

8.2.2. By healthcare Interests Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Trauma, Diabetes care, Nephrology and others, 2010-2015

8.2.3. By Household and Institutional Demand, 2010-2015

8.2.4. Domestic Demand and Imports, 2010-2015

8.3.    Trade Scenario for UAE Medical Devices Market – Import – Export Volume, Value, Destination involved, Duties, Share of Major ports, Prices, Situation

8.4.    Trends and Developments in UAE Medical Devices Market

8.5.    Regulatory Environment for UAE Medical Devices Market

8.6.    Market Share of Major Players in UAE Medical Devices Market

8.6.1. By Domestic Players, 2015

8.6.2. By Imported Players, 2015

8.7.    Competitive Landscape of Major Players in UAE Medical Devices Market – Domestic and International Players (Cover pricing analysis for the products, margins, sales by provinces, product wise revenues)

8.8.    UAE Medical Devices Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2016-2020

8.8.1. Future Analysis by Segmentation


  1. UAE Pharmaceuticals Market Introduction

9.1.    UAE Pharmaceuticals Market Size, 2010-2015

9.1.1. By Revenues, 2010-2015

9.2.    UAE Pharmaceuticals Market Segmentation

9.2.1. By Generic and Patented Drugs, 2010-2015

9.2.2. BY OTC and Prescribed Drugs, 2010-2015

9.2.3. OTC Drugs by Different Categories - Cold and Cough, Digestives, Analgesics/ Pain Killers, Skin Products, Vitamins and Minerals and Others

9.2.4. By Domestic and Imported Procurement, 2010-2015

9.3.    Trade Scenario of Pharmaceutical Industry in UAE

9.3.1. By Exports (Value, Volume and Major Destinations), 2010-2015

9.3.2. By Imports (Value, Volume and Major Destinations), 2010-2015

9.3.3. Import Duty

9.4.    Patent Procedure/FDP approval procedure in UAE Pharmaceutical Market                                        

9.5.    Trends and Developments in Pharmaceuticals Market

9.6.    Regulatory Environment for Pharmaceuticals Market

9.7.    New Product Launch and Drugs in Trial (Pre-Clinical and Post)

9.8.    Market Share of Major Pharmaceutical Players, 2010-2015

9.8.1. By Imported Companies, 2015

9.8.2. By Domestic Companies, 2015

9.9.    Competitive Landscape of Major Pharmaceutical Companies in UAE (Cover parameters such as sales by products, number of products under approval process, FDA approved drugs, employees, margins, R&D team, expenditure on R&D, future strategies)

9.10.UAE Pharmaceuticals Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2016-2020


  1. Snapshot on Telemedicine Market in UAE

10.1.UAE Telemedicine Market Size

10.1.1.    By Revenues, 2015

10.1.2.    By Number of Telemedicine Centers, 2015

10.2.UAE telemedicine Market Segmentation by Service Area

10.3.Business and Working Model of Telemedicine Centers in UAE

10.4.Competitive Landscape of Major Telemedicine Centers in UAE

10.5.UAE telemedicine Centers Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2016-2020


  1. Snapshot on Home Healthcare Market in UAE

11.1.UAE Home Healthcare Market Size by Revenue and by Number of Patients treated at Home, 2013-2020

11.2.Competitive Landscape of Major Home Healthcare Service Provider in UAE


  1. Snapshot on e-Healthcare Service Provider and Enablers in UAE

12.1.UAE E-Health Market Size by Revenue, 2013-2020

12.2.Competitive Landscape of Major E-Healthcare Service and Enabler Provider in UAE


  1. SWOT analysis for UAE Healthcare Market
  2. UAE Healthcare Market Future Outlook and Projections, FY’2016-FY’2020

14.1.By Revenues, FY’2016-FY’2020

14.2.By Services (Polyclinics, Diagnostic Laboratories and Imaging Centers, Clinics, Hospital, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Telemedicine, and Pharmacy Retail Market)

14.3.Cause and Effect Relationship

14.4.Analyst Recommendations


  1. Macroeconomic Variables affecting UAE Healthcare Market

15.1.R&D Expenditure on Healthcare Market in UAE, 2010-2020

15.2.Personal disposable Income of UAE, 2010-2020

15.3.Old age Population (above 65) , 2010-2020

15.4.Health Insurance Market Size, 2010-2020

15.5.Expenditure of Government on Healthcare in UAE, 2010-2020

15.6.Number of hospitals, 2010-2020



a)      Hospitals: This segment includes the revenue generated from

  1. The total sales by the hospital based pharmacies.
  2. The radiological tests conducted at the hospitals.
  3. Outpatient visits.
  4. The surgeries performed at the hospitals and inpatient revenue.


b)      Standalone Labs: This segment includes the revenue generated from

  1. The lab tests conducted in the standalone Labs at the retailer’s price.


c)       Medical Devices: This segment includes the revenue generated from

  1. Domestic demand and supply at retailers price
  2. Imports at retailers price
  3. All type of medical devices


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